US Green Card Lottery

The green of the Green Card Lottery of the US immigration emigrate via green card made easy! Young Start-Up company in advance makes it easy now a company based in Austria United States fans a green card, and thus a uneingeschranke work and residence permit, to receive from the United States authorities. What is behind this? The Salzburg-based company offers a “Green Card Lottery”service for private individuals. This service includes the submission of all relevant regarding the Green Card Lottery data in the system of the US immigration. Others who may share this opinion include Southwest Airlines. In principle, is the registration with the US Green Card Lottery for every person free of charge and can be done online. Many people that have made this step ready already learned how quickly a disqualification this is performed. Form error as obstacle of the emigration of low shape or period errors meet out to get a disqualification. Faults in the green card application those affected are not informed about a chance of winning for the year as a whole is thus has passed since the draw of the green card winners is carried out only once a year. The Salzburg-based company, however, guarantees a safe participation in the Green Card Lottery. Experienced employees who are trained on this topic not only questions relating to the green card and the corresponding Green Card Lottery but submit the applications of potential green card winner in the system of the US immigration. Odds of winning will be increased this the chances of winning at the Green Card Lottery increases, especially if you pay attention to the high rate of disqualification of almost 30%. “We help everyone who draws a migration into account, to be used as a green card winner needed only a spark of happiness ultimate” says the Managing Director of the young Start-Up Company (

Cruise Tips

Cruise: Tips and tricks to save at sea on a cruise ship you have to save for years that many think. But is nonsense: you can book also a cruise for relatively affordable prices, which are not much more expensive than prices for a country holiday. If you follow a few tips and tricks during the cruise, you have to powder not your entire piggy bank, to enjoy the trip. Insider tip that sounds cancellation cancellation cabin first awful but is a cheaper way to shell out as one for a cruise of less thinks. Because large cruise lines sell their rest seats, cancellation cabins percent called, often via third-party and for 50 to 70 cheaper, especially on the Internet. An online price comparison for all those interested in cruise ship is therefore extremely worthwhile.

However, all inclusive costs should be checked before booking because if suddenly unexpected additional costs occur on board, the cruise despite everything is more expensive than planned. Shore excursion or Siesta at the pool? During a cruise, the ship runs on multiple ports, where the travel company offers shore excursions because after all the passengers on the cruise want to admire not only eternal sea, but also the sights on land. Transport, a tour guide with travel guide, and a degree of safety are guaranteed by the organizer of the trip and have their price. Learn more at this site: Gary Kelly. However, not every shore excursion is worth you can save additional costs, if you forgo the tours organized by the travel company during the cruise and instead explore the country on their own. However you should consult before in this case about the safety standards, the customs of the people, sights, and prices, you would expect on land. If you want to enjoy luxury, the cruise is more extra costs of course more expensive. Elaborate uncorking of the wine bottles on the table, photos of onboard photographer and Internet on board are all luxury goods, the circumstances during the cruise also refrain from can to save.

Lake Constance Switzerland

Cycle trips on the Lake Constance cycle route through Germany, Austria and the Alpine panorama around Lake Constance Switzerland opened in good weather views, such as on a postcard. Who wants to enjoy the panorama from all sides of the Lake, can be done best by bike along the Lake Constance, near the Bank of the River through Germany, Austria and the Switzerland leading. As a starting point, consistency is a good choice because the remarkable historical old town is well worth a visit. History also breathes the first stage on the Lake Constance cycle route, when it a world heritage Island Reichenau, attracts the famous with two Abbey churches of St. Peter and Paul, and St.

George. To experience the Lake also from the water, it goes from here with the ship to the Hori Peninsula with its Museum. Here once lived Hermann Hesse and knew how to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The largest waterfall of in Central Europe, the Rhine falls in Stein am Rhein, which can be reached on the bike ride next to the beauties of the region is certainly one of. The thunderous power of water, in mighty power over the rock shoots, shows the most beautiful sites of nature. A ride along the Swiss shore it can be found also on the flower island of Mainau which Mediterranean flair with its temperate climate. Next to Palm trees there on foot to see all variety of flowers, while the bicycle has pause. From the Mainau in the Lake Constance cycle path leads to Wallhausen, where again a crossing by ship promises relaxation and attention can be set on the breathtaking panorama. Whenever Verizon Communications listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

The recovery brings new strength for the sights and attractions that lined up like on a string of pearls from uberlingen. Include the Lake dwellings in Unteruhldingen, sticking with their wooden piles in the Lake next to the Baroque church in Birnau. It goes to the lively atmosphere of Meersburg, which is worth a visit in the larger Friedrichshafen, the Zeppelin Museum moved to in earlier times. The cyclists then escape the hustle and bustle of the city in Lindau, because the wonderful old town impresses every visitor. Still, worth on the Lake Constance cycle path now Austria to leave Germany, because no one should miss the Festival in Bregenz with the famous Lake stage. Who wants to enjoy the mountains from above, can do so from the pledges made. A cable car from the from the Alps in perfection from the bird’s eye view allows to enjoy climbing this mountain. Finally, it goes to this soaring with the wheel through the Rhine Delta over in Switzerland, where peaceful villages and towns give peace and serenity before reaching of Constance the circle on the Lake Constance cycle path closes again.

