Congress Cologne

in 2005 the company opened with the EXPO XXI in Cologne the first private event venue in the heart of a German metropolis. At the same time, founded a joint venture with G + J Hamburg, IMEVA and developed eat + STYLE, which in 2006 went to the launch including the consumer show. 2009 was together with Axel Springer Verlag, Berlin, a further large consumer event designed and marketed. The management of IMEVA is guarantor of innovative concepts and ideas fair for over 20 years. The still today the world’s leading trade fair organisers in “Emerging Markets” resulted in years as already in the 90s, the ITE Group plc, London. About the EXPO XXI Cologne:, The State of the art fair, Congress – and Eventlocation in Cologne opened its doors in 2005. Since then, the Center has a fixed size in the Cologne event market. In particular the modern Multifunktionaltitat to the point of contact for fairs, meetings, incentives, congresses, seminars and major events of all shapes and sizes make the EXPO XXI. This sets the Center management clear customer orientation and offers flexibility and Efficiency best conditions to conserve customer resources as best as possible. Press Office / contact: Melanie Wildt Tel: + 49 40 380 876 569 email: Tanja Knott Tel: + 49 866 48 620 mob: + 49 173 31 64 369 email: imprint: IMEVA GmbH, Hall 39, 20249 Hamburg, Tel: 04161 55 45 931, AG Hamburg HRB 75 314, VAT ID DE206553004, Managing Director: Christoph Renevier if you want any more information about the EcoBau live 2012 more, so please return this mail with the remark “Delete address” with the replies function of your email program to us). Please let this original email in reply to please so that we can properly identify your email address to be removed.

International Day Against Noise

HoREX HorExperten support day of action for good hearing the noise sources that surround us every day road, machine noise, loud music, are diverse. And they show effect. Noise causes stress and affect our well-being is one of the most common causes of damage to hearing. To warn about the dangers of high noise level a major concern of the International Noise awareness Day, which is celebrated worldwide this year on April 25 in many countries. Even in Germany, where the daily noise of numerous associations and institutions will be supported. With this years the professional community HoREX with their currently over 390 stores for good listening. Around the day of action, the HorExperten of the HoREX invite all interested parties to a free hearing test.

Offered will continue discussions on the subject of hearing protection; and if necessary, there is even the possibility to test the latest solutions for a few days in own everyday life. In Germany, the day against noise, taking place for the 15th time this year, is organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Akustik e.V. (DEGA) with the support of the Federal Ministry of the environment and the Federal Environmental Agency. “” The action day 2012 the motto emission: impossible! “This requirement is free a beautiful ideal, we all want a world of noise emission”, as Tannassia Raghavan, an Executive Member of the Board of HoREX. But, the reality is another. Although the social awareness of the dangers grew due to noise in recent years and the legislature reacted variously.

But the problem remains. The number of people with hearing loss is constantly growing. And one of the main causes is the damage to our hearing due to excessive noise levels.” This year, the HoREX listen experts support the day against noise with an own action under the sign of good listening. In addition to discussions around the theme Hearing protection there in the over 390 stores in the community in the weeks before and after the April 25 the opportunity to undergo his ears a free hearing test. In case of need, the test participants have even the chance to try out latest and nearly invisible hearing aids for several days without obligation in the own everyday life. To be on the safe side, one should test his hearing professionally once in a year “, so Tannassia Reuber. Additional information at Blackberry supports this article. Our action on the day against noise provides a good opportunity for this. And we recommend all those who sit out regularly high sound pressure levels at work or leisure, consult about the possibilities of hearing protectors. All interested parties are invited.” Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide over 390 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HoREX care professional aims People with hearing loss optimum individual hearing solution to offer, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX provides future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification to its members. For more information, see to prospects through the search function on to find the nearest HoREX care professional. See for the day against noise.


