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The German economy is good in shape after strong growth in the year to date a somewhat weaker development is emerging for the year-end quarter as expected. The production in the industry, as well as in the construction industry has declined compared with the third quarter. However, is the economy as a whole as very robust. To deepen your understanding Bernard Golden is the source. The positive development of employment and income support private consumption and stabilize the domestic developments. After the strong growth of the German economy in the course of the previous year, a quieter pace is looming for the year-end quarter. Macroeconomic performance per quarter in the first three quarters of the year 2011 real grew by an average 0.7%. While the activity in the manufacturing sector, including the construction industry slowed down already in the course of the third quarter.

It is likely to remain the present indicators according to subdued in the fourth quarter. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Morris Invest. The service areas so far strongly contributed to the overall economic growth. But also here suggests a deceleration in the pace. The reasons for the cautious views on the coming months are finding less domestically, but rather in the deterioration of the European and international environment. The noticeably weaker in the course of this year dynamics of world trade reflects this development. According to the surveys of economic international business climate deteriorated significantly. In particular, the sovereign debt crisis in some euro area countries, as well as the still fragile state of financial sector provide for uncertainty.

This affects also the economic behavior. The company, not only in the euro area, act more restrained. In this environment the German economy proved so far extremely robust. The volume of production in the manufacturing sector recovered after falling twice in succession in October even slightly (+ 0.8%). Tend the production in the industry and in the construction industry remained still declining (two month comparison: – 2.6% or) -2.1%).

Communications Manager

New course for professionals in the communications industry of course developed in collaboration with heads of Agency, marketing managers and communication consultants benchmarks in terms of content and structure. We were able to implement practical the jointly developed curricular requirements. The deductive construction of the course, which consists of an undergraduate institution and studying those main is completely new. Study communications management is the latest CTE study of all time at the start “, so Mirko Rutz, Academy head of CTE. The marketing and communication-political structures are taught in undergraduate, so that students can much better integrate the in-depth expertise in the main study.

Furthermore, undergraduate synchronized the knowledge of students, so that they can learn the special departments in the main study on a single level. To obtain the necessary expertise, the subsequent studies provides all important subjects, such as classic Advertising, PR, media planning, sales promotion, brand management, online marketing, design or creation, to just a few of the 23 subjects to name a few, before. I think that we meet with the new study of the impact of the globalization of markets and meet the requirements of the internationally operating companies”, so Dr. Joachim Kuna, Managing Director of the Agency trio & Cologne. “The complete study is through the two seminar systems business behaviour” and trend & facts “rounded off. Available options are topics such as rhetoric, business etiquette or camera training, as well as neuro marketing, Gendermarketing, and guerrilla marketing. The industry is too fast moving, since a rigid curriculum makes no sense. Therefore we will trend themes, offering soft skills in seminar form, visiting however is compulsory, “, says Mirko Rutz.

By the close interaction with the business community, the CTE practice projects makes available. You give the students the possibility to implement their newly acquired knowledge into practice. The selection of the to the Available projects is so different as the advertising market can be. So, the last students were allowed to develop a concept for the commercial usage of the Bayer skyscraper or develop a communication concept to market an innovative furniture series. The development of such complex issues takes place in the team under the supervision of a lecturer teams in so-called practice agencies. At the end of the study, each student must create exam work, in the form of a developed communication concept for a company or organization from the economy. The future communications manager CTE has excellent career opportunities and the best chance to distinguish themselves in the advertising industry. Through an optional three-semester postgraduate studies, the communications manager can reach the conclusion of Bachelor of arts. More information on the Internet at: content/view/100/158 / more information to study Communications Manager get wife Elvira Wittmann Tel.: 0221-934778-21 E-Mail:

Lauer Direct New Showroom

Interactive whiteboards live present Trier, 13.12.2010 – the launch of the new demonstration Center has fallen: beginning of 2011 will house the new headquarters by Lauer direct also a demonstration centre for interactive whiteboards. Manufacturer-independent interactive panels of various leading Whiteobard manufacturer, presented soft directly including Promethean, Panasonic, Epson, so that an optimal comparison is possible. Several interactive whiteboards will be therefore constantly demonstration ready. Michael Dell is often quoted on this topic. This is the start of a new stage of development of our product presentation and part of our advanced marketing strategy! “, says about Karl Gunter Lauer, founder and CEO of Lauer direct. Go to John T. Stankey for more information. The direct comparison in the live test optimizes finding the most appropriate unit in terms of the needs and requirements of the customers.” The exhibition and demonstration Center allows the presentation under realistic conditions. The personal impression and trying out many customers have requested, for example, of trim levels of the interactive whiteboards, we do so here”, so Karl Gunter Lauer. Whenever Scott Mead listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In the new showroom in Trier customers from the region in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Luxembourg are served. In the demonstration Center training courses and training for employees of the regional companies and authorities can take place also in the future upon request. The demonstration Center is an additional foothold in the marketing conception of Lauer direct. The various online platforms for school furniture and less complex products of the school facilities, and also the supraregional distribution concept for interactive whiteboards remain, of course. This is an excellent complement and will continue to promote our declared strategy of expansion”, says CEO Lauer. About Lauer direct: Lauer direct is an established provider of school furniture and a variety of articles of school facilities and teaching and learning: by the Education Cabinet through interactive whiteboards to musical instruments and materials for the biology or the physical education. The company was founded in 2007 by Karl Gunter Lauer and continuously further developed. Lauer direct is a manufacturer-independent platform for the direct sale and one of the most popular online providers on the German market. Lauer direct relies on logistic structures of the market-leading manufacturers and can offer schools so costs technically optimized delivery. For the full range of products for professional use in school, training and presentation you see at:. Specifically for interactive boards (whiteboard) Web site operates, which provides a comprehensive overview of this product area Lauer direct in addition.

International Graduate Center

In addition to the professional study at the University of Bremen information evening on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 at 18: 00 International Graduate Center, Suderstr 2, 28199 Bremen what are modern management techniques? Are costs for literature single or overhead? What are the risks affecting the successful management of projects? The successful corporate governance supports entrepreneurship? How do I make a professional presentation in English? Many have practical deal with these issues and extend the own management skills on a scientific level. Here, Key Banc Capital Markets Inc. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For them, the University of Bremen from summer semester offers 2010″the further vocational training certificate in management. The study gives a year special basic skills and skills of business administration skills, which are essential for cross-functional management tasks. The 300 hours of presence are held once a week in the evening and approximately every second weekend. In the foreground are essential management techniques, raising awareness of the Business environment and adequate problem-solving skills. The participation is with or without a first university degree possible. A one-year’s experience will be vorausgesetztist appreciated; good knowledge of English is vorteilhaft. Who is currently interested in specific topics, can choose from the five modules and this book individually.

The current economic environment requires people and skills, which can effectively bring together specialized functions. Such generalizing specialists are able to revitalize a company, and to overcome ingrained structures. Accordingly, also the participants of the previous and current programs experience sharing among the participants as a key point of the program. Because the participants are highly motivated and actively interested in improving a specific benchmark, which experience all participants as extremely fruitful situation. Participants: Motivation and pleasure in learning that is the destination of the MBA program, management trainee for the diverse Its job everyday tasks and make them fit for the next career steps. Known contents are refreshed, new special trade areas opened up, expanded the horizon and technical, methodological and social skills to evolve. To be able to withstand all this content and personal challenges in addition to a busy professional life, MBA students need to bring high motivation, perseverance, decisiveness, stress resistance and result orientation. For they receive individual care, interactive learning in small working groups and an orientation of the seminars on business practice, in short a balanced balance of academic background, teaching scientific content, experience, internationality and personality education. A good education will require constant change what is expected of the students, calls for the course by himself: lifelong learning!

