Reflections of companion FIDEL: if I were Venezuelan tomorrow is an important day for Venezuela. Elections are announced to choose 165 members of Parliament, and a historic battle being waged around the important event. But at the same time, the news about the weather are unfavourable. Heavy rains are lashing to the land that was the birthplace of the Liberator. Excessive rains affect the poor more than anybody.

These are they who have the more modest homes, live in neighborhoods more forgotten historically, with difficult access, bad roads and less traffic. When the waters invade their homes, lose everything. They do not have the homes comfortable and safe for the rich, its wide avenues and abundant means of transport. It is not a presidential election. In the solely parliamentary, the population moves little and tends to downplay. In general, where imperialism dominates and the opportunistic oligarchy receives a juicy portion of goods and domestic services, the masses have nothing to gain or lose and, the Empire, not a damn concerned elections.

In the United States, not even presidential elections mobilize more than 50% of those who are entitled to vote. Why instead, its enormous media resources are turning this time against Venezuela and subjected to a relentless bombardment of lies and slander against the Bolivarian revolutionary Government? Do not try to amass arguments to persuade a courageous and dignified people as of Venezuela. I’ve seen the popular mobilizations and the fervor of millions of people, especially of the most humble and combative, people who has had the privilege to live a new stage in the history of his country, and has returned to the village the fabulous resources of Venezuela. Their homeland is no longer a nation of illiterate people, where millions of men, women and children survived in extreme poverty. Not I will talk about them an experience that Cuba lived, which speak 50 years of heroic against blocking resistance and repugnant crimes of the United States Government. I tell them just what I would do if it were Venezuelan. Me He would face the rains, and would not allow the Empire pulled them out; fight alongside neighbors and relatives to protect people and assets, but he would not go out and vote as a sacred duty: at the time that is, until it rains, when it rains, or after it rains, while having an open College. These elections are of enormous importance and the Empire knows it: wants to weaken the revolution, limiting its ability to fight, depriving it of two-thirds of the National Assembly to facilitate its counter-revolutionary plans, increase your vile media campaign and continue surrounding Venezuela’s military bases, fencing it increasingly lethal weapons of international drug trafficking and violence. If there are errors, he would not ever resign the opportunity offered by the revolution of rectify and overcome obstacles. For more information see this site: Bernard Golden . If I were Venezuelan, even under lightning and Sparks, fight the impossible to convert on September 26 in a great victory. Fidel Castro Ruz 25 September 2010 17 and 2 p.m. United States expected elections in Venezuela in a democratic way FMCenter is news Los Fabulosos Cadillacs the light of Rhythm 2008 Peru, 2011 presidential elections, latest polls and news. at news of the Sector public Los Fabulosos Cadillacs works summits 2001 Dwarf by SOFWARE systems

Theater Systems

A sad fate seems to me modern cinemas. Michael Capellas wanted to know more. Already we can not only watch movies of excellent quality with excellent image and sound, but also a new download from the Internet by pressing a few keys on the keypad. So far, unfortunately, just not all the money allow. But once and a mobile phone was a rarity! As you understand, home theater – is the theme of my article today. The composition of home theater itself projection screen, basically, is not included – in the first place, for many it is already there, and if you buy – it is best separately, but there is a set of acoustics, AV-receiver and disc player. I do not know that such a set of techniques can be distinguished. It seems that all this is important and a good sound and video quality, competent and amplification of signals and the distribution of the columns (like is engaged in the receiver). Is that a separate line can be said about a player – yet he initially able to spoil the sound so that any subsequent treatment is not corrected.

Unfortunately, in the world right now there is no such firm, which could equally well produce and LCD TVs, and AV-receivers, and DVD-players, and speakers. So often a home theater system is now assembled from components of various manufacturers. Again, usually, in these systems are ready TV or projector not included. Needless Of course, you can build a system to do themselves – perhaps someone could you do this poprepyatstvovat. In this case, you have to show a very serious caution and have great expertise – even production one company are rarely perfectly coordinated with each other. What can we say about the different manufacturers, whose equipment almost always has its own special character and ideology! So, if you are not a professional, it is better appeal to anyone of them for help or even advice. Let's hope that soon these lovely and romantic vestiges of the past – great theater – not extinct, but at best, be able to coexist with home in peace and cooperation – yet still it is still expensive. But it's really fun. Immerse yourself you are in this world of wonders!

