Internet System

Reduced by 30-50% Work staff to perform common operations, which allowed the company to better address the functional tasks fewer staff. The new system allowed us to obtain useful tools for operational accounting and control: Creating daily reports on accounts receivable and payable, including arrears and credit reporting and factoring operations. Automation allowed to begin the systematic work with debtors and eliminate the risks of cash shortages. (Similarly see: baby clothes). Establishing the daily sales reports, taking into account bonuses buyers and suppliers, the cost of credit and deferral of payment transactions has helped to establish control. The new system is 2 times faster generates data for sales analysis. Increased informativeness of the system had a positive impact on the profitability of the company's sales (nearly excluded sale 'in the minus'), reduced customer churn by improving the monitoring of transactions, error analysis and work to prevent them in the future. At 2-3 expedite the processing of orders from managers implemented mechanisms analogues, interfaces, subsystems, goods movement, redundancy, interaction with the warehouse management system and evaluate the results of others, general director of holding AVIRSA Valeriy Maslov said: "The introduction of a new information system on the platform of '1 C: Enterprise 8 'is not only provided useful tools for operational management of trade and finance companies, but also provided establishment of information and analytical base for decision making and monitoring the effectiveness of all business lines. " According to Cyril Vladimirovich Gusev, project manager of the company's '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE):' Despite the large number of concurrent users in the system, given the opportunity to create real-time partionnuyu cost of sales, taking into account non-standard overhead allocation, benefits suppliers and customers, the corrective operation without a significant loss of performance. Implemented on-line communication with storage systems, control systems and retail Internet sales, automated analysis of costs and profitability in the context of the business units of the company. Platform '1 C: Enterprise 8 'provided a' seamless' automation and creation of a common information space to display the financial activities of the enterprise, which allows you to quickly assess the performance and to obtain information for management decisions. "

Enterprise IFRS

The project automated parallel accounting under IFRS, it is possible to generate reports in the desired analytical sections that were not available within the spreadsheet. The next step will be configuration of the subsystem "Treasury" and "Budgeting". The company "ThyssenKrupp Elevator 'is a German company in Russia, ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG. The annual turnover of 5.3 billion Euro Group, the company operates in 67 countries and has over 800 subsidiaries and representative offices, which employs 42 500 people. The company offers its customers maintenance and manufacture of elevators and escalators, as well as repair and full cycle engineering support. Since 2002 firm "ThyssenKrupp Elevator" is a subsidiary of the group in Russia.

Today the organization offers a variety of techniques, both for residential and commercial buildings. The catalog of products is a passenger conveyors and lifting devices for people with disabilities. The company provides monthly reporting under IFRS in the parent organization. Before the introduction of the product "ICE: Managerial Accounting 8" was created in the reporting spreadsheet that was overly time-consuming and often the human factor resulting in the loss of information. And with increased sales volumes without automation to ensure accurate and reliable reporting of IFRS has become impossible. The introduction of the product "ICE: Managerial Accounting 8" carried out in two months.

Specialists of "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) installed and configured the program, and trained users. The results of automation: the most accurate reporting under IFRS. Automate an independent accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets separately under IFRS and RAS. Formation of various distributions of IFRS accounts, regardless of the accounting algorithms, using the mechanism of closure of accounts. Natalia V. Chesnokov, Deputy Finance Director Financial Accounting Company "ThyssenKrupp Elevator 'tells about the results of automation:" I am pleased to note that the implementation of the solution "BIT: Managerial Accounting 8" does not require much time and money, can be easily integrated with existing products on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8", helps generate accurate reporting under IFRS, making translation of international accounting records for past periods have closed. "

State Budget

In the month following the reference date, calculates the cumulative consumer price index for further indexing. Hewlett-Packard Co. often addresses the matter in his writings. In addition, the reference date are the months in which employee wages have been raised, or raised any payment provided for, ie indexation factor is calculated individually for each employee, depending on the base period for the individual each employee. Automate time-consuming indexing of wages in the enterprise should be conducted on the basis of the basic assumptions of the index described above. Automated System 'Biznes.Personal', designed to automate accounting, settlement and analytic functions in the organization of labor in the company, staffing, and timecard employees and payroll, has arsenal of a mechanism that allows fast and error free to carry out the indexing of wages in enterprises with a large number of employees. The process of automating the indexing of wages in the system 'Biznes.Personal' can be divided into several stages, in accordance with the basic provisions on indexation.

