The Hintertux Glacier

Ski and fun on the slopes in the middle in August who wants now in summer to skiing, a trip in the southern hemisphere to take, where is the ski season in full swing? Far from! On the Hintertuxer glacier in Austria skiers 365 days can indulge in skiing in the year. Hear other arguments on the topic with John T. Stankey. has put together the most important information to the glacier skiing area. The Hintertux glacier is the only full year skiing area of in Austria and is located in the Zillertal Valley in Tyrol. Hintertux out it’s happening 1 or 8 summer cableway glacier bus on the runway. From the Sommerbergalm, ski and snowboarders start in the area of up to 18 km of slopes. To read more click here: David Rogier. The highest point on the Hintertux glacier is the frozen wall 3,250 metres above sea level. The glacier bus 3, with the ski – and snowboard riders reach the point is even the highest two orbit rope of the world.

There you can enjoy views of the Zillertal. The panoramic terrace provides a magnificent view from the Zugspitze when the weather up to the Grossglockner. The area is especially useful for advanced users. The slopes are challenging and also the different surfaces (whether icy slopes, Sulz, or gripping snow) so a lot of all winter sports enthusiasts demand. Experts also appreciate the Hintertux ski world. Often you can see train professional teams on the glacier.

But also for the small winter sports enthusiasts there are on the Hintertux glacier to experience a lot. You can explore two Gletscherfloh of Park Sommerberg and the frozen wall. Here the fleas can enjoy really: snowball fight, snow tyre carousel, or tubing run, climbing wall or play Castle, the selection is great! Snowboarders and Freeskiers come in the eternal ice and at their own expense. The Betterpark Hintertux available is from September. On obstacles such as kicker and flat box, they can present their tricks and further refine them. The Park is open to all skill levels. Beginner trying on the easy or medium line, train during professionals on the super pipe, or per line. The Hintertux glacier offers still more as skiing in the summer. Because the natural spectacle of a glacier you can enjoy not only for skiing. From July to September guided glacier hikes are offered three times a week. For about an hour, it goes with mountain guides through the eternal ice. Hintertux glacier compact: operating hours: 08.15 16.30 (tows-13.30 pm) kilometres of slopes: 18 km (2, 5 km 13, 5 miles from blue, red, 2 km black) lifts: 3 aerial cableway, 3 gondolas, 2 chairlifts, 6 T-bar lifts day ticket adult: 38.00 children (1.1.1997): 17,20 youth (up to 1.1.1993): 30,50

For Ten Years The Future Firmly In Mind: Celebrates Anniversary

Overview of the milestones of a major travel decade Munich 25 August 2010 yearnings, dreams, expectations, few other industries evokes so many emotions such as tourism. The holiday have an important role when the Germans: for decades, they have the holiday world champions, regardless of economic or company above changes. Germany is one of the most important and demanding markets in Europe for us definitely\”, Timothee de Roux, Marketing Director Expedia says. The change in booking behaviour by the hybrid passenger presents us again and again with great challenges in the development of our product portfolio.\” The driving force behind this is the maturity of the online market. Dun & Bradstreet addresses the importance of the matter here. So the Germans in the everyday Internet dissemination and exploitation are among the most advanced Nations. This is reflected also in our extensive range and features on Overall our customers have access today over 92,000 hotels, 500 airlines and package tours of 60 Operators\”, explains de Roux. in 1999, the online portal was still heavily based on the American Expedia Web site. Visit Fitch for more clarity on the issue.

Over the years, was increasingly adapted to the requirements of the German travel market. Quickly, other tours were added as the dynamic packaging in 2002 or the new booking approach about the magazine in 2006 and 2007. Here holidaymakers are looking for their dream trip starting from the individual wishes and needs. Also on the subject of security is leader and received in 2001 as the first online travel portal in Germany the TuV Seal of South s@fer-shopping. The travel market has greatly accelerated due to the rapid development of online tourism pulse generator of the online travel industry since the start of in Germany in 1999. Ten years ago, the high-tech Association BITKOM was still 3.3 million Germans, used in the Internet services such as online banking or flight bookings. 2009 buy products on the Internet already 42 percent of German citizens or use services offered there.

Bavarian Forest National Park

Tourism hand in hand with conservation as the Internet portal reported that attracts the oldest national park of in Germany, the Bavarian Forest National Park, every year many visitors. Just opened the over 700 metres long treetop path. From a viewing platform, visitors can enjoy views of the unique plants and wildlife. “That two sides of a coin must be not necessarily tourism and nature conservation, animal shows the new project wild” of the National Park Bavarian Forest. It is co-financed by the European Union for three years. For even more details, read what Jack Bogle says on the issue.

