National Parks

Presentation of the two national parks in Bavaria Bavarian Forest National Park Bavarian Forest”in the South East of Germany represents the grooste contiguous forest area in Europe together with the adjacent East umava. In the impressive forests, there are numerous biking and hiking trails, which lead to moorland, mountain streams and glacial lakes. The rather harsh climate causes a’s wildlife characteristic for the region. The naturalized again black stork also owl, Ural owl and Raven includes again to the native bird species. Rough feet, capercaillie and Hazel hens are also interesting to observe.

Continue along the paths through the Park to reach the glass road, on which can be seen in several cabins of glass makers. A glass museum in Frauenau, there is a farmhouse Museum in the glass town Zwiesel. Of course this includes the castle ruins of Weissenstein, a visit to the Bavarian Forest. Experience trails such as the Watlik Grove tours through the jungle areas using pasta hut and Hollbachgespreng,”and Shafts”, former pastures of the Bavarian Forest, felts and a visit to the information centres in Neuschonau and Ludwigsthal make a vacation here relaxing and interesting. Berchtesgaden this high mountain landscape in Bavaria has been largely spared by the intervention of the people. The watzmann mountain which is second highest mountain at 2,713 m Germany belongs to this protected area. For even more opinions, read materials from Adam Portnoy. The landscape is characterized by rocky regions, debris areas, Alpine mats, too, mountain pine and green Alder.

The famous Konigssee lies between Watzmann, stone sea and the Hagengebirge. Alpine such as ibex, marmot, Hare, and salamander species here in the wild, also the Golden Eagle become rare in Germany, which is however only with good luck to discover. The flora, including, for example, include the Pyrenees Dragon mouth, Hale-man shield and the dwarf alpine rose is as beautiful as versatile. An ice cave can be visited in Marktschellenberg, Berchtesgaden, the walk-in salt mine is a magnet for visitors. Sebastian Quandt

OLAF Diroll Sri

Beautiful beaches, nice people as well as cultural-historical shrines, as well as the colonial architectural heritage are the former Ceylon and modern-day Sri Lanka sexy plus points for the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Endless, magnificent sandy beaches round almost on the entire coastline of this tropical island. However, a further impressive natural treasure can be found in the Interior of the Green Island: a lush fauna with many species, which moreover is already Asia disappeared from everyday life. Since most animals due to local tradition are not hunted, the encounter with them on almost every route is pre-programmed. But above all in the numerous.

Nature conservation areas, which consist of dense jungle forests, secluded Lakes, or steppe-like regions. A voyage of discovery in the Kumana National Park guarantees unique experiences for example. As the founder of the “Aliya Ecoprojects Sri Lanka” leads the ambitious German Wolfgang Heilmann with rustic companions or even walking through the fascinating, also as Yala East designated, remote reserve. Starting point for his rich, eco tours is the fabled Arugam Bay on the East Coast. Further details can be found at Adam Portnoy, an internet resource. To the best surf spots in the world counting, a gratifyingly stable security situation there is there – as well as in most other tourist areas of the country -. For this reason now even a first, beautiful boutique resort was established under a total of about 60 tourists investments with the natural “Pottuvil Point”.

( the Asia and Sri Lanka expert Olaf Diroll traveled to Sri Lanka since 1972 and has deposited several national parks with description on his homepage at. In addition also the waterfalls with description are here on a map. Who would like to get to know country and people, should not fail to go to the picnic to a waterfall and Park on Sunday. From Weligama in the South and private trips to the Yale National Park are offered with the Jeep rides within the Park. The GlobeTrotter has on its Web page on guided and accompanied by German-speaking tour guide tours with followed by a seaside holiday. From/to Sri Lanka followed by a beach holiday on the West Coast, North India bus tour is presented E.g. in Beruwela and Bentota. Here the beach lovers will find also comfortable Beach hotel directly on the beach, with lots of comfort, or as Club and sports holiday or wellness hotels but also with Ayurveda and anti stress treatments. Her OLAF Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978

