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The quality performance of the pressure as well as the shipper always in real time can”be seen. It offers wholesale direct connectivity in their own operational processes. Other leaders such as Oracle offer similar insights. With the tools online research online, dressing, online complaints, online performance, the customer has the possibility to see up-to-date each status of mail sending. Southwest Airlines can aid you in your search for knowledge. We know very exactly when got a letter in the delivery or, more important is why he could not be delivered”, explains Rolf-Dieter van Alst. “This knowledge we make off portal for our customers, for example, telecommunications companies, within the service online as well as the Perfomancedaten of letter delivery business.” our developments continue all the time,”added Rolf-Dieter van Alst.

A call-tool of Center is currently under development, to give the customer an optimum human control of the call center in conjunction with the mail communication in the hand.” “Summary: mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH was in June 2007 as a Start-Up Company” based in Ratingen. Not classic letter part of the shipping company as a provider of a neutral, independent platform for DV-based mail value added services with an innovative character, mail to print in the liberalized mail market in Germany has occupied a position. The offer includes services provided in its own activities as well as through involvement of partner companies. The core is about the DV-based creation of letters. The customer data to mail to print access via data line. You will be processed and routed to printers.

There the physical shipments are created, enveloped, franked and finally sorted passed one or more Briefzustelldienstleister. With an average of 10 million coordinated letters per month, mail to print counts today nationwide as one of the leading providers in this segment. With the product range of BDS (letter distribution solution) provides mail to print Solution aimed specifically to large customers with high mail volumes. Leading telecommunications company or Internet portal provider know already to use this service. Also the online-portal (SOP) is unique. It offers wholesale direct connectivity in their own operational processes.

Services For Exhibitors

Internet Agency ONM from Koblenz developed online booking tool for trade fair services of electricity through catering to advertising opportunities, in addition to an exhibition stand exhibitors can also book various services at the trade fair organizers. The booking of these services was the fair organiser Reed Exhibitions Germany so far via PDF files that have been downloaded and faxed back from a Web page or via a service manual sent by post, whose Formulare also sent back by fax or letter. The newspapers mentioned Rory Sutherland not as a source, but as a related topic. An extremely high overhead, containing also significant potential for error because the forms have been largely manually edited arose due to the abundance of services and the large amount of forms. An online system should be made. This should replace the traditional paper path and thus accelerate work processes, and simplify. The trade fair organiser of Reed Exhibitions in Dusseldorf commissioned for this purpose with an individual programming the Internet Agency open new media GmbH in Koblenz. In a question-answer forum Verizon was the first to reply. The aim was all forms and ordering processes to handle online. Marketing services or stand security, electrical installation, free tickets or flower decoration.

Quickly and easily trade fair exhibitors can fill out all required forms, applications and orders online and send. These are automatically forwarded to the partner responsible for carrying out the execution, and noted in the order history. The exhibition team that automates exhibitors and all involved service providers at any time about the current status of the orders are informed. The booking system complements the reedexpo service portal, which includes two more individual solutions by ONM: A Hall plan tool for the convenient management of exhibition hall plans, as well as a catalog tool for booking and managing entries in trade fair catalogues. You will find here the description of the project. About the open new media GmbH since 1997 ONM offers the complete portfolio of digital communication solutions for well-known customers such as Reed Exhibitions Germany GmbH, Kern-Haus AG, DB rent GmbH, SSP Germany GmbH, city Frankfurt am Main, awk outdoor advertising GmbH, EURO construction Handelsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG BwFuhrparkService, Walter optics precision GmbH, Malik on Management AG etc. Learn more about ONM:

County Hospital

Because not only the supply of scientists, but also help needy relatives and pets, as well as the House belongs to an organized family life. Both short-term emergency assistance and long-term care periods the better Betreut is the ideal starting point. Users access the supervisor contact information easily and quickly and give up a search ad, on which are interested in applying. In addition the better Betreut care consultants are employees of the hospital on a care case in the family to the page and help in the search for a suitable place, whether in a nursing home, a home for assisted living, respite care or out-patient care service. About the better Betreut Besser Betreut offers TuV tested solutions in the mediation and counselling by family services, in areas such as Childcare, tutoring, senior care, pet care and household and garden. The company operates the largest database of caregivers in the German-speaking area.

