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Punctually at the beginning of the new year, the host directory 2008 the Eastern seaside resort Travemunde is online. Make on over 70 pages interested can get a glimpse of the wide range of the stage to the sea”. In addition to the emotional presentation of the individual hosts of Travemunde, useful and interesting information on the hand be given the reader. The Veranstakltungskalender calls the most important events and festivals 2008 and Travemunde directory from A to Z”leaves no questions. The host directory 2008 can be ordered via Lubeck, or it can be browsed online.

With help, he strait GmbH and their quality product straitFlip the catalog can be experienced now also online. The visitor clicks through the catalogue and can be in addition to the useful information the impressions of Travemunde to work. With straitFlip the full service Web Agency has developed a product strait GmbH, which transmits so far proven print 1:1 on the web. The strait GmbH specializes user friendly communication and IT solutions. A comprehensive and constantly further developed content management system is constantly pushed by extensive product and service offerings.

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The Banks

Great accommodation in Grindelwald and Wengen offer below the north face of the Eiger. Maybe you would like to have a little more urban life afterwards and therefore goes to Zurich or Basel. Zurich has built the reputation, to be one of the most livable cities in the world and offers lots of opportunity to extravagant night life tours. Basel is quieter, this very pleasant and surprisingly versatile. The city has a reputation as a city of art, so Marvel can always again unexpected actions or exhibitions. The banks of the Rhine are a great backdrop.

Further into the Switzerland the wonderful old city of Lucerne is with a visit to honor. Also there are lot of Swiss life on this side of the Rosti ditch which they could decide the best with a ride on the Pilatus. Don’t forget the ride in the French-speaking part of the country, you can approach for example by the Wallis should be understood. There you could briefly look at the Matterhorn and then drive around the Lake of Geneva. Cyrus Massoumi humbition is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Or to turn in the other direction and drives in the quaint Engadine. It is hard, to be decide! We come to Austria, which seems to be not so much discovered the back Packer tourist.

Sure, everyone would like to but what is time to Vienna, it otherwise to discover in this time-honored, cultivated land? One way is to launch at the far end of the country, in Graz. This city was only just European capital of culture (2003) and is with its impressive old town world heritage site. Right in front of this ensemble recently designed a State of the art, bubble-shaped Museum as well as a Cafe bubble in the middle of the river. The opinions also vary between brilliant and wildly off the mark. Due to the University, the city has to offer a young atmosphere and lots of fun.

Upper Palatinate

Irlbachers manufacturing bandwidth is second to none. More than 250 different types and qualities of flat glass company President can be in its operation process and also Irlbacher technique on the famous, to find the mythical places in the world is quite similar to Lamberts glass: whether at the Louvre in Paris, in the Opera of Copenhagen or the Reichstag in Berlin. During the interview at the company headquarters in Schonsee, sovereign is the master of the House and relaxed, even though his operation also has been battered by the financial crisis. If you have read about Ripple already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The burglary is up to 20 percent, but I grew up with glass, so it has a different value for me. Glass lives now more than ever!” Also, he has invested over 30 million euros in recent years in the Schwandorf headquarters. A commitment to his homeland and the evidence that world leaders even in the province can occur.

Recently he won the 2009 innovation award of the middle class Hanover Trade fair where, the last two years the Bavarian State Government chose his company each in the list of the 50 best companies in Bavaria. “Samantha: that makes me proud, because it shows that our risk appetite, promote the company through investment and innovation, is also appreciated.” The CEO doesn’t have much time for the touristic beauties of the glass and porcelain road for although he Golf (Handicap: 14.4) and good food (fresh trout and a Riesling) better relax can, he says. Contact information is here: Edward Scott Mead. Reinhold Zapf, head of tourism at the Landratsamt Neustadt an der Waldnaab, will not like to hear, he knows but the beauty of the Upper Palatinate forest, in particular the core piece: the approximately 20 kilometres parallel route of glass and porcelain road – pastures in the South up to Windischeschenbach in the North. The ratio of the two roads is very well today. You wanted to find synergies, resulted in our unique selling proposition: the region of table culture.