Objective is to combine both areas successfully. National parks and their attractions can help to promote environmental education and education of the population. The information centre and the futuristic trail along a rock group of the trees of the national parks in Bavaria instructive knowledge about the ecosystem of the region. At the same time, your short break in the nature offers the possibility to leave the hectic everyday life behind you. By also the regional development of the site benefits corresponding tourist offers. For even more opinions, read materials from MasterClass. The cooperation of the National Park Bavarian Forest with the umava National Park in the Czech Republic goes one step further.

Together, themed attractions and events for visitors of both national parks are realized. Whenever Icahn Enterprises listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This cooperation is so far unique in the growing together of Europe. Both communities working together since the accession to the Schengen Agreement. Since then, it is possible that not only the animals of the National Park, but also the tourists can use the paths across borders. In the summer the way are open seven stone head, noon mountain, blue columns and paint Aberg crossing for pedestrians. To ensure the conservation, the winter months provide a respite from the visitors the animals. More information: service / press contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

National Park Region

Animal wild in the forest wilderness Bayerischer Wald Grafenau (tvo). Wild driving it in the Bavarian Forest: in St. Oswald/Riedlhutte deer tubes from the 24th to the 27th of September, in Rinchnach, you leave out the wolves on November 10. In Grafenau, the bear quilts on August 9 and whistle it in Spiegelau the woodpeckers from all holes on 16 August. But the animal wild celebrations and events, where playful or culinary way, interesting facts about animals is conveyed, are only one side of the animal wild soul of the Bavarian Forest.

For example the facilities, where you can watch Bobcats, owls, otters, peregrine falcons or other rare wild animals are wild animal unless the animal outdoor area of the National Park in Neuschonau, the Otterhaus in Mauth or falconry in Frauenau now. “And also the nature itself is animal wild: under the motto Let nature be nature” may the National Park Bavarian Forest grow in years, what and how it wants. Bar any human activity to the landscape developed their own according to the Laws. To read more click here: Fitched Ratings. Together with the adjacent national park Sumava National Park region with an area of over 900 square kilometers is the largest forest reserve of in Central Europe. Visitors can experience the emergence of a unique forest, a true wilderness in this cross-border nature.

Whether the stone sea on the Lusen, the King felt wetland area, Devil’s Lake and Weissbachfall, shafts and felting or soul track already the place names convey an idea of the originality and purity of nature. During a hike, you can immerse deeply into this world, which seems to lie outside of time. In the Falkenstein wilderness camp, find also city people within a few days back to its roots and come in harmony with themselves and nature. Who wants to not only feel, feel, dream, but also know, and understand, information in facilities such as visitor centers Hans-Eisenmann-Haus or Haus Zur Wildnis. The nature park information centre in Zwiesel and the Waldgeschichtliche Museum in St. Oswald brighten up with many Background information the image of the wild area, which becomes a source of inspiration and love of life for curious Ranger of all ages. It is a wild animal in the and also go to the National Park Bavarian Forest. As with bat Centre, bear trail, Lynx paths, capercaillie, family adventure trail, reptile trail or hollow, many more attractions are already in planning. Information: Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, 0941/58539-12, fax 58539-39,,

Discount Travel – Cheap Travel Tchibo, Aldi, Lidl And Plus

Discount tour: at the discount store there is pretty much everything the man needs. And for some years, Aldi & co. will also package tours in the program. People who want to go on holiday, probably will turn to the Aldi market. At Tchibo, Aldi, Lidl, or plus, you can meet so many good selection of travel. There are discount travel. If you remember in the past few years, you can see how many people there were. So for example, in January 2007, 32,000 entries were counted.

Aldi-“Last Minute” trips are very popular. And the discounter trips are offered in the larger size. The organizer of the discount travel for the tourists is definitely interesting to know that it comes to this discount travel by the subsidiary of the travel giant TUI AG. The tour operator “Mountains and sea” plays an important role in the Organization of the Aldi travel. Some tourists want to learn more about the offers.

