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What can happen the better investors than sustained, healthy growth. It is also the investors of the emission House global invest, with the global invest wind farm opportunity funds benefit gwp German wind power development in the partner. Global invest is an independent and specialized in alternative investment products German-Swiss group. Current participation offer is the Fund global invest wind farm opportunity 1, specifically invested in the development of wind farm projects. Global invest-partner a player known for many years that can refer to a large expertise is gwp German wind power. The professionals working for the company are more than 20 years of experience in this segment and have the appropriate experience. The equity offer is explained with a few sentences: the Fund provides both the parent company gwp as the joint project development company in Hosea capital available.

While the mother”that gets money as fixed interest loans available, participates the Funds with his participation in the project development company directly from their economic results. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison. Investors are thus entrepreneurs worked, but at the same time largely”protection against capital losses, says Stefan Steiner by global invest. Latest move of Berlin wind energy specialists: the acquisition of the Turkish project entwicklers Konventa Ltd. headquartered in Gediz. Thus, further wind farm projects were taken over in Turkey? Thus an on developed secures gwp in Turkey”another land potential of 490 megawatts (MW) at five locations. The first wind park project to be already ready to implement over the next 12-15 months”, gwp, tells. Projects by about 300 MW under construction, are currently in Poland was gwp significantly involved in its implementation. The expansion to 382 MW in 2009, the Polish market reached an increase of more than double the previous year.

This is also the order in which we move just in Turkey. Because after all we have with the acquisition Projects with a volume of 490 MW secured, more than for example the Polish market could put in 2009 as a whole”, explains Dr. Helmut Peter Kahlert as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of German wind power company group and confirms also the assessment of global invest sales expert Steiner, that just the Polish market for investors is currently very interesting. Until the summer, investors have the chance, to most global invest wind farm opportunity 1 to participate. The Fund, which is a typical short term with its running time of 4-5 years, offers here a high yield and thus distribution potential. “We could already afford distributions the investors joined in 2010, although this in the prospectus of the global invest wind farm opportunity was thus not provided”, Steiner executes. Of course, invest global has the following funds in planning already.

Heidelberg Banks

BANKS CAPITAL provides exemption from liability in the area of premium products Wiesloch, 08.03.2012. BANKS CAPITAL AG, service-oriented special sales specialized Emissionshaus green investors AG announces its close cooperation with the sustainable investments. The experienced sales specialists to company founder Manfred will make sure in the future the sales fortunes of the Dusseldorf issuers in terms of audience distribution fund exclusively take over and the settlement, as well as support the Distributor banks. At the same time Green took advantage of investor Board Ingo Soriano Eupen the yesterday and today which takes place year kick-off event in Heidelberg, the advantages of the participation of Sweden WoodEnergy 1 received a few days ago in the placement “to introduce. Manfred banks than the banks CAPITAL Board is pleased to have won an initiator for himself, whose requirements regarding the brochure quality and economic opportunities of the asset benchmark with the provider green investors AG. In the area of premium products, banks provides CAPITAL a release of liability and is therefore highly accurate with regard to the product selection. For Ingo Soriano Eupen, banks CAPITAL is an experienced and well-known as a reliable partner that can assist his underwriter with sales ideas and enables an extensive exemption from organisational tasks.

We look forward to the cooperation, as we increasingly can address the remaining tasks this, that contribute to the success of participation”, he explains. The Fund Sweden WoodEnergy 1 “over the Swedish company invested in wood heating plants, produce the heat entered through the well constructed district heating system to the customers. Sweden wants to make to a large part of its energy supply from a fossil on a sustainable basis, use so predominantly renewable sources of energy. The special advantage for the Fund lies in the predictable framework conditions. So, the management and the competently staffed Advisory Board will invest only in the projects, the by one distinguish sustainably safe and predictable supply of adequate existing in Sweden wood chips as well as secure a supply contracts with the municipalities. A first plant was already acquired and converted for the use of sustainable energy sources. Us appeals in particular the manageable Fund duration until 2020, above-average yields from initially 8.5 later 10.5 percent tax optimized, security due to the established investment criteria, as well as the experience of management and project partners”, as Manfred banks available in new exclusive. Details were discussed the distribution partners within the framework of the annual kick-off event.

