With the onset of summer is always a desire to quickly escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and leave the countryside. But field trips quickly bored, so I decided to buy land to build a country house. Construction begun, but the workers promise to hand over the house until the autumn, and rest on his garden plot like in the coming weekend. How can that be? Familiar advised to buy shed, which will serve as a temporary roof, and provide comfortable life at different climatic conditions to completion of construction work. Choose wooden dacha shed as the tree has always been quality and proven materials, as well as the basis for building warm and comfortable holiday homes.

Walls and floors in such s quarters have a multilayer structure within which the insulating material, and outside the office container clad with clapboard or hardboard. The advantage of wood cabins in the fact that immediately after the installation is ready for use convenient living quarters. An additional advantage – mobility – after construction shed may be out of the Site or convert for summer kitchen or suburban warehouse tools. An important positive factor is the ability to provide the dacha shed different models: partitions, doors, windows and shutters. Thus, we can come up with that plan, which will be easier to accommodate the whole family. As well as office container can be equipped with a set of amenities: toilet, shower, hot and cold water, which does not distinguish it from a city apartment and electricity and, hence, the use of appliances is not becomes an issue. Having a safe home at a bargain price, I can not just rest and elevate the site and observe the construction of his house.