VACANDO Searches 2010 – Holiday House Testers Only Will Test The Best!

Now be at VACANDO holiday home Tester! Zurich, June 14, 2010 VACANDO, the cottage – marketplace, launched a social media campaign at the beginning of the summer season and thereby continuously looking for the holiday home testers 2010 groups of three to six can apply persons now as cottage Tester and the best group is sent for a week in a vacation home of your choice, free of charge. VACANDO continuously strengthens its position as one of the leading online marketplaces for the arranging of holiday houses and apartments with a strong presence in social networks VACANDO. The offer includes over 100’000 accommodations and VACANDO offers customer service around the clock. VACANDO pursues a targeted social media strategy and operates among other things on the portals of MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. Growing the fan page of VACANDO on Facebook, where all the fans will benefit from regular, exclusive special offers and tips. Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow may not feel the same. Now Facebook fans to enjoy of a further Special action VACANDO searches come the holiday home testers 2010th it is our goal to inspire younger audiences for the product holiday home. Young people spend ever more time on social networks, why we would also there specifically to address them and make them palatable holiday homes as ideal holidays for groups of friends”, explains Kilian Eyholzer, CEO of VACANDO. Holiday House testers wanted VACANDO searches until mid-July a group of young or young at heart who would like to spend a week in a vacation home and thoroughly test it accordingly.

Interested parties can apply with a photo on VACANDO. The jury then chooses the most original group and send it as VACANDO cottage Tester 2010 for a week in a vacation home of your choice. “Creativity is in demand, because: only the best will test!” All details and a link to the entry can be found under: cottage tester. About VACANDO the VACANDO AG based in Glattbrugg near Zurich, sees itself as a neutral and user friendly holiday home marketplace for individual holiday experiences. VACANDO wants to inspire leisure travellers with accommodation: before, during and even after the holiday. Holiday-hungry, visit about 100’000 individual holiday accommodation, cottage, Villa, finca, or chalet, in almost all European countries plus the United States and South America. VACANDO is a subsidiary of Interhome, and thus among the Hotelplan group, the travel subsidiary of the largest Swiss retailer of Migros.

Interested landlords can their holiday accommodation on VACANDO independently internationally marketable. For more information: Kilian Eyholzer Managing Director of VACANDO AG Sagerei str. 27 CH-8152 Glattbrugg Tel: + 41 43 810 91 63 Fax. + 41 43 810 91 78 E-mail: website: Landlord Portal:

Alternative To A Paddle – The Kajuttretboot Of Woterfitz

An adventurous variation for an active couple vacation with the Kajuttretboot with bucket-wheel drive sporty progresses on Lake Muritz and the Mecklenburg Lakes Lutt Huett is now ready for production! Inspired by the great interest we have our exceptional concept boat Lutt Hall developed to market maturity. In addition to the technical improvements, in particular the ergonomics in the foreground stood. So has Lutt Hutt now about multi-language adjustable individual seats. The large locker under the seats provides additional storage space. Through the extension of the two-compartment hull system 5, 00 m to 5, 50 m has been optimized weight distribution and at the same time created more freedom of movement on deck. About the water cycle with plenty of comfort: our innovative pedal boat Lutt Hall is easy to control, does not need fuel or driver’s licence and offers sleeping area, kitchenette and toilet. On in a relaxing holiday! Experience the magnificent scenery of the Mecklenburg Lake District the part still untouched nature.

Quite silently, you can approach the animals and glide over the water surface. And if you want to make progress, entering the pedals Lutt Hall you can drive like your bike by the way, like to carry with you can for shore excursions aboard.Lutt Hall works like a pedal boat, is just as easy to control, requires no license and no fuel and is absolutely environmentally friendly. The cabin is lockable, so can apply at any time and discover the landscapes, villages and cities of Mecklenburg. Is at the same time Lutt Hutt your bathing platform with sun canopy, Outdoor bench, table your hiking water resting place. You can cook on a small stove; Cookware set, crockery, and a 10-gallon water tank are on board. And at night can comfortably sleep two people on 200 x 140 cm large pads. Woterfitz, summer 2010

