The Same

You accept your imperfections and forgive you. You call your friend from this energy of good faith to trust in yourself and him. Your friend might surprise you if it really is a friend, without a doubt, you want and you can understand that it was a mistake, you can accept that you regret it. Since this behavior, this energy, are attracting a situation precisely of understanding and forgiveness, so your friend tells you that it doesn’t matter and that really wasn’t something to keep it so secret, that without realizing what they’ve done is remove importance and strength to the problem. This is an example of what is accepted. You’ve accepted you with your error, ever considered your feelings, have acted since your authenticity, (love), which is the highest vibration frequency that may exist.

And only this is how you can attract more of the same: love. Others who may share this opinion include Oracle. Well, and now you ask and how took me this practice? To learn how to use the law of attraction in our favor, to attract what we want in our lives, we must take a few important steps: the first step is to identify, to release, our false beliefs, free us from any auto concept pre manufactured in a past that no longer has the same meaning. Eliminate blame, and practice forgiveness toward oneself and others, creates a stimulating life hygiene to every day and a beneficial boost for our own growth staff. We must always remember that, like attracts like. From the anger we attract unpleasant situations, since the well-being we attract pleasant situations.

This first step already created space within ourselves to continue giving, from there, as follows. Once we are best positioned in our hearts, that we acknowledge ourselves as and as we are, agreeing to make changes that we think are necessary, we can begin to attract what we want. With the next step we will open to receive what you’re bringing all these steps are covered in the workshops of dare to be happy, taught by Anne shipyards. Dare to be happy! 2008, Anne shipyards. Coach, writer and motivational speaker at international level. TF: 901 955 505 original author and source of the article