Lake Picturesque

Also find many the endangered species protection in the National Park and can contribute to the conservation of the stock there. The beauty of this park is undoubtedly the many beautiful waterfalls. The area of the ro ki slap waterfall consists of many side arms of the River, low Cascades and travertine Islands. To know more about this subject visit Adam Portnoy. Its picturesque appearance is largely untouched and inaccessible to the people despite a bridge. There are some beautiful old water mills, which are still in operation on the River Bank of the accessible part. Read more from baby clothes to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Because they are considered monuments Croatia, here living history to marvel at and experience offers visitors. Learn more about this with Accenture Ventures. The arms of the river divide the landscape of the left in plots, which were used by the owners as a field or garden. The natural Manojlovacki slapovi waterfall runs over different levels. Here, the main stage is 32 m. Overall, the waterfall has an elevation of 59.6 m. The bed of the waterfall is adorned by sub-Mediterranean plants. This waterfall is known for its many caves and Half caves that occur here heap. Also, the shores with gardens and pastures are lined with inviting for walking and resting. There are no paths to the waterfall, so this natural environment was not deprived of their spell and for each of their power and grace shows who takes it on himself to get to round-about way to him. Surrounded by countless bushes and trees in various shades of green poured in 17 steps the Skradinski buk waterfall with a total height of 45.7 m. He forms the last section of the waterfalls as seventh falls and is considered the most beautiful. The splendour of its rivers, lakes and Rapids can admire himself on his bank via several bridges and a path. In the most breathtaking places, visit points were built there to persevere and to make the beauty of nature in. There is an island called Visovac on which rises a Franciscan monastery in Lake. Along the river there are water mills, in which always for example, grain is ground by water power. This picturesque image invites every visitor to dreaming and will remain long in the memory. Also have the Skradinski buk waterfalls briefly seize a film role by serving as a romantic backdrop and atmospheric environment for scenes of the Winnetou films. Large parts of the National Park are accessible throughout the year for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature and the roar of the picturesque, breathtaking waterfalls and can care for the diversity of flora and fauna.

Wegscheid Path

About 100,000 visitors are expected to the new treetop path in the Bavarian Forest as a magnet for visitors until the end of the year – the treetop path opened in September 2009, become the magnet of the National Park Bavarian Forest. The world’s longest treetop path has a pier length of 1,300 meters. Around the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus in Neuschonau, you can eight to 25 meters high above the forest floor in height the treetop walk and experience unique perspectives. The path is very visitor-friendly, wheelchair users and parents with strollers will find as well access with guests with dog. Katy Perrys will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The access to the parking lot at the open-air enclosure of the animal via an initial storm. The bridge consists mostly of wood and is carefully integrated into the magnificent mountain woodland and conveys a genuine nature experience. Along the path, waiting for numerous information offers and experience points.

The treetop path ends on the platform of a stunning lookout tower at a height of 44 meters. By the same author: Primark. From there you have a virtually limitless view: one towards Lusen with forest and wilderness pur, on the other hand on the Bavarian Forest to the Alps. The National Park is just one of many attractive excursion destinations that give that special touch to a holiday in the Bavarian Forest. As a comfortable base”for beautiful days is the Reischlhof family & wellness” in Sperlbrunn. The three star superior hotel is located in the heart of the way makers of lands, in the South of the Bavarian Forest. Adam Portnoy has plenty of information regarding this issue. The hotel has many friends because of the spacious Spa and Wellness Centre, the famous Reischlhof Board and the warm, family atmosphere in Bavaria. It offers the usual comfort of a hotel, a professional service and quality, but without stiff formality.