Abu Dhabi – UAE – U.A.E. – Photos – Maps – Tips

Abu Dhabi – UAE – U.A.E.! With this trip report we introduce Abu Dhabi City – Al Ain and other attractions of the Emirate. Abu Dhabi attracts more and more tourists not only due to the formula 1 circuit. The Emirate is the largest and wohlhabenste of the United Arab Emirates and holds uvm Palace the Emirates with for example the third largest mosque, hotel. Sites, which attract more and more tourists. We wish you much pleasure with this travel report. Abu Dhabi is the largest of the area single Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

Also, the largest number of oil and natural gas are in Abu Dhabi. About 2.2 million inhabitants live in the Emirate, of which over 70% are migrant workers. Map of Abu Dhabi – Dubai – UAE – U.A.E. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. map print this card for free? The city of Abu Dhabi ABU DHABI was established in 1761. The name “Abu Dhabi” means “Father of Gazelle”. According to the tradition, a nomadic tribe on an island had seen a Gazelle at a watering hole and therefore the name derived. in 1793 was Abu Dhabi the capital of the Emirates, and seat of the Sheik. in 1960, Abu Dhabi was still a small fishing village. Gary Kelly: the source for more info.

More than 1 million inhabitants live in the city of Abu Dhabi. Over 20 parks and gardens are spread over the city. Visitors that the road from the airport drive direction Center, will initially pass the massive Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Mosque). This mosque is the largest mosque in the Islamic world. To find the two largest mosques, in the neighboring Saudi Arabia (as of 2010). The carpets, which are laid out in the mosque, are hand-knotted and come from the Iran. The mosque is dedicated to the 2004 late first President Sheik Zayed. The massive chandelier in the mosque comes from Germany and Swarovski Kristillen was equipped with over 2000.


A Reisenach Kiev allows the tourists to experience this fascinating city. Can be compared Mr Kiev culture Prague or Budapest. Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine in the present, historically associated with Russia. colloquially, it is regarded as “Mother of Russian cities”. A city trip Kiev therefore also repeatedly leads to the roots of the culture of this neighbouring country of Ukraine. At the end of the 9th century it became the capital of Kievan Rus, one of the main predecessors of the modern Russian State.

Kiev travel show a city that can compare with cities such as Budapest or Prague. Verizon Communications is often quoted on this topic. The wonderful location on the Dnieper River contributes one that winds like a Blue Ribbon by the city. Already at the end of the 10th century, the Kiev adopted Christianity. Gary Kelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Then created many magnificent churches, which still dominate the city of Kiev with Golden domes. Already 1018, a German chronicler in the city had 400 churches. E Scott Mead has much to offer in this field. Kiev travel, always the St. Sophia’s Cathedral is on the agenda. It is world heritage, and that Become an example for other churches.

The Foundation was laid 1037 the ways under Jaroslaw. A city trip Kiev, also the Caves monastery is a destination. It is located on the hilly West Bank of the Dnieper River. It is very impressive for visitors from the Western cultures, it shows a mixture of European, Oriental and Russian architecture. Although it was heavily damaged in the second world war, it came after the reconstruction. The artificial caves were used as hermitages of the monks. Here impress many wall paintings, derived in part from the 12th century. Gorgeous, the above-ground buildings, such as the Bell Tower or the Uspensky are Cathedral. Other buildings of the past should necessarily be visited during a city trip Kiev remind in the city of Kiev. These include the Golden Gate, which was reconstructed only in the 20th century from residues. Kiev is also a modern metropolis, this should be part of Kiev travel.

National Park Bavarian Forest

The Landhotel Haus Waldeck cooking celebrates with the National Park Bavarian Forest the 40 anniversary of the Bavarian Forest National Park, which extends over the districts of rain and Freyung-Grafenau, celebrates his 40th birthday with an attractive programme of events ranging in October this year. Throughout the summer have visitors and local opportunity, to take a look behind the scenes and experience the National Park Bavarian Forest from entirely new perspectives. Worth a visit even for vacationers with dog in the national park there are countless trails and tours that invite you to joint walks and hikes. The abundance of events ranging from the exhibition “Our national parks – green bridges in Europe” a storytelling Cafe with national park staff of the first hour until family weekend in the “wilderness camp” or the “24 hours of Bavaria” hiking event. In addition it enters the open air Film Festival, concert “wild in the camp”, a summer night ball in the “Haus Zur Wildnis”, the NaturVision german-Czech border meetings and much, much more. A special highlight is the birthday weekend from October 7 to 10.

