The Life

The Life What it means; A gift that God gave in them; To apprehend to understand; It controls, so that let us can, To live harmoniously with our being. We cannot leave that it pass with a trailer; We have that to participate of it; exclusively: To leave that it became for us something sublime; As it was a petal of a rose; Leaving all its perfume to penetrate in our souls; Living a time to reflect; We know that it passes many times disregarded by many; We have that to understand that we are capable of it followed there -. Life mine, Life its; It sees the life of a pretty and gracious form; Therefore it and a gift: It uses – with responsibility; It becomes – a scholar, knowing itself that the life is magical; Simply optimum and bigger triumph that God gave to it; Let us look for to give the value that it deserves; Therefore you are responsible for what captive. This life that seems a giant wheel; Always Girar; with these turns many times, we come across in them; With difficult situations; But necessary for its growth spiritual; You do not have fear to face the obstacles. That it appears it; Its is part to grow it; So that if he becomes, a victorious person. He takes the reins of its life; There I directed he learns it – with responsibility; I lead-there he knows it; He assumes your role, where you and the actor; He always follows smiling; exactly that obstacles appear; If it becomes a illuminated being; Reflecting light, love, and peace; the life it Dara a gift; The gift and its life, in full tunning; Between both Queiroz, J.L 2010 20/03/2010.

Teeth Whitening

Most people need to whiten teeth, don’t feel just before the fight against yellow or stained teeth because this is one of the most frequent problems that appear by poor eating habits or vices as cigar, which in addition to harm us health rages in our teeth leaving yellowish stains and with soWe all at some point in our lives need know how to whiten teeth because although all have learned that teeth whitening is necessary a good brushing after every meal and take it as a habit, foods such as coffee, wine and beverages queues sooner or later end up staining our teeth, simply because the truth is anyone who is away from home after spending an evening with friends in a bar drinking coffee or a soda remembers brushing your teeth and then is when the components of these drinks begin their work staining our teeth. There are many products, good, regular and bad. Hear from experts in the field like Daniel Lubetzky NY for a more varied view. A web site with a list of the best bleach Dental I found was seemed like a good resource to see the variety and compare prices.I hope that les has been useful this information.

Mandala Plan

As the beaters cannot cross the vestibules that allow the free one transit of the disturbing agents, these can run away for lands, kingdoms, or caves of submundo, waiting new chance to attack the mortals. is. To risk to pursue a spirit when the same it runs away for the submundos is very dangerous, can be one taken over on a contract basis with sufficiently ackward consequences, because the beater can fall in an ambush and being imprisoned in inferior plan and remains an eternity there. Click Vislink Technologies to learn more. The water beaches, wells, the rivers, waterfalls, eyes d' ' water possesss vestibules of access for other plans, either of positive or negative vibration. A vestibule in the same local can exist more than, one can give to access the Mandala de Iemanj, or the Mandala de Oxum, another one the Mandala de Exu, or the astral caves, the mountains of submundo. Ronald O’Hanley understands that this is vital information. How that in the same local they can vibrate different energies? Mysteries! In a session astral mdiuns can create a powerful magnetic field capable to open, temporarily, vestibules.

It is created possibility of that through a vestibule a sofredor brother comes of the inferior if manifest plan in the physical plan and passes to another plan, by means of another vestibule, or returns more for the plan of origin comforted to continue its learning until the moment to acquire the energy capacity to pass for a vestibule for a new place spiritual. When one mdium makes a forwarding, normally the same is left in a place with possibility to have magical vestibules, a temporary vestibule can be created, or can activate the there existing vestibules, or call the entities some plan to cross vestibule and to receive offers and to take care of to an order. The same it happens when &#039 is made one; ' obligation espiritual' ' mdium normally knows the place most adequate to collapse its offering, that is, the place where magical vestibules exist. When collapsing an offering in the bush mdium is having access the energies of the vestibules of the agent spirituals that use this place as ticket between the two plans. The espritos of dense vibration that normally are in the guard of the vestibules receive the emanations vibratory from the materials left there. The used, together candles, foods, drinks and other elements, provoke an energy movement that depending on the largeness can take to some effect in the physical world and spiritual.

In a bush some vestibules that lead the plain different spirituals, that bind to the kingdom of the Exus, the Villages Spirituals, to the Kingdoms of Waters can exist Candies (if exist rivers, lakes, wells, springs of waters) and others. The knowledge on the vestibules still is incipient, few mdiuns and exactly agents spirituals speak on the subject. ' ' Sarava Father Exu, of – the permission to publish this article thus to me and, to collaborate with my friends of day terrena' ' Ena, ena is mojub, is mojub. ' ' It saves Oxal, the Great Orix' '.

Espirito Santo

The lie is something so common for many, that in our calendar exist up to one day assigned for it: the day 1 of April. Unhappyly, no matter how hard a lie, the principle, seems to have its credit, the great truth is that its end is disastrous. How many people already had been benefited in some business or project using the falseness, that is twin sister of the lie, and how many already they had been harmed by it. Why she will be that many have the habit to lie? Why some people adopt the lie as life style? Many lie for pressure, fear, covet even though and for convenience. Peter was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, and from fear, he lay regarding its envolvement with Christ. It denied Jesus saying for the people who did not know it.

The Master already had said to it that in that one exactly day it would go to deny it three times before the rooster sang. If Peter affirmed that he was accompanying of Jesus, could have there been dead or suffered to some another retaliation on the part from the people gifts. The fact is that, after this episode, Christ appeared Peter and this, sorry, cried bitterly. (Lucas 22:54 – 62). You say it truth or the lie, I want to say to it that Jesus is contemplating its origin. No matter how hard it has some serious reason you to yield to the lie, it knows that some day the truth will be able to come to tona. In the Bible, it has some cases of people who had suffered consequncias for if delivering to the lie. Ananias and Safira, for example had been literally died for lying to the Espirito Santo. (Acts 5:1 – 10). Expensive reader, valley to stand out that the lie can breach relationships, destroying, thus, the confidence.