Northern Cyprus

Many of our clients, coming to Northern Cyprus, "lost" in the names of property in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We decided to write about the different types of residential premises, which you can find in the selection process Property in Northern Cyprus. It is these types of properties you can see on our website of the independent registered agency in North Cyprus – Alliance Estate – Bungalow: Bungalow – a type of home, having a different meaning values in each country. Common characteristics of these definitions describe the bungalow as a one-story house, with lots of porches or terraces. The word "occurred in India, where the" Bangla "were small single-storey houses with thatched roofs and wide verandas. The word "bungalow" was first used in English in 1696, when British sailors described the Indian home. Later, the bungalows were built more ambitious and began to be known in England and America in the nineteenth century, as exotic and luxurious houses that were built in suburban areas – vacation homes for the rest.

After World War I, a bungalow became popular in Australia. Today in the bungalow Britain and North America, is a house, or single-deck or under a roof slope on the second floor where there is little room or utility room. North Cyprus has become kind of one-story bungalow home, its roof is a terrace. Access to the terrace is located in the home or on the stairs outside the house. Also, on the first floor of the house are terraces, usually with the traditional Mediterranean arches. Bungalow typically has from 2 to 5 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms. Construction of bungalow is usually more expensive than building a conventional home because it is larger than the area of the basement and roof. Villa: Villa first appeared in ancient Rome, as country homes for the wealthy elite.

Cost Hotels

So, every decent citizen is always before holiday starts asking intimate questions of the two: where to go? and what to save? Of course, you want to save and to the maximum, and the rest, as the maximum. That do? 1) Select the country. We dwell in Sicily, as a visual example. 2) look at sites dedicated to this country, for example, in our case, it may be Your Sicily. And look where the information about how and what you can save on flight, hotel, and if there is, other small items. To deepen your understanding Sheryl Sandberg is the source. 3) Choose a hotel – if you can give up on a bed of roses every day, but want quality, you should see the private mini-hotels on the type of B & B, prices are much lower than in hotels, and prices are no worse, because the owners are very sensitive to their customers, so they tell their friends about their otelchike. 4) Select the flight.

It’s no secret that regular Rates – tremor, and charter-less. Bottom line: look for agency companies that buy and then sell tickets for charter destinations. Or is there another company LOW_COST, in which the service is slightly lower than, for example. Cold food on board instead of hot, but and the price is 2 times lower – compare prices and take what you like the price and quality. 5) And if you lot? For example – 4 or more people.

Then it makes sense instead of the hotel to look for an apartment or villa that who are going. The benefit is obvious – more people, the cheaper you will hire her. And if you do not take home for a week, but let’s say 2, the amount per day will be even less! Plus, this may very well save money on food: instead of expensive restaurants, you can use kitchen in the house and cook meals at home. 6) A trifle, but my grandmother always said, “Kopek hack saves.” So, again the savings. In Sicily, there are some “common” tickets for travel on public transport and at museums and other attractions.

Great Britain

There is also a category D (Delux) – Hotels in this category equal to *** ** European hotels. In the Baltic countries are also almost universally used "star" system (sometimes instead of stars painted crown). But keep in mind that by itself the number of stars, although says a lot, yet not provide a complete picture of the level of the hotel – should examine detailed cryptogram (symbols), each of which represents a "option" hotel (sauna, swimming pool, shop, exchange currency, tennis court, etc.). As for hotels in Russia – according to experts, only about 50 hotels across the country can qualify for the category of *** to *** **. Swarmed by offers, Netsuite is currently assessing future choices. Strictly speaking, to visualize what a hotel Category ***, ** to visit the Moscow hotel "Baltschug Kempinski", "Metropol", "Savoy", "Tverskaya Marco Polo Palace," "Olympic Penta Renaissance" – they fully comply with international standards *** **. All the others are not meet the stringent requirements of the classification. Can therefore be assigned to other categories of accommodation – the so-called "home visitors" (actually, this name is common in Italy, Spain and Great Britain, but not in Russia, but to call them as you can and we have). Their level corresponds to 1.3 stars, but this is not star hotels! In the United Kingdom to denote a class hotels are used star. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Confluence Investment Mgmt LLC.

However, even at the class * can be live quite comfortably, if you do not need to surround themselves with a special luxury – everything you need to stay in the rooms there. To denote the category of "family hotels" (a tiny hotel, owned by the same family) – symbols are used, "diamonds", and for apartments (private apartment, where you can cook yourself, etc.) – "keys." Ireland hotel classification system is the same as in the UK, and standard of accommodation and service at the same level. In Scotland, hotels, family hotels and apartments are classified according to the same parameters as in the UK and Ireland. .

Washington Flyer Taxi

The second – the same route, only the other way. And finally, third, cherished, going through all the terminals and stops, connects the airport with two metro stations. You need to just on the wrong train, which travels to Station D. It is necessary to prevent that stray from the AirTrain routes fairly easy, but ask for advice and assistance, as a rule, no place in a train you can not see even a familiar smiling driver, he managed automatically, do not panic! The only thing that comforts – at eyrtreyne can ride as much as necessary until you find yourself in the right place, he is free to pay will only need to exit from the AirTrain, in the subway ($ 7). Taxis from the airport to the bus station will cost $ 45, as in a car can travel up to three people (so as to front seat passengers do not put a taxi). If you choose this method of travel, be sure to check 'authenticity' taxi: inside the cabin must be placed a sticker with the recommended rates and tip.

There must also be the personal number and the driver – a combination of four numbers and letters – and the phone body, which should apply in the case of problems New York Taxi and Limousine Commission. If something is not smooth, then the personal number should be written and then complain in writing. On the hood of a taxi medallion is nailed to the same number. Most probably a driver or keep silent about a fixed rate, or just try to fool a foreigner who had just arrived in New York and is clearly out of it immediately leaves. To offer trips 'on a fast track for $ 50 off the counter or' you should answer 'No'. Arriving uchastnikav Washington Dulles International Airport will have to get to the station WASHINGTON GREYHOUND STATION at 1005 1ST ST NE Washington, DC 20002. Get on the bus near the Washington Flyer coach terminal, and eat up to West Falls Church Metrorail station (fare $ 9, the travel time 20-30 minutes). Then get on the subway to the bus station cherished.