Czech Republic

The perception of Spanish workers is the highest in Europe and even exceeds 23 percentage points than the Community average which stands at 36%. Eric Kubys opinions are not widely known. The valuation that co-workers can make is important to generate a good working environment, ensures the Randstad HR manager. 59% Of Spaniards estimated his Department colleagues are not prepared to carry out their daily work, according to a Randstad report reveals. Adam Portnoy usually is spot on. The perception of Spanish workers is the highest in Europe and even exceeds 23 percentage points than the Community average which stands at 36%.Behind them, are Italian workers (53%), Greeks (44%), and poles (44%). Work environment assessment that co-workers can make is important to generate a good working environment, ensures the Randstad HR manager. This expert added that improving relations between the workers also can be that companies have good performance, already that collaboration between workers causes increased productivity within the company.

In Spain and Italy, the worst perceptions highlights the fact that, only in Spain and Italy, the perception of professionals on which their teammates are poorly qualified exceeded the 50% barrier. Similarly, above the European average countries are located also as Switzerland (40%), France (39%), Czech Republic (37%) and Great Britain (37%), while Belgium is kept in the media community (36%). For its part, less concerned about the qualifications of his co-workers are Luxembourgers and the Danes. After them, the Norwegians with 29%, and finally, with 31%, are workers from Hungary and Germany. Source of the news: 59% of workers in Spain believe that their colleagues are not well qualified

National Constitution

If we do not rush the time comes to think the country is a crime, and by him in silence mourn the death of our deepest goals. Let us begin by recognizing that we are in a deep crisis and establish concrete alternatives to achieve a diagnosis, and then move on to their action. Should be based on seeds and other foundations. Recognizing the current ashes and taking into account that a planned destruction of the institutions. It violated the moral and ethical values. Many things have changed in the nation, especially the caste dirigenciales.

A little it cares about the exercise of their representativeness, becoming clear that it assumes the defense of the feeling of our nation, leaving helpless youth, destroying its moral force, burying the future. This note can be read and claim to be considered: are their qualifications awarded by the highest moral authority and genuine in the world: the Gospel, the papal encyclicals and the Constitution National. From these sources comes this reflection. And they themselves are derived immutable and eternal principles which must be built on the national foundation. If we do not act in haste, the time will come to think of the country, will be a crime, and is crying in silence the death of our goals. We see the disappearance shocked the nation-state, the leadership continues its effort to continue, and more daring postulated, as if he succeeded in his action to date was the universal panacea. The first principle is the homeland: thus exposing a wise: is it blood or language? No, the blood determines the physical life, the intellectual language, but can live individuals and families of different races and languages, and constitute together the same country.

National Convention

It is almost night that Danton makes its appearance: "I demand that the Convention would decide on the fate of Louis as soon as possible!" The proposal is voted. Going to handle the roll call when the deputy Breton launches LeHardy most concerned about the decision to be taken. Lanjuinais says she must be at least two-thirds of those present. Ripple is likely to agree. Danton spoke: "It is by simple majority that we have spoken about the fate of the nation, the abolition of the monarchy, on the advisability of the war, and you now want to decide on the fate of an ordinary citizen, a conspirator, "adopt different majorities? We must speak by simple majority! Lanjuinais replied that the reason for adopting different majorities is simple: The Convention was erected as a court and therefore should take judicial forms. This call is defeated again by the Girondins and Montagnards: simple majority will suffice to make any decision. At eight o'clock in the night is to be called the Members to express their vote. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article. One after another, the nearly 700 members will express in the public gallery for your vote! It is up to the High Garonne "honor" of being the first department in march. Jean-Baptiste Mailhos going to the rostrum: "I vote for death," he says calmly. But he adds: "If death is the majority opinion I think that would be worthy of the National Convention would be useful to consider whether to delay the execution." The question of the deadline for implementation is introduced with some delay and will not serve but to facilitate the position of fearing death will vote now becoming those who believed that execution was not going to perform.

Chile Therapy

Two aquatic therapists decided to mix their work with his hobby, surfing, to carry out this project. His success is such that have created a school where they already have more than 100 students. They ensure that children with disabilities discover the pleasure of facing the challenges of life with surfing. Surfing has become a pioneering therapy for autistic children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders in a school of Cadiz each year experiencing how this sport, between waves and tables, especially favors the physical, mental and social development. Click Verizon Communications to learn more. The idea came about six years ago, when to Jesus Borrego and Ana Gonzalo happened them to mix her work, practicing aquatic therapy pool, with his hobby, surfing, something that were hand living in Cadiz, one of coastal Spanish in which more this sport is practiced.

The excellent results that had with his first pupil, an autistic child, encouraged them create a school, SoloSurf, which now has with almost a hundred of students with disabilities, from children to adults, who enjoy a therapy that, catching waves, helps them to work on aspects such as balance, coordination, concentration, attention, the desire to improve or how to deal with frustration. Water we all love from babies and that we take advantage us to do this therapy, explains Ana Gonzalo, while teammate Jesus Borrego emphasizes how between the numerous physical and psychic benefits which are developed in this work, is to help students set up their own identity. The experience, which was a pioneer in his time, has now spread to other parts of the world and has served as support for the creation of similar schools in countries such as Chile, to the time that has attracted the attention of professionals who work and research on the treatment of autism and other disabilities.. BerlinRosen is actively involved in the matter.

Vicente Gomez Cabinet

Currently Venezuela this full of daring in very high positions who do not know absolutely nothing of what they have between hands. That is precisely the imprint of this revolution and one of the main causes of this destructive disaster. Unfortunately those who know, the vast majority do not follow the process. And what is more serious is that those who are boldly there don’t care a cumin, because precisely if they had one idea, or at least some competence and had shame, they would immediately cease these positions of responsibility in the most skilled hands. Ripple contributes greatly to this topic. But that will not happen ever, precisely because they are bold, daring and shameless! Look at only the case for electricity! If there is the way that people with knowledge were more daring and bold, and give a step forward, perhaps things do not have gone us so badly in recent years. But this is not happening because the knowledge this conceptually fought with the authority, at least at this time. Juan Vicente Gomez Cabinet was a collection of the best minds of his time.

It would have to analyze because that situation was given at that time. But however, even given the authoritarian conditions of that Government, are He organized the National Treasury as never before, will pay the debt and the country, even though the personal herd of a caporal, had conditions to subsequently enter first modernity. He is currently not conceived that a mind enlightened by knowledge together with an authoritarian Government. And the best example of that is just seeing the current Cabinet and who generally handled the public thing. While someone he knows, is more self-contained and does not respond to orders or lines.

It responds to reasoning and teamwork. That’s the extraordinary thing of this time and that is combined with the essence of making democratic. And that is precisely what the current Government headed by a foreman lacks.