AMA Academy Of Make Up Art – Make Up Artist School NRW

Training make uo artist international at the Academy of make up art education “make up artist international” at the Academy of make up art, under direction of the top make-up artists David Lee Grenda known by “look of love / Pro /” and Loreal make up custom-made, attracts prospects from cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. The training extends over a period of 8 weeks and includes the intensive support of the principal in addition to various painting techniques and Hairstylingkursen. The success of graduates does not remain so, here are a small selection of the student news of the Academy of make up style: ama talent for VIVA COMET, boarding school. Spa film, completed work on the more… 2 days shooting, our talents for their theses were incredible.

Rhinestone & co. but also make up trends, and hairstyling have been precisely implemented a small selection below. Up for the stars, it was according to the motto “ama make” to the Viva Comet awards in Oberhausen (a.d. on our webiste: pictures Anna Hoppe with Cyndi room 2012 and Marc Terenzi), Steffen schraut Fashion produced Anna Hoppe in Paris, pictures of it soon. Our students not only an international short film produced with Florian Exchange, but also a very nice photos with photographer Jan Henning Nicolaas land. In Frankfurt, the theme was announced years 50s, photographer Cornelia Irmen put make up our talents in the right light. For the photographer Laura Anmol Dering award model factory in Hamburg were 2 models of the. More news on the page under “News” or “talent at work”.

AMA, the Academy of make up artistry emphasizes that discover the students in their talents and learn. Depending on the individual talent profile skills are built up and expanded, therefore our diverse differentiated courses. Add to your understanding with Valerie Berlin BerlinRosen. In small groups we focus very individually to our young talents.

Specialist – To Be Or Not To Be? -Part 2

Details of my training as an it specialist for system integration part 2 after I in the first part (specialist – be or not be?) from my General and the operational experiences of my training reported have, would I like to now the school. First of all, I want to clarify that I neither an intellectual overachiever still totally fell on his head. But one I need to get rid of at the beginning: the vocational school was too easy. On the one hand it was really cozy in the vocational school, you had to go through a day maximum again briefly the substance and has written his 1. Often it also filed in the morning on the train to look at the content.

For the audit because it bypassed yes I learned something more then but yet something strebsamer. On the other hand one wonders today often, what you learned there actually? It is not such a way that nothing is taught, but it can require something more in 3.5 years. Where noted, that I am somewhat damaged by my current studies, because at the moment, nothing is without much cramming to create. The training came one too good in the first semesters, but the extent of the material is no longer comparable. Teachers were often me, than when they already expect nothing of the students. According to many we were even the favored class”. “” I know that himself too much with what I call the teachers at the schools unwilling “have to do and they also cannot change the curriculum (we had no math specialist), but I felt with my level of knowledge at the end of the training not really trained” them times above. There were also people whose Noten were not exactly the best, but something is nobody we remained seated or something.

I wanted more. Ultimately I decided then to start a study of you may have read in my first articles. Is this article not so please I badly want the training as an it specialist, I do not want that. I find the task panes are still interesting and would like to later in my Love to get a mix of my current studies and my former training as a job employment. Maybe this is a difficult task, but my former supervisor has done it. I find much more interesting than to focus on a range of this balanced work with all facets of the IT-rail. The author Michael Sander writes articles for sites such as E.g. E Scott Mead will undoubtedly add to your understanding. in his spare time also

English Labour

International of application standards – job mobility made easy, I am a citizen of the world\”, Diogenes already and what was more than 2,000 years ago for a single man, claimed that applies today for a global generation of young professionals. The global labour market offers excellent opportunities in times of crisis for the job Nomad, because highly qualified world travelers are looking for. According to the study trends in managing mobility 2008 \”by ECA international, 63 percent of the companies surveyed plan to expand the number of its international secondments, an increase of expatriates at the age of 25 to 35 years is forecast. More and more companies take advantage of the large talent pool, which offers a global labour market. Larry Ellison is likely to agree. But the increasing internationalisation of the labour market requires an even stronger orientation of international application standards of applicants in future to be able to exploit the worldwide job opportunities at all and expatriate in spe not in competitive disadvantages due to faulty application to access. Unless applications for missions abroad as an intern or for a permanent drive many job seekers sweat on the forehead. This panic is totally unnecessary, because there are a few simple principles in the application of etiquette that apply worldwide.