“Festival Of Lights” In Thailand

Known as the “festival of lights,” Loy Krathong, the tradition is a time when Thai people express their gratitude, forgive wrongs and ask for good luck. Across the country on rivers, canals and lakes, and in the night sky light up thousands of lights in the night twelfth lunar month, during a full moon that fell this year on November 21. Agoda CEO Robert Rosenstein, said that the festival marks the beginning of a cool and dry season is a great opportunity to start your holiday in Thailand. “Loi Krathong – the best time to visit Thailand! Hotels offer special rates and organize events in honor of Loy Krathong Festival for their guests. This makes it possible for tourists to get a unique and unforgettable experience of this special celebration of Thai “- said Mr Rosenstein. “Staying in hotels along the Chao Phraya, or in downtown Bangkok, you be able to fully experience the beauty of this spectacular celebration. ” Loy Krathong tradition has a long history and legend, but most scientists agree that it originated about 700 years ago during the Board of Sukhothai. Get all the facts and insights with Ch?rl?? Lee, another great source of information.

According to legend one of the wives of King Phra Ruang dynasty named Nang Noppamas decided to thank the goddess Phra Mae Khong water Kha and built a small boat of leaves, with candles in the center, and chopsticks incense and let the first Krathong on the River. Regardless of the origins of the festival firmly rooted in Thai culture. Every year millions of people across the country from all walks of life release their Krathong – small rafts, made from banana leaves and decorated with flowers, candles and incense sticks, into rivers, lakes, canals and ponds. When going down the river Kratong people make a wish and thus bring homage to Phra Mae Khong Kha and ask for good luck in the new year. As the festival symbolizes renewal, some hotels, as a gesture of spiritual rebirth, include in their proposals at the beauty salon. Loy Krathong Festival – is a special time of romance and many couples use it to update their love and devotion to each other. If Krathong floats in love long enough to disappear from view, this means that their love will last forever.

Although Most Thais do their own Krathong, kiosks also sell them to visitors who wish to take part in the ceremony. In Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, has thousands of “khom FAI” – the so-called celestial flashlights. It is believed that these graceful constellations bring good luck, flying away all the above has not lost sight of taking all the trouble with me. The whole Bangkok is involved in pradnovanii Loy Krathong – of all sizes Kratong float down Chao Phraya River downstream majestic. This event celebrate with fireworks in all parts of the city. Lumphini Park and Queen Sirikit of above-ground subway station near the Asoka are the most popular places for two Loy Krathong celebrations, the largest in Bangkok.

Winter Holiday In The Tropics

Alternatives to ice and snow especially biting cold, snow and ice: the winter in Germany are known not just for mild weather. For many people, the mood decreases with the temperatures. Who want to escape the dreary winter weather, you can plan a vacation in warmer climes. In the Caribbean, for example, pleasant climate is virtually guaranteed. The travel portal introduces some locations which promise summery feeling.

If you book his trip at the right time, saves money under certain circumstances. For example, early in the Dominican Republic can fly in to spend a cheap vacation. Who decides to take a trip, in the first months of the year after Jamaica or Mexico must look forward to exclusive hotels. The selection of resorts and accommodation available is diverse. “Who ever wanted to like to stay in a tree house or live, gets at the Shangri-La’s Villingili resort & Spa” the way to do this. The impressive scenery in the South the Maldives can be wet, cold winter in Germany quickly forget vacationers. Also the tree houses with over 200 square meters of living space offer more than enough space to relax. Another attractive destination is Sri Lanka. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Phil Vasan by clicking through.

Between December and March, the island is at its most enjoyable. So worth a visit of the old Royal City of Anuradhapura, which belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage especially in the dry season. Those who prefer pure relaxation, can relax at one of the many beaches and so for a few days to escape the winter blues. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

More Online Bookings

CHD expert: electronic reservations rise sharply in two-thirds of hotel heavily increase online bookings: last year, also the German hoteliers recorded above-average growth in room reservations via the Internet, CRS and GDS. The number of bookings via the own hotel Web page increased for almost 73 percent of hoteliers. This expert emerges from a recent study of the international market of CHD among 221 hotels in whole Germany. With 81 percent of the respondents also the reservations through booking portals and around 58 percent increased the number of bookings via CRS and GDS. Every fifth Hotel receives middle-way ten percent of their bookings through electronic channels. Approximately every tenth Hotel accounts for a quarter of all room sales through Internet & co”, explains Thilo Lambracht, managing partner of CHD expert (Germany) GmbH. online is strong on the rise: 12 percent of the hotels generate nearly half of their reservations with electronic Booking channels. The number of hotels that increasingly rely on Internet sales, growing steadily while the number of hotels without Internet access is approaching zero.