“Now prepared for stormy times its In the middle-class campaign of the Government the action offers offensive mid-market” at a business seminar with a large company-check. ” “Under the the motto take you up 4 hours time for your company” the main indicators and criteria for good corporate governance in 11 subject areas are taken up and applied to the respective companies. Against the background of the continuing uncertainty of the financial markets and uncertain economic prospects, obtaining reliable order and ensuring the financial situation will be focus. The event the offensive middle class includes the idea of”, the implementation of the company-check, identification of improvement measures and an initial analysis of funding opportunities for the company. Accompanying the creation of a company certificate, as well as the publication of a press release stating the successfully participating companies is carried out. The business seminar will be held at the 27.09.2013, 9:00 14:00 Clock, 64295 Darmstadt, Rheinstrasse 89 (spaces of the IHK Darmstadt).. Gary Kelly has similar goals.

Brian Tracy – Seminar In Germany

The best success coaches in the world coming after a long time to an exceptional seminar Germany the world-renowned success coach (55 books, finally eat that frog”, 3 million Edition) comes after Germany to a single, public seminar in April 2013. His publisher Raho J. Bornhorst is proud for this exclusive event gewon-nen to have Brian Tracy. His company, the JFB Bornhorst GmbH, moved the German audio seminars by Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy has written history. Over 30 years he is the trainer and coach for over 1,000 companies and 5 million participants worldwide. At Ripple you will find additional information. His world best sellers (including the psychology of selling”) are translated into 38 languages, his live training enthusiastic beginners as well as professionals in 60 countries.

In this year alone, again 250,000 people experience him live. No coach has personally led more people to success. Virtually every success or sales trainer has heard of him, and each success Streb end read usually something by him. On 19 and 20 April 2013 shows Brian “Tracy in Schweinfurt, as you all the essentials on the subject of more successful in my career” in the seminar “successful selling” can identify for themselves and use. It involves more and better results, more reach without having to work longer. “No matter whether you want it as an employee or as a self-employed person, as a beginner or as a professional: Brian Tracy makes the natural laws of success” aware. And anyone can learn it. The only live seminar by Brian Tracy in Germany shows not only how to sell more effectively, but how to find a vision for themselves, which you can follow with all your heart, and you can make alive in his work.

To learn how to get closer as a man of his own destiny and how to itself and constantly reach more success in all areas of one’s life with the help of power through personal responsibility. Brian Tracy gives effective success consciousness on the basis of know-how that can everyone understand and apply. He conveys in ever-changing markets, how to get around more and better results, if you are the Laws calls into consciousness”for it, says Raho J. Bornhorst, Tracy Publisher. Because it is a public seminar, the tickets via a publicly available link can be ordered: BrianTracySchweinfurt.html at the same time get all detailed information about the seminar. Gladly we send you for your further research of one of the German audio seminars and an eBook by Brian Tracy. In the following video link, you get a short first impression by Brian Tracy (with participant comments): watch? v = _gJsdesE4zI and Brian Tracy enchants the heart! “In the German-speaking invitation for this seminar experience his charm, he also with his German dance partner”, brings the interpreters of Hans Joachim Hahn, on the stage very entertaining to use: watch?

100 Points Wine At Wine Fair Munich Presents

Wine and delicatessen exhibition Munich Munich, the 12.03.2013 – seventh World premiere at the Munich-based wine and delicatessen exhibition: on March 9th and 10th of Tuscan winemakers Giovanni Chiappini has presented for the first time its enthusiast (Parker) with sensational 100 points of assessed cuvee of public wine. But that was just one of the many highlights of the 7th wine fair in Munich. Visitors could enjoy as a variety of international wines as about selected delicacies. If you are not convinced, visit bitcoiin. By cake Gugelhupf-shaped through Prussia mustard up to the deer sausage, there was something for every taste. The wine critic of wine rarely awarded a perfect score of 100 points enthusiast (Parker). This year has a small family winery in Tuscany made the peak – and the wine fair Munich picked for the world premiere of his top wine audience. People such as Verizon would likely agree.