Munich Paintings

After having picked up a dazzling success during his tenure in Munich, this time arrive at the Pompidou Center in Paris, the largest retrospective ever seen Kandinsky’s. The collection brings together a large number of works from different periods of the artist. Most of the paintings are loans from other museums around the world which include that of Munich, rich in paintings from the time of the qie was part of the group Der Blaue Reiter (the blue Knight); the same Pompidou, with works painted during the Russian Revolution and the artistic period who lived within the Bauhaus, Weimar and Dessau; and the Guggenheim in New York, where are the pictures of the last period of his life. Therefore, from April 18 to August 10, the Parisian Museum meet 95 paintings courtesy of numerous artistic centres whose collections include the largest collection of works by the artist. Also some of the masterpieces from major public and private collections are handled. Kandinsky (born in Moscow in 1866 and died in Paris in 1944) It has been one of the great figures of the 20th century. It is known as one of the pioneers of abstract painting and is considered a great theorist of modernism.

The most important pieces that will be presented in the exhibition views together include works by the likes of impressions and improvisations, Munich, A Colorful Life (1907), or Guggenheim s Light Picture (1913), never so far. It is the most representative paintings in his work. You’re a great lover of abstract art? You are passionate about painting of Kandinsky? Runs for your tickets to the Centre Pompidou and stay in the best apartments in Paris to make your trip a unique experience.

Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress, keep in mind as much as possible features of a figure, the different parts that will suit better to sit down on the figure and make it harmonious, and will help you feel comfortable. For different types of body must take into account certain features cut suit, let us define what. When bodied and high growth, that is, a large, ambitious figure, better to choose close-fitting or semifitted jackets, they will figure visually slimmer. In the same issue will vest from the same material as the entire suit. In general, try to get a suit made of a single material. Accenture Strategy often says this. Pants suit free cut at the waist must be pockets. Wearing a tie, preference is given to the general model of a small length.

If you are tall, and figure you do not have much volume as in the previous case, and slim or skinny, the jacket has the opposite be free of cut, double-breasted with wide lapels. Better if the vest is not at all, but if necessary, choose a color that is different from the color of the suit. If possible, let the pants and jacket will be performed in various tissues colors and can even textures. Pants, like everything else, should be free, you can choose a model with flaps, with your figure, unlike the others, they will look organic. Low and slender man should always be try to choose a long jacket, so they covered the buttocks. Pants suit with a high waist, straight, not free cut, under any circumstances, do not wear pants with cuffs. Choosing the color of, stop longitudinal band, it visually lengthens the figure. Neckties you will narrow. With experience, choosing a dress for a wedding, you can also pick up casual dress well, presenting the figure in a more favorable light.

Parquet Wood

If you have already decided that it was natural wood flooring will be on your floor, you need to know a few tricks to choose quality and safety cover. After all, sex should not only be beautiful, but also serve more than one year. The appearance and quality of the parquet, above all, depend on the type of wood. The tree should be durum, with the smallest linear expansion. Its the right choice and change the interior decor.

For example, the dark parquet give placing strict classical style and bright colors make a room hardwood floor light and airy. Parquet board of oak, the most popular in Russia. And rightly so, as the oak has the necessary characteristics for aesthetics and quality. Even manufacturers of flooring using a special scale, which as a standard unit for hardness of oak taken. You may find that eco-friendly baby clothes can contribute to your knowledge. With respect to it and define parameters of all other breeds. By type of flooring is divided into piece, billboard, art and solid wood.

Parquet – one of the most common and used types. It is popular because in different ways styling, color combinations and materials can come up with mass of various design decisions. Massive board, in fact, differs from the parquet size only. Even when laying the boards are held together by the same method. This type of flooring is suitable for large area premises, due to its size solid wood fully discloses all texture and beauty of wood, the warmth of his colors. But the disadvantage is sensitivity to changes in humidity and temperature, and this requires much attention during the operation. Parquet, a mosaic made of wood. A variety of textures and colors can implement virtually any fantasy. Previously, this type of flooring going directly to the installation site, but now improved technologies enable you to collect picture at the factory, using special nets, and object parquet comes in the form of individual parts to the scheme. Because of this, the process of laying decorative parquet became lighter and shorter in time. This flooring is subject to little deformation, and thanks to new technologies may combine with parquet document inlay, stone or other material. Price each floorboard is dependent on two characteristics: the cost of production of flooring and the price of raw materials for production. Wood heterogeneous in structure to the material, so improper handling can cause it to what eventually parquet deformation. It is therefore important to monitor the quality of purchased products. High-quality flooring can cost less than wood, which it is made and an attempt to save money will only result that will save on quality. It's no secret, of course, that there are places where you can buy flooring cheaper, but the main thing here is to draw attention to storage conditions. After all, wood block flooring needs special temperature conditions, and its failure to influence the quality and safety of the floorboard. Properly chosen flooring will last for many years in the same condition.