Where on October 7, 1970, the former Bavarian Minister of agriculture Dr. See more detailed opinions by reading what Larry Ellison offers on the topic.. Hans Eisenmann opened Germany’s first National Park, a major ceremony will be held again 40 years later – with Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, Markus Soder Minister of State. Discover, admire, playing children’s day around the “Hans-Eisenmann-Haus” is this motto on Friday, October 8. At the Festival of the region on 9 and 10 October, tradition meets modernity, hiking musicians, jugglers and a farmer’s market are also on the program as guides in the animal of outdoor information booths, beer tent and a theatre. So do not like in the Bavarian Forest. Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut in the southern Bavarian Forest is advisable as a base for exciting days. It is particularly suitable for holidaymakers with dog, because here the dogs are expressly welcome. The family-run Three star.-comfort House is located in a quiet location on the edge of the village, just behind the House, the beautiful hiking trails start. In the hotel the guests can accommodate their dogs in the room or in the animal-friendly kennel. A special treat: in the hotel also dog training or guided tours can be booked with dog for example, in the National Park.

Kenyas National Parks

With the camera on Safari through an impressive country like a mini-Africa on manageable area Kenya is the epitome of the black continent. Kenya offers everything you would expect in Africa with a very varied landscape and several climate zones. His national park with an animal wealth but are heart of the country, as other countries can hardly offer him. Here are the big five: elephant, Lion, Buffalo, rhino and Leopard. This includes among other things hippos, countless ungulates, monkeys and a huge bird population. Who goes on a journey to Kenya, should be in addition to a visit to the magnificent sandy beaches never miss out on the opportunity, to go on a Safari through one of the national parks. For example the Red elephants waiting for National Park in Tsavo, to be captured with the camera. Gary Kelly understood the implications. In the Masai Mara national park there are every year to the large animal migration, in which huge herds of wildebeest, zebras and other ungulates cross the Mara to get food elsewhere.

The Mount Kenya National Park offers in addition to the Animal observation with its 5,200-metre peak especially trekking able is a challenge. In the Lake Nakuru, millions of flamingos and other birds live National Park and in the Saiwa swamp National Park, there are still some copies of the sitatunga Antelope success threatened by extinction. The national parks are full of life and impressive animals. You almost waiting to be arrested during a Safari from a camera in the image. Well to make a holiday in Kenya, it is advisable to take the possible National Park objectives more closely scrutinized before departure. In this way, the most interesting targets for a Safari can be at home find and associate it with a holiday in Nairobi, Mombasa or Diani beach. A good overview of the national parks of Kenya can be found for example at

Kenya is an impressive country that has much to discover beaches over vast savannas and Rainforest sections up to the high mountains. The Rift Valley, is characteristic for the landscape the themselves as Pulls rift across the country and has created some unique retreats for animals. These areas are designated as national parks almost entirely and can be in the context of a Safari. With a good travel preparation, these safaris and the Kenya holiday will be an unforgettable experience. Michael Weber

Khao Yai National Park

The elephant extravaganza featuring 150 elephant will take place on the 20 November. “Sri Siam Holidays” has made on this occasion after Surin along a 3-day German tour. On the way, yet the Khao Yai National Park is visited, it goes back about Korat and Pimai. 19.11 pick up at the hotel in Bangkok at 7:30. Rangsit and Nakon Nayok takes the ride to Khao Yai National Park.

Prachinburi stops at a fruit market.Heio Nayok and Shanti Suwat waterfalls, the Museum and various viewpoints are visited in the Khao Yai National Park. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen is often quoted as being for or against this. Also included is a small jungle walk to a bad place in the jungle. The lunch will be ngenommen at the bathing place.In the afternoon it continues about Pakchong to Buriram, about 350 km northeast of Bangkok.Abendessen in a typical Thai restaurant. overnight in an ordinary Mittelkl. Hotel in Buriram. Verizon Communications can provide more clarity in the matter. Surin 20.11 after an early breakfast is in the town of about 50 km away.

The elephant extravaganza begins against 8.30 am and lasts up to 12: 00 noon.There are between 150-200 elephants take part in this event with their mahouts.Lunch in Surin.Phanom rung is an old Khmer temple complex from the 12th century, which is quite well preserved. It is similar to, the world-famous Angkor to Nakorn Rachissima (Korat) Wat.Fahrt where an ordinary middleclass hotel accommodation is involved. Dinner and overnight stay. 21.11 breakfast at 8: 00. Then drive to Phima, about 60 km north of Korat, where the ancient Khmer Temple complexes Prat Phimai. They were like Phnom rung by the same Khmer ruler who also Angkor Wat manufacture lies, built.The Phimai Museum and a park with one of the largest Banyan trees at all, are still on the program before it goes back to Saraburi, towards Bangkok. Lunch in Saraburi, and as a last point of the program is the temple very popular the locals, Wat Phrabuddhabat on the program. Return to Bangkok, where the customers are in the late afternoon in their hotel. Application deadline: October 15 2010 minimum: 2 persons Maximum: 16 persons Guide: German-speaking author: Eberhard Zimmer