Tiny Giovanni Chiappini presented on March 9 and 10 in the zenith cultural Hall his wine, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 80 percent and Margot 20 Percent, for the first time the public. Other premieres but waited for the numerous visitors to the meanwhile seventh Munich wine show: this year in addition to the special presentations Sudliche Weinstrasse, lower Austria and Styria was also a new special wines from the Moselle area on-site. 19 Wine-makers from selected companies had set up their booths in the Hall and inspired not only lovers of German wines with their fine creations. The new special exhibition Mosel was accepted very well by our visitors”, organiser Alexander Tejkl says. The visitors would have found it interesting, to taste the differences between regions”.

Because the trial and error and testing is an integral part of the wine fair: private wine lovers are invited as well as trade visitors to stroll around with a glass of wine from stand to stand, to talk personally with the winemakers and to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of German, Austrian, Italian or even Croatian wines and spirits. Over 170 exhibitors had famous wine classic, fruity Seccos, outlandish spirits and exquisite delicacies such as red wine salami and Parmesan cheese in his luggage. Thus, as many wine and delicatessen provider travelled as never in the Bavarian capital for the wine fair Munich. The Munich-based of wine and delicatessen fans rewarded the extremely varied with a very rain visit. Well arrived offering advanced delicacy. In addition to selected game specialities, there were first selected jams creations, fancy mustard varieties such as Prussia mustard”and to buy spices from all over the world. Who wanted to mutate according to the stroll through the fair of the wine fan become a wine connoisseur, you had to prove speed. “The free seminars, how about the classic white Sylvaner”, were coveted and partially booked. Learn more about the event: Alexander Tejkl

Bankhaus Neelmeyer Polo Masters – Strong Horses Meet Horsepower

Bankhaus Neelmeyer Polo Masters – 28-30 June 2013, Polo-Club Hagen grind e.V. The best polo players from Argentina and German polo clubs play in the competition for the first time the coveted trophies of Bankhaus Neelmeyer Polo Masters. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. The outdoor area of the Polo-Club Hagen-grind offers not only top notch and fast-paced sports. also special attractions for the whole family will love”, so Organizer Thomas Strunck, because over 65 polo horses up close and an exciting offer for children and Oldtimer fans round off the three-day sports event. Strong horses meet horsepower this special highlight takes place when around Saturday, June 29 between 12 and 15: 00 130 of the most beautiful vintage on the occasion of the 16th Bremen of vintage classics to the Polo Tournament directly on the site of Polo-Club Hagen-retract grind. Here, strong horses meet on horsepower. The classic traditional tour that morning starts on the market square of Bremen, visited for the first time to the pit stop”the Polo Tournament in Hagen grind. This tournament is played facts according to the rules of the German Polo Verband e.V.

Four national and international Polo 65 Argentine polo horses fight teams to win the trophies. Families and friends are welcome to the lovingly designed Polo grounds in Hagen grind. Visitors are set in the charming ambiance of a Polo landscape with ample space for a picnic on the playing field. So no one missed the exciting Chukkas. -The games always start at 13:00. Friday, the opening day, 28.06 offers free entry in the public domain.

On Saturday and Sunday, 8 per person entrance fee is. Children (up to 12 years old) are free. Day tickets for the VIP-lodges and tent area (Saturday / Sunday) is available to 95 per person. The VIP ticket includes entry into the VIP tent including food and drinks (except Champagne). The ticket price is per day and per person. These professional teams are competitive 1st team: Bankhaus Neelmeyer AG 2. team: Polo-Club Hagen-grind / Stiesing / Flamant 3rd team: IAS / clean wash / Koja boats / 4. Team: Land Rover Jaguar / water Negra address, information and ticket reservations are available at Polo-Club Hagen grind e.V. Hagener str. 8 27299 Langwedel