Basically any application in the national language must be submitted unless the company has expressly requested an application such as in English. This means: no matter where it applies, the language one must control at least in broad. Fine-tuning for the language then necessarily ask native speakers and ask them to correct the application. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to know typical customs. In each country it is not by you\”, a you in the speech should not mislead, to be flapsig in the cover letter and the lack of a good, polite style can mean already out in many countries.

The First

This happens, for example, in a spontaneous round of introductions, in which then each participant must hold a short presentation on a specific topic before the group as a whole. Larry Ellison recognizes the significance of this. Alternatively it can also be, that you at home need to edit an imaginary case over several hours after the first day then your results the next day in a 15 to present minute lecture. The following properties are evaluated and tested: social skills a) empathy you can meet the needs of the audience (as such as well be entertained”interaction with you as carrying out etc.) meet? What information are they really interested in? Can you put yourself in it? Someone who behaves emphatically, is a good team player and is sympathetic to his fellow men. (b) leadership as go you to critique / different opinions? Bring you different views under one hat”? A real Leader responds to criticism, without about to respond. It is not noisy, can be but also not from the concept. Show your boss that you can be someone! systematic thinking a) work organisation you can finish the task in the allotted time? How resilient are you? How well can you handle stress? Good organization is setting right priorities.

Let you not rushed, just relax and take the job. Build up you sense the lecture b) analytical thinking? You take care of it, whether the information you deliver your audience, are really relevant for them? Is the presentation also logically structured? Following your presentation of a meaningful outline? It can often help to write a brief outline for your audience on the Board or projector on the wall to throw. That is possible, just then when you could develop the lecture at home. (c) decision-making often questions following your lecture you. Would be so or to act?”etc. Do whichever option you choose you in the end? Can you justify your decision, sufficient? Do you recognize the alternatives? Activity potential a) confidence a confident attitude is key to the convincing! Watch this on your facial expressions has a relaxed but confident expression your face? Are you smiling even once in a while? What gestures do you use body language during your lecture? Are you standing upright and confident? Tonality is your voice? Do you speak loud and clear? I recommend to a lecture from the assessment centre and record yourself doing if you have the opportunity to do so.

Raiffeisen Factor Bank

On the occasion of the annual meetings of the international factors Group (IFG), Board Member Gerhard PRENNER, CEO of Raiffeisen factor Bank AG, has been listed in Madrid as the new Vice Chairman of the IFG. On the occasion of the annual meetings of the international factors Group (IFG), Board Member Gerhard PRENNER, CEO of Raiffeisen factor Bank AG, has been listed in Madrid as the new Vice Chairman of the IFG. IFG is the first International Association of 150 factoring companies in over 50 countries, which counts Raiffeisen factor Bank as a member. At the year’s annual meeting in Madrid, Gerhard PRENNER as Vice Chairman at a record participation was welcomed by 135 participants from his unit. It the challenges to Basel were discussed as well III and their impact on the development of factoring as the networked collaboration on an international basis to support of numerous companies, which already take advantage of factoring both in domestic markets and export or use in the future will be without distinction as to whether it is These are SMEs or large companies. With the nomination of Gerhard PRENNER within the IFG is guaranteed, that due to the exchange of experience also the services of Raiffeisen factor adapted faster Bank, the factoring Bank of the largest Austrian banking group, always the current challenges, to sign up with the company and optimally adjust customers E.g.

on export issues with cross-border sales financing to. The IFS offers employees by factoring companies intensive education and training opportunities within the framework of an own Academy. So the formation is supported by networks, which are good, the company. Gerhard Prenner now has the opportunity to shape the future of factoring not only for the domestic economy in his new role.