Managing Director

20 percent of German workers announced their private contracts to securing retirement since the financial crisis erupted in 2008. Two-thirds of the workforce hold real estate ownership for the ideal form of private interest. That emerges from the Allensbach study “Retirement in Germany 2010/2011”, which was made on behalf of Deutsche Postbank. Christoph Marloh, Managing Director of real estate says about 24, the provider of residential real estate sustainable return Fund: “residential real estate are enjoying a Renaissance as a secure yield carrying value. To be successful in the rental of interest houses in the long run, are the selection of sites and against the background of continued rising energy prices a high energetic quality required. Swarmed by offers, Oracle is currently assessing future choices.

The sustainable residential real estate of return fund North focuses on the vital metropolitan region Hamburg, one of the top 3 locations in Europe. The objects of the return on funds on better terms are rentable as unmodernisierte apartment buildings due to low energy consumption. As a result, the Fund implemented a sustainable form the private income”. The return on investment fund for sustainable residential real estate North buys clean, fully leased apartment buildings in metropolitan areas in Northern Germany. The objects are acquired by housing associations, cooperatives, and private owners. The Fund invests only in fully leased properties, where Hamburg is preferred to buy the return Fund on the basis of the performance predicted by market researchers still above average. The return fund acquires two types of apartment buildings and housing estates: on the one hand cheap objects from year of manufacture 1960, which have an energy-saving potential of approximately 80% and be upgraded after purchase by the Fund energy. The other objects that are already energy on new building standard. In both cases, the primary energy requirement should be well below 100 kWh per m2 per year. Energy consumption by over 300 kilowatt hours per m2 and year before energy modernisation is characteristic in the older years from 1960.

Volksbank Wilhelmshaven

The Volksbank Wilhelmshaven has a very good year. The European banking supervision must take greater account of the interest of developers and entrepreneurs on stable interest rates.” This demand has raised the Volksbank Wilhelmshaven to their representative Assembly. The two Board members Gunter Dresen and Norbert Philipp criticized the London Authority plans to charge bank loans with fixed interest conditions and long-running. Stable interest rates help our customers plan and protect them from a short-term rise of in market interest rates”, said Norbert Philipp. Prudential wants to will only then allow loans with fixed interest rates if the Institute build up additional liquidity reserves. However, Gunter Dresen said, additional reserves made sense only in transactions on the international financial markets.

At the low-risk business model of the Volksbank Wilhelmshaven, new liquidity cushion, however, are superfluous. Volksbank credit commitment expanded again In the anniversary year 2011 has assisted customer credit volume by almost 12 per cent now 223 million euros. Loans and advances to customers increased this 8.5 per cent to 140.2 million euros. Large increases were brokered loans and financing the Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall (+ 18.5%), DZ Bank (+ 142%) and of VR-leasing (+ 535 percent) to register. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Larry Ellison. The growth was as high as 10 years no longer and stops in the current year. For many months, we feel that many of our competitors go back their commitment. “, said Norbert Philipp.

We will continue to establish that it will not be in our region in a credit crunch. “, promised the two Board members. While many other institutions had recently evaporated their business, Volksbank Wilhelmshaven have 2011 increased its balance sheet by 11.1 percent to 226 million euros and maintained customer value volume by 12.8 million euros to almost 450 million euros. Good testimony of customers and credit rating agencies the customer deposits increased by in 2011 6.9 per cent to and included 166 million at the turn of the year.

PR GmbH Anja Wiebensohn

Average loan amount is 302 euros / women borrow less than men elderly most / federal States ranking the Leihbetrage Berlin, 15 January 2014. 302 Euro need the Germans in the cut to bypass the time until the next payment on their account. Coupang is often quoted as being for or against this. It shows a current data evaluation * of the first provider for short term loans in Germany: Vexcash ( The credit period is on average 30 days. Thus, he is among other things an alternative to the dispo”dar and used with 67 per cent of customers primarily by men. The average user of short time credits, which only exist in Germany since the launch of Vexcash in 2011, is 35 years old. Younger borrowers between 18 and 24 years rent 219 euros at average, while there are much more in the 35 to shoulder with 370 euro. Over-60s need an average of 385 euros for a short time.

