The Line

But, in 70, perhaps four ' ' no-gols' ' of Skin they had been more sensational than the written down ones for the King. In the estria against the Tchecoslovquia, Skin perceives the goleiro Viktor in advance and orders a kick with the ball behind the line of the way of field. The goleiro runs despaired and sees the ball to pass rente to the left superior angle, the centimeters of the goal, going for is. In the second departure, against England, one of the games most difficult of the competition and that it finished 1×0, occurred as the lost goal of the King. Skin receives crossing and from the cabeada strong one, but the goleiro Banks of the one species of manchete of those of vlei, makes spectacular defense, that was considered ' ' defense of century XX' '. The others two gols not made by Skin, in that Pantry of 70, had been in the same departure, in the semifinal, and the adversary was nothing less than Uruguay, that in 50 had almost took off that one that it went to be the first Brazilian heading in Pantries, in game in a Maracan (RIO DE JANEIRO) crowded with 200 a thousand people. But in 70, Skin advances for area, of the one dribbles of body in the goleiro Mazurkiewicz, recoups the ball and kicks crossed, with the same one passing rente the right bar, the zagueiro Ancheta tries in goes to take off the ball, that capriciously leaves for the line deep for moan of the King. In the same departure, the goleiro snake badly a goal shot and Skin strikes of first of is of the area. The kick is strong, but Mazurkiewicz if recoups with pretty defense. Official site: E Scott Mead. It is, for who not it saw gols that the King did not make for we in 70, valley the penalty to search and to confer.

Modernity and Economy

In 2 moment occurs a economy of the time, Samuel usufructs deliberately of its supposed freedom, comumente overwhelmd for the tecnicidade of the objective reality. The streets still were humid of fog. Samuel took off the car of the garage. He guided vagarosamente; throughout the wharf, looking at the derricks, the brought alongside barges. 2 parked the car in a quiet crosspiece. In the third moment the subjectivity of Samuel enters in scene, materialized in the version of the Isidoro personage. Two names, two men coexisting in only being dilacerado for this dualidade, and in this fight of two deflagradoras instances of the existence human being, we observe, analogous the Isidoriana subjectivity subserviente and regulated face to the tecnicidade and objetividade of the Samuel.

In the text What it is Modernity if perceives the clear opposition between tecnicidade-subjectivity, in the seio of a different relation stopped by both, characterized for the predominance of the first one, in detriment of the absence and dissimulation of this last. In this entrecruzamento of ideas and opinions the subjectivity fights for same itself, of its affirmation against all form of subliming, converging then to a process of identitria revolution: ' ' Not being able to change the world, it if it makes world and infinite world: microcosm ilusrio.' ' 3 the modern ontolgica illusion is even to be and representation equalizing them skillfully in corresponding circumstances of the representative action of the being. The Sociology of the tdio assumes diverse spaces in the current modern configuration of the point of view of the work. The tdio intimidates expressions, weakens yearnings and reduces potentialities. Ricardo Antunes cites Lukcs when discoursing in its book on the metamorphoses of the work (LUKCS apud ANTUNES, 1953, P. 49.) it affirms on the occurrence of a estranhamento originated in the interior of the laborativa activity, since in this relation, work and man more are not recognized, are found odd, therefore the enormity of the degraded deformations caused in function of a work as auto-destructive process they finish for meagering the man and its relation with the work (ANTUNES, 1953, p.166).

United Nations

From 1990 until the end of century XX, the third sector if strenghtens and to face the increasing social matters, ambient and cultural, the enterprise sector (as sector) if made gift, creating its foundations and justinian codes associates to make front to these demands, through the creation of partnerships and strategies of captation of resources. With the professionalization, the experiences and the knowledge acquired for the not governmental organizations, the State starts to admit and to accept its mritos for the way as they came if confrotting in the resolution of the social matters and starts to enxergar them as partners and mediating of its politics. It happens that the State starts to be seen as without conditions to take care of with social responsibility the devoid population, and the empresariado one, noticing the existence of this hiato, congregated its leaderships to establish the GIFE (Group of Justinian codes, Foundations and Companies), in 1995. Consubstanciado in same idea, eleven companies if associate, in 1998, to give to existence to the Ethos Institute of Companies and Social Responsibility. These initiatives demonstrate the concern of the private sector in not only aiming at the profit, but also adopting ethical behaviors directed toward the accomplishment of private social investments, in benefit of the society. With the intention to come back to take care of the social area more efficiently, due to erosion of the politics of social protection, the Government created the Program Solidary Community that was regulated, in 1998, through the Law of the Voluntariado. At the beginning of century XXI, accurately in 2001, ' ' International year of the Voluntrio' ' it is instituted by the ONU (Organization of United Nations). In Brazil, 1o and 2o World-wide Social Frum deserve prominences, congregating people to argue improvements in the social area through the stimulaton to the accomplishment of auto-sustainable projects. With the expansion of the TICs and the advance of the Internet in this decade, allied to the formation and the reinforcement of the nets of work created by the third sector, it had a contribution accomplishes e, why not to say, well intentioned for the improvement of the quality of life and the welfare of the devoid population until the present (Franciosi, 2009).