The partnership with ViProSim is an important step for us, to show what is currently feasible and to discuss with experts the developments of the next few years”, added Hanjo Nyhuis, managing partner and founder of MOVING element GmbH. Visitors of 2008 the economic event of the year and the most important platform for technical innovation were Hanover Trade fair at the stand of the OWL ViProSim e. Credit: Gary Kelly -2011. V., from 21 to 25 April 2008 some of the projects implemented so far by the MOVING element GmbH presents and were already very positive response from visitors. The next planned steps of cooperation are conferences, workshops and events on which decision makers of companies and experts discuss strategies, ideas and visions of the use of VR, AR and 3D technologies, but also new business and Revenue models will be evaluated for the manufacturing industry. Details of MOVING element MOVING element is a strategically thinking technology creative consultant and specialist in virtual product design and digital applications and developed convergent solutions in the areas of digital media, product design, software, business strategy and innovation. MOVING ELEMENTS is as technology-driven interactive agency of one of the pioneers in the development of 3D-echtzeitbasierenden decision systems.

With the linking of ERP systems and highly realistic 3D specialists develop including 3D-Produktkonfiguratoren and training applications, glassworks, GROHE or MIELE for revenue increases, cost reductions and higher customer satisfaction provide the major customers of the company, such as such as A. Hear other arguments on the topic with Physical Therapist jobs. LANGE & SoHNE. Information about ViProSim task of the OWL ViProSim e. V., which has a wide network of experts, is above all the support medium-sized companies in the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe in the acquisition of basic and application knowledge of virtual prototyping & simulation (VPS) in the development and production planning process. This allows keeping the pace of innovation and the innovative strength to top level and ensuring the competitiveness of the Member companies in the future. Press contact: MOVING item GmbH wife Katja Miersch Mansfelder road 56 06108 Halle (Saale) Central German Multimedia Centre Tel. + 49 345 203694-61 fax + 49 345 203694-66 E-Mail: Web:

Mexico International Rescue Brigade

Currently, a permanent base coordinates the work of hundreds of teams of volunteer chaplain, who continue to help in the refugee camps. In 2011 were the clergy locally in combating fires in the vicinity of Haifa in Israel. People also got the valuable assistance following floods in Australia, Thailand, Pakistan and after the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the tornadoes in Alabama and Missouri. In Japan the ancillary activities of the honorary Scientology peaked provisional clergy in 2011. Although the media had predicted an imminent nuclear disaster, they made the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami on the way to the northeast of Japan’s first Volunteer Ministers hours after. You helped with the search and rescue operations and provided assistance for the survivors.

Even today are the clergy on the ground and help in the entire region, where aid is required. Since September 11, 2001, the work of Volunteer Ministers embodies the vision, which was L. Ron Hubbard for the humanitarian movement: A volunteer chaplain closes his eyes before the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather he is trained, to get these things under control and to help others, to get rid of them and to reach new personal strength.” In the last 10 years, spiritual representatives of over 1,100 organizations have trained volunteer Scientology. You have partnerships with them entered as the Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army, National Guard, Mexico International Rescue Brigade, the Boy Scouts, as well as hundreds of local, regional and national groups and organizations. You have always voluntarily set their care and their skills and physical and mental relief brought their fellows in over 200 disaster areas. Today, hundreds of thousands of people in more than 185 Nations in the skills of volunteers are Trained clergy.

Norbert Porazik

Fund financial donates 10,000 euros on “Action helps Germany” Cologne/Munich, 19.06.2013 the Fund financial broker GmbH participates in the flood relief of 2013 Norbert Porazik, managing partner of the broker pools, Germany handed over a donation cheque in the amount of 10,000 euros to the action within the framework of the 3rd KVK trade fair in Cologne helps e. V.” The day-long rain of in recent weeks has covered with a flood of disaster never seen Germany. Numerous cities were flooded, thousands of people had to leave their homes and bring in security. The water masses have completely destroyed the possessions of many people after the floods of 2002 partially already for the second time within a few years. “The Fund financial feels the responsibility to assist the victims of the flood in this serious situation and donates 10,000 euros to the aid Alliance action Germany help”. The images of people have impressed me, which can’t, leave, although in the floods everything have lost.

That despite the shock of fate with energy Pack to help others, begin the cleanup”, says Norbert Porazik. Many citizens help in the disaster areas, working to the point of exhaustion. Financial the Fund would like to take part in this help. “” That is why we support the flood relief of action Germany help “with 10,000 euro”, so Porazik. Norbert Porazik handed over on 13 June 2013 at Kai Pleuser of action Germany helps”the donation cheque on the 3rd Cologne insurance and investment fair. The Alliance partners of action Germany were immediately at the start, considered to reinforce dikes to protect settlements, to provide volunteers, carry out evacuations and to provide the people concerned with food, drinking water and medical aid. Now the cleanup have begun, the extent of destruction is visible and each euro is needed to rebuild for example social institutions. Kai Pleuser helps by action Germany was pleased with the support of the company: the management of the Fund financial did not hesitate in the face of news from the flood plains, but was exemplary.

Wagner Agency

Successful brand management, brand management and brand consulting combined with online skills of plenty of. A related site: Scott Kahan mentions similar findings. Reutlingen (05.08.2013) – since childhood days of advertising, excited, decided in June 2003 their professional experience and knowledge in a joint agency to bring together the brothers Marcus and Peter Wagner. Marcus Wagner was after studying marketing at renowned agencies in Hamburg and Stuttgart. Here he worked for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, lucky strike, and T-Online. Peter Wagner recognized the potential of the rapidly expanding Internet already during his studies and specialized in this. We trust us that now simply with its conceptual alignment of strategic expertise, in combination with online capabilities, they belonged to the first of the region of Reutlingen / Tubingen. For many companies in the region we were ahead at that time too far a step.