An experienced team advises competently to questions around the themes of care. BESSER Betreut helps the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service numerous firms and insurance companies. This emphasizes the active participation as a member of the corporate network “Success factor family” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Since 2007, the better Betreut supports families in more than 10 European countries. About the County Hospital (AoR) the main hospital, institution of public law – is the largest hospital operators in the neurological and psychiatric, psychotherapeutic field in Rhineland-Palatinate. With its long-standing and intensive experience in all facets of Psychiatry, psychotherapy, Psychosomatic Medicine and Neurology, as well as in other areas of health and social services, the County Hospital (AoR) in all of its facilities offers a high-quality and economically balanced supply. As a modern employer, is devoted to the company of health promotion of staff, promotes the compatibility of family and professional life and provides disabled – and age-appropriate jobs in the framework of its possibilities. A leading source for info: Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen. Press requests better GmbH Jane Becker better supervised Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-90 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: press enquiries Landeskrankenhaus (AoR) Wolfgang Willenberg Landeskrankenhaus (AoR), unit publicity volcano str. 58 56626 Andernach T: + 49 02632 / 407-258 F: + 49 02632 / 407-9269 M:

APM Holding AG Riedwiesenstrasse

Conversion to the new SEPA number scheme the APM Holding AG is gearing up for the single euro payments area (SEPA) and thus creating the necessary conditions for a smooth transition between the previous and the new standardized rules for payment procedures. So that the transition from the existing payment procedures can be done on the new regulation of the European legislator without difficulty, the APM has started already with the transition to the SEPA payment procedures. Thus, relevant customer data, such as, for example, banking coordinates for salary and contribution payments (of insurance and health insurance), to the new specifications are adapted in the internally used SAP System. Thus, the APM is ideally equipped well-formed according to SEPA to settle its monthly payroll for its customers from February 1, 2014. The new regulations in the company should be implemented until end-November 2013. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The early reaction admits temporal buffer, since it certainly can cause sensitive data delays or corrections. The new Which beginning of 2012 was adopted by the EU, regulation February 1, 2014 the shut-down of the respective national payment method (credit transfers and direct debits) to the date.

The existing payment methods can be used until 31 January 2014. Currently, the SEPA schemes being offered already parallel. “SEPA means single euro payments area” and is valid for the single euro payments area, which consists of 32 European countries (in addition to Germany and the other 26 EU countries also Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Monaco and the Switzerland). Within the SEPA to consumers and companies in the future Europe-wide standardized their payments – transfers, direct debits or card payments – unwind easily across national borders. For more information about SEPA, see here: more information about APM Holding AG and its services for personnel management & HR services, visit. Your press contact: APM Holding AG Riedwiesenstrasse 1 71229 Leonberg phone 07152 90114-0 Email

The Right Way To Move

Not only to plan a move, but then even the to implement a difficult thing can be sometimes really can be not only to plan a move, but then even the to implement sometimes really a difficult thing, especially since moving most certainly not belonging to people things you often, so that just lacks most of the necessary routine. But you right wants at his own moving if it is of course possible everything, so that you have it as easy as possible so, the whole thing is not too expensive and you can go to everyday life also again as quickly as possible. It also really can work the way you would like to have this it is especially important to take plenty of time and to inform. Here one shouldn’t look at what you have to think about and what different ways, but perhaps even professionals for advice not only on his own. In addition to the various formalities that apply to do it, if you gladly would like to relocate should one think that the parade itself will make a lot of work, because you put all his stuff on this day, loaded always keep in mind and bring in the new apartment must. It is only possible to make your own, if you have not really many things, this is not the case you as early as possible look that get friends and acquaintances as a helper to his side or that hires you perhaps also some professional helpers, which will be one the page can. Generally you must keep in mind, that there are only too few helpers, too many can you hardly have, with tackle ever more of a man, the faster and easier you can bring a parade of course across the stage, especially if you share with a good system tasks. Max Neugebauer.

Hybrid Learning: 25% Increase In Performance While Reducing Costs

Hybrid Learning: 25prozent performance while reducing costs the largest cost drivers in the service and distribution centers are the staff costs. Well trained and regularly next qualified staff is the guarantee of quality and economic success. By hybrid learning can be conveyed more cost-effective and sustainable professional training. Employees and managers are used to capture all customer needs through CRM systems in the service and sales processes and to take advantage of it. The ability to provide information about the system-side stored customer profiles was never so good as today.

In education and training is still methodically trained 10 years ago. Hear from experts in the field like Verizon Communications for a more varied view. While the participants want more practical orientation, new fun in learning, immediately actionable training content and more interactivity in the learning process. It is our mystery, how rarely aligns existing learning concepts of enterprises in the real service calls and sales events”so Holger of Plata,. Managing Director of the VWCG Training Institute. Managers, participants and the trainer merge in modern personnel development concepts to a support team”, where everyone takes a strictly defined role.