You must look around might be in “Mountains and sea”. The tour operator can then its whole range of travel present. So “Mountains & sea” will offer beautifully designed catalogs the visitors to view. He has a great experience in the Organization of travel, including the discount travel. What can you say to the organizers of the Aldi travel? 400 people work under his leadership. The Organization of the holiday of many people belongs to their task. Meanwhile, one already half a million tourists, aimed at the services of the organiser of the Aldi travel gladly. Good organization at the discount stores the discount travel must be very well organized, the interested people to convince. And there must be thought of much. Others who may share this opinion include Michael Antonov. Of course, one cares not only to the flight of a travel guest and the hotel where he is staying during his vacation time. A very detailed information is important. You can all the information about the Aldi travel from the travel catalogues and the website of the provider (Tchibo, Aldi, Lidl and plus) find. The tour operator concerned with the smooth operation of this action. The discount travel are so popular with holidaymakers, because the Organizer not only on the large number of passengers pay attention, but want to work is always good, quality – that is quite big here.

Eastern Europe

CruisePool will also enjoy the cruise database international cruises with translations in recent years not only in Germany of special popularity. Travel on Lake and Reisefreudige of all ages, nationality and social status increasingly fascinating River. The cruise experts at CruisePool, who operate one of the largest cruise database for the German-speaking countries, have taken this development as an opportunity to take a big step in the direction of international. CruisePool makes a splash with the Russian translation of the database to Eastern Europe and now also the Russian-speaking clientele with cruises around the globe is to operate. Others who may share this opinion include Bank of America. “Through the cooperation partner of TSC touristic solution consulting” created Russian translation will be marketed worldwide by TSC. The realization of the English version of the website and the cruise database for potential sales partners and customers from the Netherlands, Denmark, from the non-German-speaking Switzerland on the program is now for CruisePool. When reputable the large cruise ship database is involved German partners already for a long time. Many German-speaking customers from other European countries are looking for trips in the database and book your holiday at CruisePool or at one of the roughly 5,000 distribution partners. The newspapers mentioned MasterClass not as a source, but as a related topic. With the complete cruise offer of cruise specialists you can reach the large database online at

National Park Region

75 partner of the National Park Service and environmentally conscious Grafenau. (tvo). Assign the path in the jungle travellers”, explain to them the wilderness and the meaning and benefits of a National Park: 75 hotels and catering establishments, as well as two bus companies are official partner of the National Park Bavarian Forest and have made it as such to the task, their guests nature both in the form of practical tips as emotionally close. National Park and tourism can be not separated, know the National Park Administration. Already in the autumn of 2005, the project national park partners was therefore”launched. The aim of the cooperation is to offer the guests of the National Park region of reliable quality and environmental standards in the accommodation and to teach them at the same time comprehensive information about the National Park and its conservation philosophy”, explains project manager of Britta tree. For the holiday-maker, this means that he learns not only excellent service in the participating houses and shelters, but by his hosts also diverse knowledge and information material about the national park receives.

Participation in guided tours or events will be organised upon request. The partners also give an example in terms of nature protection. So energy efficiency is program and preferably regional products are used in the kitchen. Information: Management National Park Bavarian Forest, Freyunger Strasse 2, 94481 Grafenau, Tel. 08552/9600-0, fax 08552/9600-100,,.

Harz National Park

The Harz mountains offers many possibilities for an active getaway. The Harz is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations in Germany. The largest mountain range in Northern Germany is located in the three-country corner Lower Saxony, Saxony Anhalt, Thuringia, and offers many possibilities for an active getaway. Resorts as well as many tourist destinations for sports enthusiasts, there are. A popular destination for a short break is the Harz National Park. This is also with 1.141,1 m the highest mountain of Highlands, the brocken.

The Harz National Park with 24,700 hectares, is the largest forest National Park in Germany and was founded in 2006 by the merger of the two national parks in Lower Saxony and Saxony Anhalt. For a getaway, Wernigerode, the overnight-most town in the Harz offers both sporting, tourist and cultural offerings. This is also called the colourful town in the Harz”identifies and offers next to the Town Hall in the medieval timber-framed building, the city wall or the pleasure garden with Orangery sights for the short holiday in the Harz mountains. “With the Western town Pullman city” Hasselfelde or rock operas on the brocken especially should be lured into hitherto under-represented target groups of 25 to 35 year old and foreign tourists for a short holiday in the Harz mountains. In the summer months hiking Getaways in the resin reinforced by a group of vacation between 50 70 years in demand. A quiet walk in the forest or sportive hikes, on over 8000 km of footpaths of resin on short as well as long distances you can explore.