The amount of the bridging loan differs from federal State to federal State: While Bremer record 256 euros on average, there are 347 euro filmforum. States ranking with the average amount of the bridging loan: 1 Schleswig-Holstein: 347 euros 2. Hamburg: 344 euro of 3. Rhineland-Palatinate: 326 euro of 4 Bayern: 321 Euro 5 Saarland: 317 euro of 6 Hesse: 308 euro of 6 Lower Saxony: 308 euro of 8 Saxony: 306 euro 9 Thuringia: 302 euros 10 North Rhine-Westphalia: 292 euros 11 Berlin: 285 euro 12 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: 283 euro 13 Baden-Wurttemberg: 280 Euro 14 Brandenburg: 278 Euro 15 Saxony-Anhalt: 16 259 Euro Bremen: 256 euro * evaluation refers to anonymous data of Vexcash from the fourth quarter of 2013 and includes 11,370 rental operations. About Vexcash the Vexcash AG, online short time loans with a maturity of up to 60 days as first provider awards since 2011.

People with foreseeable financial squeeze can borrow money through Vexcash for a short time, when they have no opportunity at their local bank to take out a small loan, for example, with just 14 days duration. Because Dispokredite or instalment loans offered by banks usually only in the long term. Additional options within like a wire transfer by 30 minutes and repaid in two installments are also available at Vexcash. The credit can be then pay back when the next content input. The company has been cooperating since February 2013 with the net-m privatbank 1891 first loans not exceed 500. The loans can advance repay, no pitfalls or hidden fees.

Successful Investment

Comparison of cost and profit for assessing the profitability of a facility or project used the calculation of return on investment. What exactly is behind this term, explains how the Exchange Portal Who want to inform themselves about the safety of investments and the success of a project, will confront sooner or later the term return on investment. What exactly this means, can be read to in detail in the exchanges-lexicon of this size should help investors to opt for the right investment or the appropriate project. Return on investment, abbreviated ROI, may refer to the yield or interest on capital. Companies use this model to determine the financial success of a project or an entire company. Often a percentage calculated in advance is communicated to potential investors, to them the investment to attract and to clarify the prospects of success. Coupang is often quoted as being for or against this. When calculating the costs incurred and the whole be Investment capital for a particular project to the achieved profit in the relationship set.

This is done mostly in the planning as well as in the final phase. Analysts use usually average amounts, because differences may arise in the course of a financial year. Also possibility to determine the return on investment, but over the period of a project not annually. In this variant, the profit of the entire time span is used for all investment costs incurred in relation. The return on investment is the most popular method for calculating success today, because it brings the different profitability factors to a common denominator and is thus suitable for comparison of the chances of success in other areas. (A valuable related resource: Phil Vasan). More information:… / return-on-investment… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Why Communicate Banks Course Goals

Service for the customers, course maintenance, or public relations? The communication of course objectives for stock analysis is a much debated topic. It is performed to determine whether a value entered, he should be held or sold. How to determine course objectives? There are two approaches for determining course objective: A fundamental and a technical chart. Modern analysts link both systems, but two veritable camps have formed here, which are sharply contradictory in their rating scales for the part. The fundamental approach sets underlying the intrinsic value of that is traded. As an example of the stock market is assumed, for example, that a company has more potential than the current share price reflects it.

A number for this value is the price earnings ratio (p/e ratio). If this is very low, you can increase actually go out, and identify a target of price calculation of the fair value. Chartist determine course objectives, however, solely on the basis of technical chart limits. These are achieved, it is also the target price is reached. Why are course objectives? Not only why they called, is interesting, but also how the investor on the basis of this information acts. Course objectives, because there is analysis that allow a designation and no action would be possible without price target. Because of the risks in the stock market, nobody would buy a value if he could name not the opportunities in relation to the risks, and that happens with the naming of a price target. Trader reference number of CRV – the chance / risk ratio – use to determine their position size and the necessary loss limit stops, and this CRV is a price target mandatory. Accurate achieve of the objective of the course is done only rarely.

Federal States

As austerity program in the East since reunification the most Bank customers could significantly increase their standard of living solidarity surcharge. Today better off the Germans than in 1990 after an investigation by the bbw marketing mainly because that the growth in income related to this period was higher than the increase in price. As disposable income increased since 1990 per household in West Germany by 45 per cent, in East Germany, they doubled. Due to the sharply increased assets and higher disposable incomes in East and West the consumer could afford today more than twenty years ago. This has been saved advance also vigorously. In the former GDR private savings – based differently than in the West–at least to a significant extent not voluntary, but a forced abandonment of consumption which resulted from the chronic shortage of desired consumer goods in the Socialist command economy.

