National Geographic

According to an article published in La Nacion, photographer Steve McCurry (author of the unforgettable portrait of the Afghan girl with green eyes, published by National Geographic) already found that perhaps his next great photo: a couple of tango in the fleeting moment in which the movement of both becomes the music itself. McCurry says that the intention of his photographs is telling stories of anonymous people who is not even aware of the uniqueness of the moment that the photographer captures. According to McCurry, no need to share a time with people determined to capture a moment. It can be a strong connection immediately, even without knowing the history of the protagonists. Sometimes you can be a woman in Tibet who walks into his life.

And I am an American with a camera that detects something interesting. The expressions of people change from one moment to another. Beauty lies in finding the right moment. Work, intuition and talent make up the artistic process that defines the work of the American photographer. People It is found that certain scenarios, their expressions, their attitudes, their behaviors are the raw material that fascinates him. McCurry quantity do not the difference. One million photos throughout my life can be like a million words that mean nothing. What makes sense is if an image is capable of capturing the imagination of the people.

Steve McCurry is one of those photographers looking for the moments lost in this world so unknown to so many. Many people when he sees any of these photographs realizes what little comes to us from most sections of the Earth corners: customs, feelings, nature or even death and desolation. By photographers like Steve McCurry many people know a little more about our world, even more destructive facets of ourselves.

Typical Bank

It first distinguishes the class of shares. Depreciation quotas may be constant, increasing and decreasing. Generally banks offer constant quotas and that are accepted by the borrowers. Despite which more may interest a decreasing share or growing. Examples of this would be: If you make a mortgage loan, of long duration, can in the years of repayment you are with that on the occasion of his retirement, their income will be reduced; If this is the case you are interested in more a decreasing share, will pay more at the beginning (time in which you have more financial resources) and will pay less at the end (when your income will be lower). Suppose that at the moment of signing a mortgage you have many expenses, for example paying bills of a car, and that these expenses are going to reduce in the near future, will interest you more pay less dues increasing, so now that you have less money, and when you have more liquidity, by having cancelled the letters of the car, will be better able to afford the mortgage payments.

Determine the length of the mortgage. Let us start from an idea that by simple, it continues to be important. How much more durability have your mortgage minors shall be the quotas, but seniors will be the total interest you will pay. So the interesting thing is to find a balance point in the temporary period to subscribe.

Improving way of being able to take this decision is by applying to your bank for a loan amortization box. So studying this and seeing the amount of dues that is able to pay, can determine the shorter time period, to avoid interest. There are occasions in which banks are reluctant in facilitating that box of depreciation, but you are within your rights to get it so insist. Typical Bank excuse is the argue that because the interests are variable amortization box can change in time. This is true, but even so, it is possible that the Bank make a simulation of that picture, although splitting the assumption that interests do not vary, so you made the decision to fix the time of repayment. In summary to opt for the best mortgage loan, we must attend a: ((a) the APR of the loan (b) temporary quota period. (c) the type of fee, constant, increasing, decreasing. d) fix rightly the deadline for repayment of the loan, which is essential with an amortization table.