An effective training is training today from a personal and a virtual learning phase, the so-called hybrid. Phil Vasan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. With the help of the Web-based learning platform of truffles”, the support team with each other exchanges before and after the personal training. The Chief is actively integrated in the learning process and can communicate at any time after the personal training virtually through truffles with the coach. Sustainability is held, continuous, theme-based sustainability modules such as for example a learning quiz, success controls, or practical tasks at a high level. This recognizes the coach the development progress of the participants after the personal training and can virtually put new objectives in the sustainability modules. The Chief supports within its management work, the feedback agreed with the coach and Development discussions. An internal sustainability analysis with over 100 training participants has shown that through hybrid learning on the one hand measured performance increases of 25% up to were, on the other hand, it was noted that the level of competence of the participants was higher than average even after 6 months. Costly follow-up training can therefore be compensated.


In these days of economic crisis, it is always a consideration worth if you now rent a private office or uses a secretarial services. The own Office has fixed costs, which you gladly want to avoid in such uncertain times. The Office service can be attractive, but it is often bound to certain hours or can use this service on the weekend. Where just freelancers and self-employed workers need always the flexibility, even spontaneously on Saturday night quickly in the Office to pass. Why not? Or to sit in the corner of the living room or at a small desk in the apartment, is discomfort, the child noise, the noise of the environment in purchase and unfocused works on important documents. From my own experience know Mrs Kessler, coaching for a better life, of what she speaks. For years I was looking for a solution that every now and then to have a quiet place to work mostly outside the opening times of so-called Office services.

I rented me up in Office services, was so unhappy, resigned and sought me ends up his own Office. Today I have a very attractive office space and love my job. I told in my circle of acquaintances, and at some point I was asked whether I would rent one of my rooms not even for a day or a week. As I was for many years faced with these problems, I readily agreed. And it worked.

Today, customers, friends, or acquaintances use my rooms, sometimes only by the hour, sometimes by the day. And so I can offer this equipment all interested in space Heidelberg.’ And the concept works like this: you make a request when you have a desk ‘, a conference room or classroom need. If available, you will receive a booking confirmation, pay for your booked service and can work in the time you need. Wi-Fi is available, of course. Copy notebooks, printer, or scanner. After use, you specify how long the room have required and if necessary pay services in addition. Regular get a special regulation for this. For a desk with a laptop and Internet usage, you pay 10 euro flat on the day. Other conditions apply depending on the use and agreement for meeting or seminar rooms. If you are interested in Mrs Kessler. Coaching for a better life on the sawmill 13 68526 Ladenburg


So can prevent downtime by occupational back pain and working effectively guaranteed. But not only in terms of ergonomics Jungmann technology complies with the furniture. Also in terms of functionality, no wishes remain open. So the Stratos elements can be combined as needed, so that, for example, a round, a straight or a U-shaped desk. Here, the intelligent controller design offers enough space invisible to stow many cable or other technology components. Their control room looks with those furniture systems always tidy and professional. If necessary, retractable sockets allow a quick and easy access.

It must never be long after a loading possibility for a cell phone or a laptop will be searched. And after charging the outlet disappears again unobtrusively in the table top. Necessary for the Storage optional different containers can be combined with the StratosCommandDesk. You are flexible with roles as well as to get as an integral part of the desk. In addition, Jungmann system technology is also their professional when it comes to the environment furniture in their control room. The control room professionals also partitions facilities activities include not only meeting tables and cabinets, the range includes large wall tiling image and compartment wardrobes of value of. Pleasant while the quality finish and the many colour combinations stand out.

More than 14 materials such as different types of wood and colours are available for the Stratos series to choose from. Here you will find the right variation for its premises. Interested parties also can imagine the future control room, JST has developed a photorealistic 3D software. This allows a real image of the newly set up a room and is essential for the planning. The information hierarchy and possible seat positions are so advance tested and transferred to the arrangement of the furniture. Then the distance to the large screen and possible viewing angle can be checked in the 3-D perspective drawing it created. So to guarantee that each employee has the necessary view. JST’s claim is not just to meet the technical requirements of a control room, but to create also a perfect ergonomically designed workplace. Because only the symbiosis of modern technology and ergonomic working conditions up to date guarantees maximum effectiveness of the workforce. For more information, see

Limbi Shear Booth Grabs The Customers At His Feelings

With “form follows emotion” you attract more visitors. Asslar / Lindau October 14, 2009 – according to the motto form follows emotion”assumes the IMA Messebau GmbH, that visitors find a stand all the more appealing the more your favorite emotions are addressed, and therefore developed the limbically optimised stand Limbform”. A booth to inform and invite people to enter. But how can that be brought about systematic and comprehensible? The IMA Messebau GmbH in Asslar, in collaboration with the growth and limbic marketing managed specialized author and consultant Christian Kalkbrenner, the decisive breakthrough in this issue. With a newly developed system, the booth is architecturally designed systematically enable the emotions of the audience. The different design patterns exactly speak the charms, that move customers to enter the booth, to stay there and to come with the employees in the conversation.