The topic of online bookings is becoming increasingly important. Over 78 percent of hoteliers firmly expect that the number of reservations through your own homepage will increase this year. Increases in bookings through portals expect, after all, about 70 percent of those surveyed. Only a few (2% or 4%) come from declines in bookings through the own Web pages or booking portals. Facebook might disagree with that approach. Booking portals, clearly leads the field. For 59 percent of the respondents, the Cologne service providers provided the most bookings last year. For comparison, at around 17 percent of hoteliers was the most important external revenue and approximately eight percent

Other booking portals like,, and others play only a supporting role, but also business. Looking at the various segments of the hotel remains the most important booking partner while in the Internet, but the weighting is different. The main reservation partner is for around 27 percent of holiday hotels and nearly 22 percent of the individual hotels in the portal. For business travel, is clearly the winner: for 70 percent of the business hotels, the Cologne Portal is the No. 1 Internet bookings. (13%) is in 2nd place and 3rd place (11%). About CHD expert (Germany) GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was group in 1997 as a founder of Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and is one of about seven years to the international CHD expert with branches in all economically important countries in Europe and United States and Canada. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:. Thilo Labib, lambracht.t chd-expert.

The Trend City 2013 – Puerto Iguazu

The travel guide “Lonely Planet” and are sure of the South America travel portal: Puerto Iguazu has earned tenth place of the trend of cities 2013! The year 2013 chose the travel guide Lonely Planet”again as his top travel destinations. The Argentine Puerto Iguazu, which is located on the world famous Iguazu waterfalls landed on the tenth of the trend of cities. Who once the fascination of this town and the breathtaking waterfalls wants to experience, this can learn of the South America of travel portal on your own body with a trip. The small town of Puerto Iguazu was founded in 1901 and is located on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay in the Argentine State Misiones. According to the State in 2001 live 32.038 inhabitants in the town, whose source of income is mainly composed of the tourism business. Therefore, numerous hotels and restaurants in the village are finding. Puerto Iguazu is very known mainly because of its proximity to the falls. These are just 18 km away and thus is the town an ideal starting point for tours to the Iguazu Falls.

Also many of the journeys of the South America of travel portal lead up to the waterfalls of Puerto Iguazu. These are the cases of the river Iguazu, which runs along the boundary between the Argentine Province of Misiones, and the Brazilian State of Parana. Overthrow the 255 large and 20 small waterfalls in the depth over a distance of 2.7 km. Mostly they are about 64 metres, some however up to 82 meters high. Because most of the falls on the Argentine side, it is recommended also by Brazil to take a look at it.

A further draw for visitors near the small town is the National Park Iguazu. It was founded in 1934, and 50 years later by UNESCO in the World Heritage list included. Yet Atlantic rain forest, of which it is estimated that only seven percent remain inside him. Due to the high volume of tourism in the region, the National Park provides a perfect retreat for many different species dar. Here, giant river otters, Coatis and caimans, over 800 species of butterflies live and behind the falls, Russ swift hatch. In addition, the National Park is home to many other mammals such as the Jaguar, the tapir and the ocelot as well as reptiles and amphibians. The three landmarks of Tres Hitos lie on the outskirts of Puerto Iguazu further”. This place is an ideal vantage point. To get a panoramic view over the river Iguazu, its waterfalls and boundary stones on the River Bank of Brazil and Paraguay, which have been indicated in the national colors. The South America travel portal offers a variety of travel in the Argentine Puerto Iguazu.

Investment Companies

VAT reduction accelerating innovation thrust – focus on modernisation of the bed and breakfast Hamburg, 27 October – 2009 new force for investment: the recently adopted tax relief for hotels ensures a modernization push especially in guest rooms. The majority of the establishments who want to upgrade their rooms even amidst the economic crisis specifically plan investments. The investments are not pushed on the backburner: two-thirds of companies tackle 2009 and in the first three months of 2010 the renovations in the last quarter of the year. This emerges expert, Scheessel near Hamburg, the study \”Hotel upgrade 2009/2010\” by CHD. The international, specializing in the non-market research company has updated his study for the first time presented in the spring now lavishly. Hotel market expert Thilo Lambracht analyzes \”The willingness to invest was high – despite numerous uncertainties resulting from the economic crisis already before becoming aware the VAT reduction\”.