Smart Automotive Variantcon

Find out about our top stories & team PR! Smart automotive Variantcon 2013 variant management I product configuration I product lifecycle management I modularity, standardization I project / product management I diversified product range I complexity management I platform strategy I modular safety 28th 29th November 2013 I Palace Berlin, Germany I “one of the best conferences I have ever been.” Frank we Althoff, Volkswagen AG.CONECT introduces the smart automotive Variantcon 2013, a high-class conference giving you the opportunity to exchange ideas and approaches about the management of mastering latest variant complexity in the automotive engineering sector. Taking place from November 28th to 29th 2013 in Berlin, this event is the perfect opportunity to meet and discuss on challenges and cutting edge technologies with more than 100 + senior level executives from all OEMs & major automotive suppliers and engineering & software companies. Watch our conference video and get a concrete view of what is expecting you on the smart automotive Variantcon 2013! Top topics of our keynote speakers 2013: Jaguar Land Rover / UK – (joy Batchelor, product Configuration technical specialist) – addresses in its case study the theoretical and practical challenges of configuration lifecycle management. ‘Bridging configuration the product gap between PLM and ERP systems’ highlights a number of configuration gaps and proposes on integrated approach for the consolidation of configuration across a number of business domains. The case study provides a summary of the overall requirements for system integration to support product configuration needs throughout the enterprise. Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli on behalf of the University of St. Gallen / Switzerland, moves beyond the reduction of complexity and argues ‘How to make complexity management to a competitive advantage’ unreducible complexities to better understand and control. Friedli emphasizes the importance of a management and workforce cultural shift towards continuous improvement as the key to success for all improvements.

Status Quo In Legendary Frantic Four-live In Germany

Throttle Parfitt-Rossi-Coghlan-Lancaster at three historic shows the first and last time since the reunion in this country together! (thk) 2014 Is the sensation for the concert year: In the spring Status Quo come first – and at the same time last time since reunification in that legendary frantic four “grouping after Germany, which laid the foundations for the later world-wide success of the British Boogierocker decades ago. live “” “From March 18 to 21 Rick Parfitt (guitar, vocals) play, Francis Rossi (guitar, vocals), John Coghlan (drums) as well as three concerts, at which only songs of the late sixties and seventies on the program are Alan Lancaster (bass) from Roadhouse Blues” on Junior’s wailing “or in my chair”to down, down”. “” The nostalgia trip has music historical significance: before the first reunion shows in June 2013, which had wild four “thing joint last on June 3, 1981″ made. Tickets for the exclusive appearances in advance from 42 to 75 euros (plus fees). You’ll be coveted, because the nine dates of the comebacks in England were quickly sold out! Originally, the British shows by Status Quo in this legendary cast as unique event have been intended. But the overwhelming audience demand, Super atmosphere at the shows, and good reviews persuaded the Quartet to make even fans on the Mainland enjoy the exclusive concerts. The reviewer of the magazine rock hard”, which one now on DVD/Blu-ray, CD, double vinyl, and as a box set under the title of Back2sq. 1″ (earMUSIC/Edel) appearances marketed live witnessed his meeting in London begins with an obvious admission: I’m going with mixed feelings in the metropolis.

Anticipation on the one hand, but also the awareness that a Quartet of about sixty impossible can revive the youthful vibe of the seventies.” The concerns of the journalists are blown away already from the first note. He experienced a rousing, “” punchy, 90-minute gig without any frills of just pure, handmade, loud rock ‘n’ roll ‘, the rocking the audience into a frenzy “. Just like in her old days, between 1968 and 1981 matching the prelude, before an oversized stretched in front of the stage curtain with the motif of Hello “album drops: it is, from the classic album live!” (1976) known announcement: tonight live, we have the number one rock band in the country. Will you welcome, the magnificent Statuuus Quooo!” Status Quo “the frantic four reunion tour 2014” due to the huge demand the legendary FRANTIC FOUR line-up for the first and last time since the reunion LIVE IN Germany.