National Committees

With the wording a Oeyo am puebloo that this Venezuelan dictator pronounce every moment what is happening is the most perfect symbiosis of liberal thought. That is, if there is nothing socialist about it simply becomes a fiction. The only way to control the representatives is establishing mechanisms independent of him, but, as in the case of Venezuela and other neoautoritarismos, we find the ease with which the power of mockery and will always remain an open question whether the power or authority controller which representatives collective will. It should be remembered that the term a sociedad civil (civil society) is of English manufacture, and was also invented in the context of standing to find a representation. That is why some people speak, especially Touraine, a society postcivil, we also have done within the emerging concept of a XXI century democracy. In this contradictions process matches sink representative democracy, a fact that some distortions reached the point of calling a Estado of partisanship .

Or what others call the a descolocacion politicaa , a situation which we live today in many Latin American countries where, from the legislative bodies to executives are supplanted by so-called partisan National Committees become the place where in fact taken decisions supposedly a encarnantesa of the popular will. In this way the parties have become the real murderers of all philosophical scaffolding that had sustained legal representative democracy and its supposed legitimacy. It is clear that the parties come to an obvious need to take on the contradictions and fragmentations of the social body, but come to embody in the magnitudes of the first rank of political practices deformed and deforming.