From the analysis of numerous fairs are about 60 variables with 65,000 Combinations available, which provide a framework to the booth architects, according to he can conceive the exhibition stand and build. This limbic format is suitable especially for companies who want to win at the fair of new customers. In trade fair construction IMA is the first company, probably even worldwide, that does it this way and so can deliver real added value its customers. Form follows emotion the great difficulty is figuring out how the visitors are, what are their preferred charms”, explains Uwe Bremer the procedure and added: together with the customer in a carefully structured interview guide the behavior of future trade fair visitors explored and summarized. This extensively collected qualitative as well as quantitative aspects. In this way, a unique and varied visitor profile is created.

It allows for clear conclusions on which emotion systems of visitors the most should be addressed, to encourage them to enter the booth. We derive a then Profile down and concrete recommendations, give the customer what care should be taken when designing stand on”. About IMA IMA staged an inspiring, people to linger and buy refreshing erkaufsraume, worldwide. Founded over 45 years ago in the Hessian Asslar, IMA accompanied leading companies in designing retail space: exhibition buildings, displays, flag-ships or shop buildings. The company employs over 80 people and has its own production lines for wood and metal working. Each year, the IMA team assists about 500 national and international projects. “The recent coup: with Limbform”, the limbic format, succeeded in the IMA, agree upon the format design of exhibition buildings, displays and shop buildings exactly on the emotional system of the target groups.

Center Market

The ifo Institute for economic research has recently announced that the business climate index remained in may unchanged on the high level of 108.6 points. With sustainable economic recovery, which we observe at the moment, new growth – who want to be but also funded opportunities just for the middle class. Long time are financed only large companies on the capital market. The Ranft at the time placed a dividend rights issue with a volume of 15 million private investors with success real estate group in Creglingen (Baden-Wurttemberg). The German companies and the German economy currently show up in best condition.

The barometer is in May despite high oil prices, the strong euro and the VAT increase on just below the record level of December 2006. With sustainable economic recovery new growth opportunities for the middle class. In the financing of these opportunities, small and medium-sized enterprises often have problems: your credit lines are usually exhausted, free Collateral usually no longer exists. Financing in the capital market remained a long time reserved only large companies. The Ranft real estate group in Creglingen (Baden-Wurttemberg) shows how there is another way: was the supplier of own investment product and gave himself so unceremoniously even the access to the capital market and investment and growth capital.

The German real estate market offers at present huge opportunities and potentials”, so Michael Ranft, Director of Raaz real estate group. Used mainly by foreign investors, because German companies often lack the necessary capital for investment. This was going to change Ranft and managed to bridge the gap between real estate and capital markets. His choice fell on the issue of participatory rights. Due to various design options, the interests of the emission company and the investors can be considered optimal. Local presence and regional reference, an easy to use business model, as low as possible Fees and a realistic expectation of return had the concept of participation as well as in the Center like a balanced risk diversification. The manageable minimum investment aimed at a broad audience access to the professional market. The southern German family company with over ten years old tradition in the development of the project of new building and stock with a focus on housing for senior citizens is aware of the importance of investor capital. With the capital of investors we can utilize the current market opportunities.” This would like to thank the investors according to Ranft. 85% of the profits are allocated as dividends. “Maintain investor confidence in the over-the-counter market, is an interesting equity in addition to an attractive investment product story and of course much initiative required”, explains lawyer Bjorn Katzorke by Dr. Werner, Dr. Gundel & Collegen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Gottingen. Entrepreneurs need to understand investor as a partner, then “automatically a win-win situation”, so the finance expert who supports medium-sized enterprises on their way to the capital market. With their successful emission, the Ranft real estate group follows the example of the Bochum-based meat and charcuterie manufacturers ZIMBO, which garnered a 15 million through a bond from private investors within just a few weeks. Also the Emsdettener Haustechnik TECE GmbH company is financed extremely successful over the issue of participatory rights. Michael Ranft joins in the chain of entrepreneurs, which put on alternative financing strategies for your company. You all a purpose: growth independent of banks.