Let us examine them in detail. 1. Input cost of living, acting in a given period. The amount of subsistence minimum associated with a start date of its action, is introduced in the block set of regulated constants – in the form of editing system-wide information. To enter the living wage is necessary to select the tab 'living wage' under 'Installed money' and the standard action 'Add' to enter a new record. At the same time on the editing form A living wage must enter the start date and the amount of subsistence minimum specified in the last adopted the Law on State Budget of Ukraine.

Harris Interactive

Depending on the amount of hard drive degree of importance of its contents, urgency order, the cost of their services to an average of 50 to 500 dollars, and ensure that the data will be completely reanimated, no. Do not forget about safety information, which inevitably turns out to be under threat. Especially if you decide to save money and not turned into a big company, and in semi-legal office, where employees can easily use your data in their purposes. To protect themselves from the consequences of failures of technology and other force majeure, many companies now use the backup. Keep up with them and "home" users. Becoming more popular programs intended for making backup copies and giving, in contrast to other methods, almost one hundred percent guarantee of data recovery in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Still, the ratio of the contingency Copying still not serious – on the basis of last year's survey Harris Interactive, 35% of users never in my life is not backed up the data, and 75% of those who in some way familiar with this operation, it is not doing a more than once month. Even worse in small and medium-sized business: if you believe the report, Gartner, only one case out of a hundred businessmen keep their files on a daily basis. The result – according to Dynamic Markets, 16% of small and medium-sized companies on a quarterly basis losing critical information. And in most cases it involves the use of outdated software. Today the market offers countless products for backups.

New Duplicate

To add, you must click the 'Add accrual for bonuses' and fill in the form Edit Accrual for bonuses. Number and name of the duplicate calculation must match exactly to the type of calculation, which is duplicated. The ID of the duplicate calculation it is necessary to introduce a new, different from ID of the primary calculation. To do this, use the button "Select ID". On the form that appears, view the dates in a standard way of calculation adds a new identifier for the duplicate calculation. The ID and enter the formula to calculate according to the rules of their formation using the system variable category 'supplement to the middle. " To display the duplicates of calculation used in calculating the surcharge to medium, is a button 'Show accrual for bonuses.

" All types of charges used in calculating the surcharge to the average will be displayed on a blue background. Adjustment of accrual of such species is the standard way. Duplicates of accruals will be used in the calculation as follows: before calculating charges (sub menu Accruals accounting officers) need to call the action 'accruals Form Fee for 'out of the action group' New charges on primary documents. " By this action upon detection of the report card time employee with sign up bonuses in the middle accruals employee automatically add all available in the algorithm of calculation of the calculation for duplicate surcharges to medium. Each copy will then be calculated from its formula set out in its identifier, in accordance with the time spent employee bonuses to sign up to the mean.

Crm System Quick Sales To Have Enhanced The Quality Of Work With Client

As the company increased the number of customers who increasingly felt need for quality software product reflects the requirements of a modern company sales. The company conducted an analysis of software market for business to find a system that satisfies the following conditions: systematization of information to work with clients Quick search by the sales history of each of clients contains within itself the means to easily fill the customer base allow sales manager to remotely monitor each manager separately ensure the construction of various reports on the steps of the work the database system should be safe from theft zascheschena most optimal management of the company, had considered crm system Quick Sales 2. The introduction of Quick Sales 2 the company was able to achieve tasks, the sales department has enabled the tool to work with clients more efficiently and effectively. Guidance appreciated the professionalism of the company "Burof" engaged implementation and maintenance of Quick Sales 2. Background on the company "Promsvarka": The company "Promsvarka" engaged in wholesale and retail trade in industrial equipment. Background on the company "Burof": The company "Burof" is an official partner, the Russian developer of business systems, companies Expert Systems. Expert Systems Implementation crm systems