YouTeach – Know His

YouTeach is smart. “” YouTeach is a media portal for school, study and everyday life and is thus often as “YouTube E-learning” or “Galileo of the video portals”. Created YouTeach is 2.0 a year ago in a State thesis under the BETA – project name “Nethattan” and a pure E-learning portal based on a weblog and Forum systems. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. This portal was used after a test phase as preBeta “Netscience” in teaching at schools in Schleswig-Holstein and in seminars of the University of Flensburg. Over 300 user blogged mainly on topics from school and study and led to attention and first articles in the trade press. So were our ideas of a portal for media recycled knowledge and learning with modern web2. 0 media still does not meet.

In November 2007 the possibility to publish the project in the version 2.0 as YouTeach surrendered media for project manager Sven Sommer with his company summer. “YouTeach – you’re the teacher” is the theme and concept of the updated page. Anyone can be a teacher; each topic can be interesting taught be! YouTeach 2.0 offers the possibility to publish free self-made media individuals, companies, associations and educational institutions. Videos or podcasts can be placed, uploaded documents or images are, groups founded, discussed with other users in forums, guestbooks and comments and a private Web log posted. With 500 media placements since the launch in November 2007 and 300 of existing weblogs YouTeach among media promoted knowledge and E-learning the currently fastest growing German-speaking Mediencommunities in the area.

YouTeach as project has several goals: to a knowledge platform is created with, the class instead of mass offers. Interesting and exciting educational and creative media offers on the net, which often perish in the size and abundance of common portals are meant. On the other hand, YouTeach is used, to skills in dealing with web2 in teaching at schools and universities. 0 media to gain. Science and education are her gray veil also in the network withdrawn. Medial recycled knowledge does not Insubstantiality. Knowledge need not be boring and everyone can give interesting knowledge and skills. Sven Sommer Samuel media