Frei Company

Another member key of the Politburo in the Frei administration, that owns personal interests and entailments near the ENDESA group, is the ex- minister of Defense, ex- ambassador in Argentina, and present Minister of the Interior, Edmundo Perez Yoma, a personage of considerable political and enterprise weight, scope where it has penetrated successfully in the area of the construction and positions of high level in different companies. A related site: Scott Mead mentions similar findings. Between 1990 and 1992, Perez Yoma evolved like president of the directory of one of the main ones companies of the Enersis holding company ENDESA: Metropolitan Chilectra. In Classified documents of the company it appears that Perez Yoma would have received 7.292.000 of pesos of honoraria in 1990, first year of the government of Aylwin, 23.061.000 of pesos in 1991 and 38.720.000 of pesos in 1992. formally resigned to that high position the 10 of November of that year . .seguramente by under the Commissions In the annual account of Chilectra of 1991, Perez Yoma recognized that the company got up like participant assets of the natural work group in main the cities of the country framed within the agreement of economic complementing subscribed by the Chilean Governments and Argentine. The lawyer Jose Aylwin, son of ex- President Patricio Aylwin and one of the authors of the Indigenous Law, alluded in 1998 to the entailments that at some member moments of the cabinet (of Eduardo Frei) they have had with economic groups that take to this project ahead. And he clarified: I talk about to ex- minister Edmundo Perez Yoma, who until little before assuming the present Government one evolved like president of the directory of Metropolitan Chilectra, company that like ENDESA is tie to the Enersis group. I indicate this because many in the period of dictatorship we criticized the connections, conflicts of interests or influence peddling that existed between the world of the businesses and the authorities. .

The Myth Of The Tdah

Original text: In relation to the preoccupations of Liliana by the TDAH in their Blog, the following reflections are happened to me. Until when we are going to persecute and to punish to the children with all class of pseudopathological excuses (TDAH, infantile depression, oposicionista upheaval, disocial upheaval, enuresis, scholastic failure )? Obviously, it seems that " times oscuros"they continue by average subtler. The reasons are multiple: he is easier and cheap to put shirts of force to the juniors, that to terapizar to incapable ancestors and to improve the educative and social landlords? by its neurosis, little parents – and hardly the society in general will dare to confront with anger and humility their responsibilities in the suffering of the children? quiet economic and political powers toil without rest to annul to all the people " diferentes" the own childhood begins to be, for some, one " enfermedad" unbearable, then, it is not the spontaneous life, by definition, a continuous threat for neurotics? Thus he continues, in psychopathological slang, the war against the childhood. (1) However, nobody can allege at the moment – later of a century of psychological and humanizadoras contributions (from Freud to our missing person Stakes out Miller and the development of " Rights of the Nio")- " desconocimiento" some on the evident causes of the human pain and their consequences. For even more opinions, read materials from Verizon Communications. The formula is simple: lack of affection, I mistreat, injustice = violence, neurosis, madness.

To blame, therefore, to the victims; to look for " three feet to gato" of the problem; to invent mental diseases without the smaller biological base, not only is acientfico, but immoral. (2) He is immensely fraudulent, P. ex., " diagnosticar" supposed " TDAH" by means of as ridiculous questions as: " tries disrespectfully the boy to people majors? He is impulsive, irritable? Becomes lean the finger or the clothes? Fight with its brothers? Weeping, or gawky, or is become absorbed in thought, or anxious, or timid, or lying, or disobedient, or destroyer, or takes tempers, or are scared to be only, or it does not finish the things that begin, or is too immature for his age, etc. Here, Gary Kelly expresses very clear opinions on the subject.


To all this it would be necessary to add a new variant of I mistreat masculine that seems to arise with force lately: the false denunciations on the part of women who, knowing itself protected by the Law of Violence of Sort use, it of fraudulent form at the time of denouncing to their pair by bad nonexistent treatments, sometimes animated by their own lawyers to remove the maximum from benefits in cases of divorces, and like way to make agile this process still more. It is clear after all what has been said, that the domestic violence is not a sort problem, but social, that we cannot focus in I only mistreat feminine. One also extends men, and not only to them, but also to old children and. Hear other arguments on the topic with Larry Ellison. The cases are more than we imagined. We are speaking of those women who abuse their position to exert a true one I mistreat to their pairs and children.