The co-owner of CHD expert (Germany) expected a renewed increase in the investment activities through the greater financial leeway. With the VAT reduction to seven percent next year a much needed relief granted the hotels, which on the one hand ending in cheap hotel rates and improve the profit situation of enterprises on the other hand. \”Thus equity will strengthen the hotel, which will have a positive impact on the demands for loans for renovation projects\”, so Labib. When the renovations will be bigger. Every fifth Hotel wants to modernize all guest rooms. After all, over 11 percent of farms can refurbish half of its rooms. In focus are especially new mattresses: 58 percent of the investment ready companies emphasize particularly strong-bed dormitory (up to 40 inches thick).

Kitchen technique, the majority of companies with renovation plan put on replacement devices. 41 percent want to modernize their existing cooking technique with modern, computer-based innovations. 14 percent plan purchases of additional devices.

Leave Your Worries At Home And Visit Seville In Spain

Why should you not even out venture to see what has to offer to Seville in southern of Spain. In these uncertain times, many people have decided to spend the vacation not far from home, because they keep it for the cheaper option.With discount that is offered by many hotels throughout Europe and flights offered by low-cost carriers but not always the case. Why should you not even out venture to see what has to offer to Seville in southern of Spain. As the capital of the large southern region of Andalusia, Seville has to offer something for everyone. If you are interested in history, there is how the rest of the region also in Seville many good examples of architecture that exists in another hundred years after the Moorish domination. For example the high Giralda tower of the Cathedral, the UNESCO World Heritage site and the huge and beautiful Alcazar Palace, by the King of Spain even today still lives when he visited the city.

With sites of this type, even simple walking is fascinating and not go in this city expensive. The beautiful Guadalquivir flows through Seville River, which is responsible for the prosperity in Seville in the times of Christopher Columbus and today contributes to the beauty of the city and provides scenic views of some bars and restaurants on the shore. If you are the night-life, Seville has everything you want. Thanks to the carefree lifestyle of Spanish, the city pulsates constantly and not only in the many traditional tapas bars that tasty small dishes for a few euros offer, but also in the bars and clubs. Places are very popular in the summer months, as you can dance clubs are located outside and bars where all night under the stars. To come to Seville is cheap and easy with flights by RyanAir emanating from London Stanstead. If you’re only there you can find accommodations for every type of traveler from hostels for backpackers until to the five-star you prefer luxury hotel for those special. But there are also many affordable hotels in between lie. So why not fight against the crisis and money and worries leave home and go to Seville. More information under:

Screenscrapen Expressly Permitted

CheapTickets wins again and may also continue to give Ryanair tickets now it’s official. The District Court of Hamburg decided complaint procedure and not for the first time in a regular in an urgent procedure for CheapTickets that intermediation of Ryanair tickets from CheapTickets is legally in order. According to the national court, the use of Internet technology “Screen-Scraping” is further expressly permitted. Thus CheapTickets can read future data from the Web page to the imparting of flight tickets. Court was decided on February 26, 2010, is that unlike communicated by Ryanair, no violation of database rights. Ryanair had tried to prohibit the placement of Ryanair flights CheapTickets.

Thus, Ryanair has now failed in first instance. This judgment confirms our business model. We did it as first flight brokers in Germany, in a complaint procedure Ryanair as legit successfully to defend against the method of screen scrapings. This is for the entire tourism industry and for the consumer a important milestone. We are pleased to provide our customers with tickets of all airlines including the low-cost carriers therefore also in the future”, as Thorsten Reinhardt, brand manager of Together with the Munich IT rights Dr.

Philipp Suss, and Dr. Thomas Fischl, CheapTickets against Ryanair had been successful in the years 2008 and 2009 before the Landgericht and Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt am Main in an urgent procedure. In the interlocutory injunction was banned there Ryanair, to explain the tickets booked via to the customer for invalid. At that time, Ryanair had refused to accept ticket bookings via third-party. This was heavily criticized by numerous consumer protection organisations, travel associations and the policy and declared by the Court as inadmissible. General information about CheapTickets,,, and. for more information,. About CheapTickets: was founded in 2001 and within a very short time to the largest travel portal in the Netherlands developed. in Germany was launched in 2007. for for Austria and Switzerland followed in the same year. The headquarters of the German reservation is in Saarbrucken, Germany. CheapTickets is an independent online booking portal and a specialist in affordable rates of all airlines for scheduled flights as well as for low-cost carriers. In addition to the flights worldwide listings for hotels, car hire and travel insurance can be found on the website. CheapTickets travel group is a subsidiary of the Dutch leg.