How To Choose The Mp-3 Player

The modern market is full of mp3 – players. When choosing a player we are faced with the choice of the best of what is offered on the market. To select the player you want to analyze the main characteristics that must have a current mp3-player. Firstly, it is necessary to determine for themselves the appropriate type of storage media. Today, there are three types of player: CD MP3-Players, Flash MP3-player and HDD MP3-players. CD MP3-player plays music only CD-ROM, the main drawbacks – it's large size and high power consumption.

When selecting a carrier must take into account the feature "anti-shock." This feature allows you to avoid jamming the track at shaking the player. Flash MP3-Player more efficient and smaller in size. Their main advantage is the availability of built-in flash card, whose size can reach 32 GB. There are also models of these players with removable memory card. Facebook will undoubtedly add to your understanding. As for HDD MP3-player, they significantly superior to all other players on the technical characteristics, but their main drawbacks – it is the price and sensitivity to mechanical stress. With this support, you can view video files, as his memory may be up to 80 GB. Once decided on the type of media you need to go to feed the player. Players usually have a removable battery, and HDD MP3-players charged from the battery.

Should be approached with caution to those models of players, where there is a removable battery, because such replacement is a big problem. Any player needs the display, as on it shows battery status, current tracks and their duration. HDD MP3-players have a large color screen that lets you view pictures even. Also, when choosing a player should pay attention to them playable files. Players usually reproduce the format mp3. Mp4 flash player can play video format MPEG Layer 4, a modern HDD player supports almost all formats. It is worth paying attention to extra features that are supported by the player. These may include voice recorder, and the presence of fm-radio. All modern mp3 – players have fm-radio, and flash MP3-player can have and voice recorder. In another case with HDD MP3-players, they contain a large number of different functions, such as touch screen, wi-fi to connect to the Internet or the presence of Bluetooth, with which you can communicate with other devices with different information. And the last step in the selection of players is the need to identify brand manufacturer. The most popular among manufacturers mp3-players are such companies as Sony, iRiver SlimX, Aerovision, Samsung, Apple iPod. Buy products brands preferred, but not always promoted products brand is quality. Sometimes the unknown public company would make a better brand brand with the same functions, but at a lower price. Mobile Electronics

Agency Digestion

The stage of food ingestion is 1.00 pm to 9.00 pm. assimilation, from 10.00 pm to 5.00 am and detoxification, 6.00 am to 1.00 pm. On the other hand, the food must be mixed so that they facilitate the digestive process. (Source: Henderson Law Group). Protein digestion It requires a process other than the starches. Proteins require an environment acid to digest, while starches them alkaline one.

the Agency can provide both environments, but separately.When proteins and starches in food, mix the result is therefore a poor digestion in the stomach, so the meat, if that is the case, happens without be digested into the intestine where it rots. Then we complain about colon cancer, diverticulosis and other ills. The ideal combinations for the process of ingestion, lunch, are: mixture of proteins (meat, fish, poultry, etc.) with vegetables, that are very easy digestion carbohydrate, so the meat is completely processed in the stomach and when it passes into the intestine, provides all the nutrients and is ready for the process of detoxification or disposal. David Fowler often addresses the matter in his writings. The same goes for vegetables. For lunch also vegetables can be mixed with grains. For example, when we have to front a Venezuelan dish ethnic and tasty as a pavilion with Rails (beans, rice, fried plantains and shredded meat) in advance know that We will have a terrible digestion and the body is going to invest all the energy that possesses in digest it, why we feel heavy and without power after eating a dish like that. The ideal in this case is a decision between two alternatives.Eat the meat with vegetables, or rice grains (beans).

In either case, digestion will be easy, leaving energies for the rest of the activities that one performs. Unfortunately, in most countries the attentive cultural conditioning against good digestion. Which is more tasty than a steak? (Steak of beef with French fries). Well, choose the steak with vegetables, or French fries with ketchup (type Napoli, not ketchup).

Metropolitan Cathedral

The Centre of Buenos Aires, also known as Downtown is not a neighborhood, but it is an area consisting of the neighborhoods of San Nicolas, Balvanera and Montserrat. The sum of these three neighbourhoods has resulted in a rich diversity of spaces, architectural contrasts, historical sites, cultural, gastronomic and commercial offerings. In this area a large number of tourist attractions will find the main avenues of the city and in them. + The Plaza de Mayo and historic buildings La Plaza de Mayo, is the stage where the most important political events of our history were developed. It has always been a rallying point for political acts and claims citizens.