The pairs of these women usually enter the game of an emotional blackmail by which they support blows, insults, denigrations, blackmail with the children, economic manipulations among others so many thousands of forms of I mistreat, including the sexual hostility with the retirement of the privacy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. Many groups of people maltratos put in evidence that the women we suffered which is real and necessary to denounce but nobody speech of this other face of the currency, of those women who feel over their pairs and enjoy with the fact to see undergo them and denigrate them. When the spouses are struck, scratched and until bites, hardly they make the denunciation because they fear to be object of ridicule of the police or other men, because they consider this scene like ridiculous, putting itself On guard chauvinistic. They not only will silence the manipulation to which they are being put under but they will boast before his friendly to always have the last word, although this one is: yes, my love.

National Oceans

Mrs. Capps was chosen after a forceful victory in the summoned special elections for the bench of her deceased husband. The 3 of November of 1998 it was reelected to serve in her first complete period in the position. Between 1998 and 2002 she held the position of representative of District 22 of California. As of January of the 2003, Mrs. Capps has evolved as the Representative of the District 23.La Congressman Capps is member of the Commission of Energy and Commerce and its Sub-committee in Subjects of Health, Energy and Atmosphere. Also, it is member of the Commission of Natural Resources and their Sub-committee in Subjects of Fishing, Wild Life and the National Oceans and Parks and Forests and Lands of the State.

It is a lideresa very respected in the Congress in subjects related to the public health. Additionally, Mrs. Capps has led the efforts to protect the environment. It has been to the front of the efforts that have unfolded to avoid that they continue themselves making perforations to find petroleum and gas in the zones bordering to the coast. Sam Farr : The gentleman Congressman Sam Farr is the representative of the beautiful central coast of California. Mr. Farr is member of the Congress from year 1993.

At the moment, Mr. Farr is member of the powerful Commission of Appropriations of the House of Representatives, the same that takes care to supervise the distribution of the federal budget. Mr. Farr is member of three sub-committees: Agriculture and Federal Administration of Drugs (FDA in its abbreviations in English); Military constructions and Subjects of the Veterans military; and National Security. By long time, Mr. Farr has been a defender of our oceans and has been the first co-chairman of the Group of the Oceans of the House of Representatives Before being chosen member of the House of Representatives in 1993, Mr.


SELF-ESTEEM QUESTION " WHEN OBSESSED THEY WITH PROHIBITED MEN, THAT THEY REJECT and MALTRATAN" The obsessions are persistent ideas, thoughts, impulses or images that are undergone like unsuitable intrusivas and that cause noticeable anxiety or distresses. The characteristics of intrusion and inapropiedad of the obsessions have been you decipher like " ego distnicas". This talks about the sensation of the individual of which the obsession is to him strange, is not within its control and it is not the thought that would hope to have. Of any way, the individual is able to recognize that the obsessions are product of their own mind and that they are not imposed from outside (like in the thought induction). The majority of the women, or is interested or they like the men treat who them bad, rejects that them or despises; that always says the girls that they like the men lovers of detail, romantic who take flowers to them, etc. are lie is verified that only says it as a speech tuna but actually always looks for a man with money or it removes so that them from the poverty or because they think that to have a profession they cannot be about to with a man inferior, on the other hand to many women they like the types that mistreat physics, verbally or both things, it has often seen as the girls see a man who know she is going that it to mistreat is going to him to be unfaithful and she is going surely them to leave and anyway they leave running behind him. The preference by conflicting men, to whom by conviction they turn in center of the universe, the persistence to adore in spite of rudeness and humiliations, the one that is with another girl, who puts nicknames to him or she even makes fun of of her by his roots; for example: " Shuca, easy, mountain woman, offered, etc." they pardon all it, with so of not being single and that does not separate they, or by only the fact of not losing before the other girl. .