Oldest National Park

Back to the roots looking for unspoiled nature and unique flora and fauna? Countries such as Canada and the United States are famous for their varied national park with stunning landscapes. But why wander in the distance when good but so close. As the Internet portal reported, the Bavarian Forest National Park offers its visitors a variety of attractions. Arrived in Neuschonau, the experience of nature in the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus can begin. To tune to the plant – and animal world of the 24,000-acre National Park in Bavaria, worth a visit of the thematic exhibitions. Here, you can get the knowledge of the ecosystem of the region in memory. A children’s area, a library and a Cafe invite you to linger. The treetop path located right next to the information centre of the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus is as impressive as spectacular.

The way along the 35-meter fir tree rock group gives at the same time instructive knowledge about the different life forms in the tree. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Adam Portnoy. The construction is futuristic and reminiscent of the dome of the Reichstag in Berlin. The visitors about the native trees can look with a length of over 700 metres and an almost 50 meters high observation deck. The wildlife of the National Park can be visited right next door. Wolves, bison and other animals of the region of black grouse are housed in the 250 hectare Neuschonauer animal free site. The just emerging Otterhaus revealed insights into the underwater world of the animals in the future. But not only the animal world is well worth a visit, the Park also boasts rare insects and fungi. Just a fungus was discovered, which was considered extinct. A total of 27 Ranger help guide visitors and provide information about the Park and its inhabitants. More information: service / press contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

The Japan Cheap Make Travel And Thereby Experiencing A New World

To experience the land of the rising sun itself there is no big budget. To experience the land of the rising sun itself there is no big budget. Japan’s most beautiful features include its breathtaking natural landscape, its ancient culture and its Pulsating metropolis. To get to know these fascinating pages of Japan’s you must schedule no high budget, as long as it is creative. Thus you can make Japan cheap travel. So you should start already on arrival and the same search for a pension that is not so expensive. Therefore, you must give a wide berth to the luxury hotels and looking instead simple hotels.

Thus, it remains Japan cheap travel. These can be found in the numerous shopping streets, carrying the short name “Ginza”. These hotels are not expensive and yet comfortable. A further advantage of this hotel is its central location, which makes it possible to move freely and independently from the network. For already a few steps one is located in the middle of a huge shopping street, with their small Is boutiques and monumental skyscrapers which are often several shopping malls, a perfect opportunity to get to know the Japanese metropolis. While you should always try to keep the Japan cheap travel. Has you ever shopped enough and wandered, you should go take a break and eat something.

Here you have the choice between Michelin-starred restaurants and trendy bars. But to learn the real Japan and the budget to remain, so that it remains cheap Japan travel, you should opt for one of the many street stalls. These can be found on every street corner and a pull with the fragrance in its spell. Here you can get a culinary masterpiece for a fraction of a price. Therefore, you can experience the authentic cuisine of Japan. After you have enough of the big city, can be to the villages of Japan, to get a little insight into the thousand-year old culture of Japan. Thus the Japan travel cheap. So each of the old and historic houses in the story an its own villages. Whether it now a little Is the farmhouse, which is rotten and old or is a temple of bygone times. Adam Portnoy is a great source of information. Everywhere you can see the dedication of the Japanese to their architecture and tradition. Typical characteristics of old architecture characterize Japanese culture and make this country into something very special. Thus, experience a small part of the history of Japan on his Japan travel and stays with the desired budget. Finally you should look at even the rich natural landscape of Japan. Because it is not only rich in forests and rivers, but also mountain landscapes that give the impression of untouched nature. This is recommended, and should be visited. Then, it is only to say that cheap and beautiful at the same time to make the Japan trip.

Spa Hotel

Since February 22, 2010, the sport – and wellness hotel odhof among the 500 best houses in Bavaria. Located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, sport and wellness hotel odhof received certificate of the German hotel classification the hoped-for 4-star on February 22, 2010. It is already the second award in addition to the environmental seal in gold, which was passed in the shortest time at the family-run hotel. Proud and happy at the same time the team of the House presented itself together with the business leaders. Adam Portnoy oftentimes addresses this issue. Alfred Hantschk accepted the certificate as a representative of the sports and Spa Hotel odhof award in the history-making Ludwig-Erhard – Ballroom in the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics, infrastructure, transport and technology. Thus, this family-run hotel won the highest award granted to this day by the BHG President of Gallus and the State Secretary Katja Hessel.