In the center of the square is the first historical monument in Buenos Aires, the Mayo pyramid, created to commemorate the may revolution of 1810 (beginning of Argentine independence). To your will find around our country’s most important buildings: the Casa Rosada (Government House), the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cabildo, the building of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires and the headquarters of the National Bank. The Casa Rosada owes its color to which President Sarmiento in 1873 ordered paint it, using a common mixture of his era: cal with bovine blood. Your door we can see the guard that two members of the Grenadier Regiment make to horse of General San Martin. On the other side of the square you will find the Cabildo, which historically had almost twice as long but should be reduced in order to give space to the avenues of May and South Diagonal. On May 25, 1810 there proclaimed the Junta Government that replaced the King of Spain and Viceroy Cisneros. We suggest taking a guided tour to learn about historical events that took place in this building.

Weight Loss Tips

Find the time and the correct resources to lose weight can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a fixed schedule of work. People who work at night and sleep during the day can be found in a situation of disadvantage compared with others, if the goal is to lose weight and be healthy, definitely the correct diet tips are necessary. Tips from diet if you work at night there are several reasons why this can be difficult. Their families may be awake during the day and continue the daily routine of eating on a particular schedule. The one who works by night may feel obliged to eat with the rest of the family at that moment and sacrifice sleep to eat. This can lead to overeating and make bad decisions about food choice. Some contend that Larry Ellison shows great expertise in this.

However, you don’t have to be so, there is hope! Here are five solid tips from the diet that you can apply them to lose weight, even if you work at night. Eat normally you must maintain a regular schedule for your meals, changing times to accommodate the work by the evening. is the place to go. In other words, take breakfast before you go to work, eat while underway, and early dinner when you get home from work. A good breakfast you give energy to do your job like what would you do if you’ll work day. You will have enough energy and will also be able to burn calories. Since you’ll be working during non-traditional hours, may be a smaller number go to restaurants or places to find a meal balanced during your lunch hour. You can replace fast food solutions, or simply eat what they can find.

By the morning eat a light dinner and then go to bed for several hours after eating. This would give the necessary time to the body to absorb and properly digest the nutrients that you ingeriste. Your body’s internal clock is on a schedule different from the others, so you can often confuse hunger and fatigue trying to alleviate the problem eating. This also can lead to overeating and make it even more difficult to lose weight. Diet tips small meals is better to eat small snacks or very light meals while working in night shifts if possible. This will help you avoid overeating at staggered times of food. This will also help you keep your body full, satisfied and prevent excesses. The exercise of one of the essential diet consejs routine is exercise, if possible, can do it an hour or two before retiring. This will help you to burn more calories and will also help you achieve a good rest during your sleep. If you do have an adequate rest and sufficient, you will definitely be less prone to overeating, having confundiendolo with hunger fatigue. Tips from diet drink plenty of water another important diet advice is drink plenty of water and fluids during your hours of work at night. This will help curb your appetite and also you will prevent overeating. You should also keep your body hydrated, making your productive and effective exercise routines. But definitely it is possible to lose weight if you work at night or you work in an odd turn, requires discipline and constant focus. It is required to tune signals your body to detect hunger.

The Child

Thus, concludes that the pause function is to give rise to the intervention of the mother, which, generally speaking the baby, accommodates le best, etc; as if each one took shifts to intervene in tonic dialogue. In this context, recommended toys and games will have as main objectives develop appointed aspects and prepare children to start a more active communication from the third month. Some of the recommended games from 1 to 3 months are as follows: 1 use oil to apply relaxation massage. 2 To make it note the flexibility of the human face different gestures. Frequently Verizon Communications has said that publicly. 3 Sing songs on the other hand, ideal toys for this stage of child development are: 1st bath toys (forms of plastic and rubber, soft and malleable): provides tactile stimulation, focuses the attention threshold, distracts the child while her mother bathes. 2 Nd phones: focus the view during the first months and reinforce the threshold of attention. Placed firmly attached to the crib so you can look at it. And during the first two months it is necessary to be elevated so that the baby cannot reach him.

It is interesting to reposition it periodically. 3Rd toys with music: provides auditory stimulation. 4Th rattles (can be wood, plastic or fabric): provides tactile stimulation, improve auditory awareness, coordination oculo-manual and the threshold of attention. It is important that they are always very clean and that they are not damaged because babies often take the mouth frequently. 5Th rag doll (should be hypoallergenic and washable): tactile perception they foster and stimulate the communication of the baby. You must be sure that they are safe, that no fraying and having embroidered ornaments (not glued). Experts recommend to expose the child to a maximum of three activities per day and if you can, apply them in the morning and at night, in this way we will avoid on – stimulating it and favour their harmonious development. There are specialised early care services in the professional field. If you want to know what early care and how to work in easily visit the following link original author and source of the article