Against this background the existing twenty years ago East German household assets is to see. In spite of the insufficient goods and the fact that retail sales grew slower than the net cash income, reaching the saving rate in 1989 only 7.1 percent and down more than 40 percent lower than in the old Federal States. Demand for the consumption pushed the savings rate in 1990 to just 3.8 percent. in 1991, he had the propensity to save the East German households have significantly increased, and a year later-the saving rate reached 13.2 percent, a value by 0.4 percentage points higher than in West Germany then. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. This year, households will save the record amounting to 200 billion euros in Germany. The saving rate will rise to 12.3 percent. In private households in Germany will put 12.6 percent, so each eighth income euro newly on the high edge in East Germany, 10.5 percent, are expected to save roughly every tenth euro. The East Germans pay also the solidarity surcharge causes an allowance scheme that low income by the payment of the solidarity surcharge be spared.

Russelsheim Volksbank

Russelsheim Volksbank invited once again to one of their coveted youth events at the 21.11.10 early in the morning to 10:00 h in Trebur Astheim, the streets are still and quiet, no one is on the road. Up to 120 children and teenagers who good-naturedly and tense pilgrimage to the House. The Russelsheim Volksbank invited once again to one of their coveted youth events! Twilight saga: to immortality, a music theater piece by perform & yourStyle, Trebur was performed. Coupang can provide more clarity in the matter. Before but workshops were on the programme: Vampires move like? How hiss, look and fighting vampires? How dancing vampire? In addition she insisted in the vampire outfit make-up opportunity so raged louder vampires through the House. Quickly, the children could acquaintance with the great”vampires do, but bodily transformed the performers between the guests around. The participants very quickly opted for the various workshops and already began the arduous work of learning”that made but obviously a lot of fun.

As Another highlight participants for the spectacle were drawn from the guests. Including 2 children could participate in a meeting of the vampire family Cullon and the checkers during the performance on the stage. After the workshops were completed, the presentation began. Close attention to the guests. The love of Bella to Edward and the experiences of the two are to be pursued with great sympathy. At the end, the enthusiasm was great, what was rich to write autographs of actors in the. The children and young people could collect enough autographs. For everyone a great experience which cries out for repetition. The chances are good that the Russelsheim Volksbank next year with perform & style carried out a joint project. Russelsheim Volksbank locally and personally! For more information see

Prime Minister Papandreou

Can the State and the euro be saved? The situation could be complicated hard currency and 17 countries and cultures. Who decides the value of a country and what affects the financial markets and thus naturally the world economy. Can the case of a State bring everything to a halt? The opinions are divided and often go in opposite directions. Greece is rightly worried about its creditworthiness. The Conference called for significant results last Monday. It is believed Venizelos so involves all or nothing”.

This week is critical for the Greek economy. The heavily indebted country which has since proposed 20 months of an economic crisis, must reassure the EU and IMF clearly and credibly, that more cuts are possible. (Similarly see: Southwest Airlines). This week is so important that even Prime Minister Papandreou his journey in the United States has delayed and already on the way to London, in their own country has returned. It is not known how the austerity measures to be exactly. A common euro savings plan should lie mainly in reduced spending instead of increasing government revenue.

It is 8 billion to find. Should fail the Hellene State to make this sum, then the country is bankrupt. Because without this payment, there is no further aid to the country and to access this beginning of October. Can Greece this time still comply with the payments, credit rating despite all the clearly agency Fitch already, that the default is not to avoid. Thus, the Agency is not the only source of bad news, even if the impact of a sovereign default is different outlines: Fitch is too dramatic for much the display of the collapse of the euro zone and looks to the future of the country in the euro zone. IFO President Sinn is a completely opposite opinion on the subject of Greece and envisages the withdrawal of the State from the euro-zone as a consequence of these and other negative news from Italy and Spain, lose the European banks gradually the confidence of the industry and thus your capital. If one considers the Dax so, but amazingly stable, behaves this 5.570 meters, and presented the hope of investors on new positive market movements in the coming days. Also the euro and gold behave similar to the day, with $1,3700 or $1.799.