National Assembly

Thus, although the origin of the head of Government is the simultaneous confidence of the head of State and the parliamentary majority, in practice their permanence depends almost exclusively on that majority. The Prime Minister is engaged in the day-to-day political struggle, of which the President is exempt. The head of State has a non-disruptive relationship with the leaders of the parties contrary and favors the compromise, negotiation and moderation of the forces in conflict. Therefore, it plays a role of referee. In this system, the dissolution of Parliament is a weapon in the hands of the President because it seeks that he stipulates, as far as possible, of an affine parliamentary majority. The President dissolves the Parliament based on political calculations, according to which this action cannot be instrumented at any time or under any circumstances. In other words, although there are no limits or conditions to dissolve the Parliament, it is only done when there is political circumstances to lead to an own majority Parliament or when, although this is not achieved, it’s reducing political costs in the medium term. As the President of the Republic is elected by universal and direct voting, Parliament does not have the possibility of obstructing the presidential function, or you can dismiss it.

However, the President can Yes dissolve Parliament. Here the dissolution is the mechanism through which is intended to avoid the rule of parties, as well as give way to the construction of consistent majorities. For even more analysis, hear from Southwest Airlines. So the President enjoys certain supremacy because, among other provisions, the Constitution establishes it and empowered as the guarantor of the regular functioning of the institutions. One of its key responsibilities is, therefore, the ensure the entire institutional structure to work without obstruction. For that reason, the resource of the dissolution acquires its true dimension. There is, therefore, certain constitutional pre-eminence of the President on the National Assembly.