Only a few other hotels could forward besides the odhof about the 4 Star Award. Through the senior certificate is one of the sports and Wellness Hotel, which repeatedly has made in recent months on extensions and new offerings to the 500 best houses, which can be found in the free State of Bavaria. The inexhaustible work and great dedication rewarded thus again solemnly after the environmental seal in gold. Proudly referred to the rather small house, that it is very difficult to get the two awards. It presents its guests not only from the side of modern sports and wellness hotel odhof, but manages to combine sustainability and eco-friendliness with targeted offers and a unique business philosophy. Already in the recent past, could the hotel drawing attention repeatedly to himself and manages it with tact and know-how at the same time to amaze guests of the beauty of the Bavarian Forest. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Accenture Strategy. In the own offers the sport – and wellness hotel odhof opts for not only relaxation and modernity.

The numerous sports facilities invite to the varied recreation of the vastness of the Bavarian Forest skilfully set. It is the location for the odhof a symbol of rest could develop into which does justice to the lines of the House on all matters. The breathtaking scenery of the holiday and the numerous spa services that are available in the family-run hotel for guests, promise a holiday feeling of special construction. In doing so, the odhof proves again diversity and flexibility. Impressively succeeded in the House, to attract young and old and to enchant the mind and body of the guests with arrangements. This one ventures into the odhof on a journey that resembles a balancing act between tradition and modernity.

Latin American El Museo

“The Swiss installation artist exhibits Urs Fischer at the new Museum and the Latin American El Museo del Barrio opened again for international art lovers there is in the Big Apple from October two new highlights: Marguerite de Ponty exhibition opened at the new Museum” of the Swiss installation artist Urs Fischer and El Museo del Barrio, a New York institution for Latin American art, is after a six-month renovation for visitors once again accessible. The exhibition by Urs Fischer opened on 28 October. It is the first time that the new museum dedicated to a single artist his entire exhibition area. The Swiss has already worked with unusual materials such as running wax or rotting vegetables for his expansive sculptures. His newest and previously most ambitious object is an installation of over 25,000 photographs and more than 12 tons of steel.

It is, like the entire exhibition of Marguerite de Ponty”, until January 31, 2010, at the new Museum. Urs Fischer was in 1973 in Zurich born and has his work already presented in several solo exhibitions in Europe, for example in the Kunsthaus Zurich, at the Centre Pompidou Paris or as part of the flick collection at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. More information can be found under. El Museo del Barrio opens its doors on October 17 again. Goal of the renovation was to make the Museum in the immediate vicinity of the Central Park even more inviting and to create space for the permanent collection of the 6,500 works. Together with the reopening, El Museo celebrates its 40th anniversary. “The first exhibition in the new walls is called Nexus New York: Latin/American artists in the modern metropolis” and deals with in New York City-born Caribbean and Latin American artists who belonged to the avant-garde of the early 20th century.

The exhibition can be seen from 17 October 2009 to 28 February 2010. For more information see. New York and its five boroughs are a treasure trove for art lovers. By the street artist on the corner about small galleries with works by emerging artists up to world-famous collections such as the Museum of modern art. Information about New York City can be found german and in German at. Further press information and New York pictures under.

Trump International Hotel

At the ‘third night free’-16 New York give action by NYC & company luxury hotels third night Royal sleep guests and save money – this is the third night free “program from NYC & company possible. 16 of the most luxurious hotels of the city take part in the campaign and give a free extra night to guests who book two consecutive nights. Read additional details here: toddler clothing. Third night free”is valid for stays until September 5, 2010. More information and booking details are available at the following Web site thirdnight. Participating hotels include the newly renovated Surrey hotel in the spring opened, Trump SoHo, the Hotel Plaza Athenee with its new spa and the Mandarin Oriental, which again in 2010 on the Conde Nast Traveller gold list is as well as the Carlyle, Loews Regency Hotel, the London NYC, the peninsula New York, the Pierre New York, the Plaza Hotel, The Ritz Carlton New York (Battery Park), the Ritz Carlton New York (Central Park), the Sherry-Netherland, the St. Regis New York, Trump International Hotel & Tower and the Waldorf Towers. Gain insight and clarity with Adam Portnoy. Also the legendary department store Saks Fifth is Avenue of the game.