At the time, it was clear to us how important will be the social media or even viral marketing”, said Peter Wagner. The experiences and references that we could then collect, are our greatest asset. We are optimally positioned, creative and extremely effectively to implement the demanding orders of our customers.” 2004 Jan Oliver Staib Wagner Wagner joined. The trained advertising technician and studied marketing and communications business is the expert for print production, packaging and corporate design. The portfolio of the Agency could be expanded so significantly.

Sanchez of then equal Managing Director was in 2009. Organic growth and an international clientele In the course of time the Agency widened further and gained new customers. It was the Wagner brothers important organic growth”to install. We are proud of the fact that we had never laid off an employee”, said Peter Wagner. Today, the advertising specialists serve nearly 180 customers, for they realized more than 2400 projects. Regional include among others the IHK Reutlingen, Tubingen, Neckar-ALB, the towns of Reutlingen and Tubingen and the wholesale bakery K & U to the clients.

Festival Hall Radefeld

Fencing club Schkeuditz is the fencing club is international tournament for the ninth time Schkeuditz from the A youth tournament in women’s and men’s foil. On April 17 and 18, the fencing club directed Schkeuditz of the 9. International Airport tournament. Around 120 athletes from Germany, Poland become the youth foil tournament. Czech Republic and Latvia expected.

Because the tournament ranking is required for the qualification to participate in the German Championship, exciting battles to the coveted points are guaranteed. The preliminary round fights in singles take place on the 17th from 10:00 in the sport and Festival Hall Radefeld. The final starts against 17:00 in the Leipzig-Halle airport reception building. In anticipation of the final scenes from her cloak and sword play Cyrano de Bergerac show large Professor Claus, Professor of stage combat at the University for music and theater Leipzig, and his students”. On 18 April, the Mannschaftskamfe to the cup of the big city at Schkeuditz follow in the sport and Festival Hall Radefeld. The entrance to the fencing tournament is for Free viewers, for the physical well-being is taken care of. Mike Jacobs

Portuguese Cork

“Environmental magazine issues surrounding forest and environment: from the economic importance of German forests to the struggle of Indians against mining in Panama year of miracles and turning forests?” is the focus of the current issue of ForestFinest, the free environmental magazine for global forestry. The bi-annual environmental magazine of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance aimed at environmentally conscious investors, interested in forestry and all who want to live sustainably and read. In the first issue of 2011, the environmental magazine reported the world’s forests in UN-, launched to protect. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge. You will learn what forest and trees for the world in numbers, data and facts but also in stories about the wonders of nature. ForestFinest presents an unflinching German Forester, who does everything to protect its forest and at the same time profitably farmed him.

Reported is also Portuguese Cork oak forests in the environmental magazine and reported by the hope forest in Japan. After earthquake,. For assistance, try visiting Verizon Communications. The forests around Fukushima Japan can help tsunami and nuclear disaster by storing the deadly radiation. Since ForestFinest is the customer magazine of the internationally operating company ForestFinance, also people were polled for the cover story of the environmental magazine from three continents, which they combined with forest. In addition to the large forest special, the environmental magazine as in each edition offers reports and interviews to forestry, tropical forest and climate protection.

Calculations to the immense importance of forestry in Germany are a main theme of this issue of environment magazine. Forestry and timber industry makes in this country more revenue than engineering, commonly considered the economic powerhouse. But also wood, which comes from reservoirs and why they are in particular demand among connoisseurs will be illuminated. An article devoted to the topic such as forest brought prosperity in one of the poorest regions in Vietnam and especially exciting is the traditional reportage of the magazine.

The New Catalogue Fair Giving 2012 / 2013

Books and gift ideas guaranteed fair trade which new catalog gift with books and gift ideas guaranteed fair trade fair is released! The catalogue offers to an arts and crafts store, fabric products and more, produced hand-crafted fair trade goods. On the other hand, the catalogue contains a selection of gift books, as well as Christmas & kids books. Special highlights this year: a range of Pashmina Shawls from Nepal and ceramic cups from Thailand. All fair, you can give good conscience trade gifts in the catalog, because it supports fair working conditions for the producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America: all craft items are guaranteed fair trade. They are eco-friendly, sustainable and fair produced by small producer groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Fair trade or fair trade means that the producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America will receive fair prices for their products. Exploitative child labour is excluded in the production of the goods, the middlemen will be avoided as far as possible. This and other criteria for fair trade products are laid down by the international fair labeling Organization (FLO) and monitored.

BONAGO Managing Director Mark Gregg As An Adjudicator At International Awards

BONAGO acts as an adjudicator at international awards Munich Managing Director Mark Gregg, 20.09.2013: BONAGO Managing Director Mark Gregg is part of the jury at the prepaid awards and the emerging payments awards on 2nd October 2013 in London. The prepaid Awards, founded in 2008, and the emerging payments Awards, which take place this year for the first time, be awarded the best in the coupon industry and emerging innovations in payments in over 30 categories. Among others are the best worldwide coupon innovation and the best mobile app for payment awarded the best coupon marketing campaign of the United Kingdom. Called by his many years of experience in the voucher and incentive industry and producer of international was gift card & couponing Summit and Vice President of the IMA Europe (incentive Marketing Association) Mark Gregg as juror for both awards. Editor, program owners, retailers, merchants and women, payment service providers and manufacturers could apply. For both awards, the participants could apply online. “Mark Gregg about his duty as a juror for the prepaid awards and emerging payments Awards: I look forward to these events primarily on creative innovations and international exchange within our industry.” Both events are at an evening Gala in the Lancaster London hotel in London on 2 October 2013 rather than it be expected about 750 guests.