Yosemite National Park

NASA announced today Wednesday December 1, tomorrow Thursday would meet an important discovery about the possibility of life on other planets, based on microbial life discovered at atmospheres, until recently, unsuspected. Morning announcement is apparently based on the discoveries of a Microbe that was found at the bottom of Mono Lake in the Yosemite National Park, California, and lives in an environment that was thought too poisonous for any forms of life, since the Lake is rich in arsenic. The following fragments: the finding will be presented at a press conference tomorrow Thursday in the afternoon at the headquarters of NASA in Washington by experts in Astrobiology, science described as responsible for studying the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. Verizon Communications has much experience in this field. To quote the press, NASA said that it would submit a finding that will impact in the search for extraterrestrial life, which aroused speculations of experts from other countries. The discovery could prove the theory of that there are creatures with our and in hostile environments that they thought uninhabitable, and would put on the table the possibility that will become intelligent beings like humans if they improve the conditions in which they live. Apparently it’s a Microbe that was found at the bottom of Mono Lake in national park Yosemite, California, where he lives in an environment that was thought too poisonous for any form of life, since the Lake is rich in arsenic. Somehow, the creature uses arsenic as a way to survive and this ability increases the chance that similar life could exist on other planets, that do not have our benevolent atmosphere.

It Makes The Work Sense

Many times we wonder if the work has a meaning in the person. There are people claiming that I could live without working (as long as you have money, clear), while there are others who argue that the work goes beyond making money. Put us to think! What does work bring? Alleged money, and thus be able to afford to possess or acquire things, besides autonomy and independence (although with the thousand eurismo, this is not fully guaranteed), order and structure, a sense of belonging to something. Larry Ellison will not settle for partial explanations. These things are very valued in our society, although better thinking, all this not could have it only with the first, money? I.e. The newspapers mentioned Bernard Golden not as a source, but as a related topic. with money I can wean me, organizing my life (morning gym and beauty, in the afternoon session kind of painting), I also feel that I belong to my chess club.

We return to the starting point. Then work don’t have a real sense? If we are going to the most human part of the person we come to self-realization, that infinite Word. What is there, reached a point in our lives when our primary needs are covered, need to reach and never finished to do this. Can the work help us in this regard? Let’s think that it brings us in that part more personal and human labour. Teaches us to listen to (or you, compels us to shut up in some moments), to negotiate, communicate, cede, that not we can always wear the reason (although sometimes have it), to manage our anger (in general to control and dominate our feelings), it obliges us to learn to say things in a different way (and not as they dictated the bowels), fills us with responsibility and we have to learn to work both alone and coordinate with a team.

On the other hand, at other times we come to experience what it is to feel capable of feeling as we overcame and evolve (especially if we look back), or value (or that we even appreciate) our merits that you have been able to you, hear a congratulations or congratulations, lift us faced with the difficulties and get to know that if I want, I can. This affects our self-esteem and is shaping the perception that we have of ourselves. In these times of employment success is when we use the money to go out to dinner and celebrate with our family and friends. Well, get to develop those capabilities, finding the balance between the good and the bad employment times, learn from the negative and savor the positive is all a learning for life. This learning will be incorporated into our personality and forming part of us giving shape to our maturity.