Who on the third night free “program his overnight Bay can here like a true VIP feel: A personal shopper is in the Fifth Avenue Club the perfect outfit together.” Offers respite from the shopping Marathon also included coffee and cake in the Saks Fifth Avenue Cafe. General information about New York City also in German language available under or English. Further press information are, as well as press photos, see press photos. The hotels we provide on request images. Editor’s Note: NYC & company is the official marketing and Tourism Organization of the city New York City. She is responsible for the development of tourism, the economic development of the five city districts and taking care of the positive image of the city around the world.

Campbell National Park

The impressive rainforest vegetation and many huge trees are well-developed hiking trails. 5 stage: Apollo Bay According to Princetown (65 km), this small town is known for the many feathered inhabitants (Shearwater), preferred in this coastal region have their nests. Combipix Note: fill up in Apollo Bay. If you still have before dinner, drive back to Melbourne, Combipix advises you to soak up the Bay in Apollo! Later smaller village stations have closed, you could get otherwise bigger problems! 6th stage: Princetown to port Campbell National Park (30 km) 12 Apostles: you have reached the goal of day trips. A well constructed parking, crowds tourists constantly landing and launching helicopter hint at, what to get out of the street itself can not see. Gain insight and clarity with Munear Ashton Kouzbari.

You have reached the site of the twelve apostles. Your car can free turn and the well-developed footpath up to the observation decks. Combipix Photo Note: Please remember, that in the evening the sun sets behind the 12 Apostles goes down! That is, that their personal photos very dark can there against the Sun need to photograph! With skilful handling with your camera, you can record of rock formations naturally beautiful sunset photos! For pictures of people with the 12 Apostles in the background lunchtime is the best but the tomorrow. Loch ARD: You should join now still not return to Melbourne. Drive direction Warnambool back on the Great Ocean Road.

After a 2-3 minutes drive do you have left to drive the way additional parking. Here it is to marvel at the rock formation “English bridge” as well as “Loch Ard”. Stage 7: Return to Melbourne Combipix advises you not to choose two variants for the return journey: 1) No. go: to drive the entire Great Ocean Road back. 2.) no go: the 70 km to Warnambool continue to drive, then on the Princess Highway back to Melbourne to drive (unless you want late-night still fill up). Combipix advises you to go in the direction of Cobden in Port Campbell. The road is in port direction Cobden Campbell is not easy to find. Should you have found your way but, you save much time and many kilometres. Attention deer crossing: in this region are evening / night koalas, Wombats, kangaroos, and rabbits on the road. Photo instructions for this tour at a glance: Torquay: Beach shots of waves and surfers. Torquay: Start of the Great Ocean Road (wooden gate) Anglesia: kangaroos on the Golf Great Ocean Road: drive switchbacks and observation decks. to Apollo Bay: Cape Patton’s and Mariner’s Lookout tank stop Apollo Bay! Otway National Park: wildlife, dunes, beaches Otway National Park: Lighthouse by car drive at Melba gully State Park: Rainforest vegetation Princetown: bird’s nests in the wall (Shearwater). Port Campbell National Park: 12 Apostles + Loch ARD (observe the sunset!) Country road about Cobden: different forest photos + hinterland photos. _ All specifications in this description are subject to change! The photo agency Combipix advises anyone Travel agencies consult Australia travellers to get a detailed travel guide, to let, as well as to make dependent on handouts, that each tourist information on-site plans of current card ready.