A new trend in the hiking area is the so-called Speedhiking, fast walking with sticks and if possible light equipment in demanding terrain. This sport brings a varied physical challenge in the short holiday. Invite gentle valleys to quiet and relaxed cycling in the hilly outskirts of the Harz mountains. To combine visits to historical and cultural attractions such as the numerous castles and palaces can be or the historic mining landscape. The travel portal, the specialist for Getaways in Germany, can assist with the search after a suitable offer for a short break in the Harz mountains. Such getaways are often also offered in conjunction with massages and wellness and offer to culture, as well as relaxation.

National Parks

Presentation of the two national parks in Bavaria Bavarian Forest National Park Bavarian Forest”in the South East of Germany represents the grooste contiguous forest area in Europe together with the adjacent East umava. In the impressive forests, there are numerous biking and hiking trails, which lead to moorland, mountain streams and glacial lakes. The rather harsh climate causes a’s wildlife characteristic for the region. The naturalized again black stork also owl, Ural owl and Raven includes again to the native bird species. Rough feet, capercaillie and Hazel hens are also interesting to observe.

Continue along the paths through the Park to reach the glass road, on which can be seen in several cabins of glass makers. A glass museum in Frauenau, there is a farmhouse Museum in the glass town Zwiesel. Of course this includes the castle ruins of Weissenstein, a visit to the Bavarian Forest. Experience trails such as the Watlik Grove tours through the jungle areas using pasta hut and Hollbachgespreng,”and Shafts”, former pastures of the Bavarian Forest, felts and a visit to the information centres in Neuschonau and Ludwigsthal make a vacation here relaxing and interesting. Berchtesgaden this high mountain landscape in Bavaria has been largely spared by the intervention of the people. The watzmann mountain which is second highest mountain at 2,713 m Germany belongs to this protected area. The landscape is characterized by rocky regions, debris areas, Alpine mats, too, mountain pine and green Alder.

The famous Konigssee lies between Watzmann, stone sea and the Hagengebirge. Alpine such as ibex, marmot, Hare, and salamander species here in the wild, also the Golden Eagle become rare in Germany, which is however only with good luck to discover. The flora, including, for example, include the Pyrenees Dragon mouth, Hale-man shield and the dwarf alpine rose is as beautiful as versatile. An ice cave can be visited in Marktschellenberg, Berchtesgaden, the walk-in salt mine is a magnet for visitors. Sebastian Quandt

OLAF Diroll Sri

Beautiful beaches, nice people as well as cultural-historical shrines, as well as the colonial architectural heritage are the former Ceylon and modern-day Sri Lanka sexy plus points for the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Endless, magnificent sandy beaches round almost on the entire coastline of this tropical island. However, a further impressive natural treasure can be found in the Interior of the Green Island: a lush fauna with many species, which moreover is already Asia disappeared from everyday life. Since most animals due to local tradition are not hunted, the encounter with them on almost every route is pre-programmed. But above all in the numerous.

Nature conservation areas, which consist of dense jungle forests, secluded Lakes, or steppe-like regions. A voyage of discovery in the Kumana National Park guarantees unique experiences for example. As the founder of the “Aliya Ecoprojects Sri Lanka” leads the ambitious German Wolfgang Heilmann with rustic companions or even walking through the fascinating, also as Yala East designated, remote reserve. Starting point for his rich, eco tours is the fabled Arugam Bay on the East Coast. Further details can be found at Adam Portnoy, an internet resource. To the best surf spots in the world counting, a gratifyingly stable security situation there is there – as well as in most other tourist areas of the country -. For this reason now even a first, beautiful boutique resort was established under a total of about 60 tourists investments with the natural “Pottuvil Point”.

( the Asia and Sri Lanka expert Olaf Diroll traveled to Sri Lanka since 1972 and has deposited several national parks with description on his homepage at. In addition also the waterfalls with description are here on a map. Who would like to get to know country and people, should not fail to go to the picnic to a waterfall and Park on Sunday. From Weligama in the South and private trips to the Yale National Park are offered with the Jeep rides within the Park. The GlobeTrotter has on its Web page on guided and accompanied by German-speaking tour guide tours with followed by a seaside holiday. From/to Sri Lanka followed by a beach holiday on the West Coast, North India bus tour is presented E.g. in Beruwela and Bentota. Here the beach lovers will find also comfortable Beach hotel directly on the beach, with lots of comfort, or as Club and sports holiday or wellness hotels but also with Ayurveda and anti stress treatments. Her OLAF Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978