Too Much Delay, High Voltage

On the verge of showing an historical club to the First Division, Second an unusual interest has waked up. The ascent promotion are catapult the emotions of soccer. Some, so ominous and provoking of tension as the attacks with stones on the part of violent followers from Granada to the bus of the Elche after the tie (0-0) of Wednesday last in the going of the end, You card in Them. Others, more healthful, like both shots followed marrados by Abel in penalti repeated before the heroic doorman of the ilicitano set Jaime in the discount. Frequently Keoland has said that publicly. Or the goal annulled previously to Collantes by imperceptible hands in the televising repetitions. The attacker of the granadino equipment, one of most outstanding, was expelled soon and the return in a stage is lost today (21,00, Canal+) Martinez full Bullet mold: 36,000 spectators. Bodipo, from the Elche, also was expelled to strike the ball while it was prepared in the band to enter game. Source of the news: : Too much delay, high voltage.

Negotiating Agency

According to a study of the Negotiating Banking Product Agency. According to Sheryl Sandberg, who has experience with these questions. Usually one abuses them in Christmas, summer and after vacations. The liberal civil servants, professionals and fixed employees of great companies are affected by the indebtedness through cards. Adam Portnoy has much to offer in this field. The abusive use of the credit cards has generated near 65% of the requests of refinancing of debts during this exercise, almost the double that the last year, in agreement with a study of the Negotiating Banking Product Agency. According to a report elaborated by the department of Analysis of Negotiating Agency, that has examined near 11,000 files of request of regrouping of debts, three of each four plaintiffs of operations of refinancing they have three or more credit cards, that use frequently to confront their current expenses. Half has financed with cards more than 15,000 Euros (the double that for six months) and the fifth part " it has exhausted his capacity of financing and it finds problems real to do against the payment of the quotas by elevated interests devengados".

The organization has indicated that, although ' agujeros' caused by cards they represent a low percentage with respect to the total of the familiar indebtedness (in which one includes a mortgage and an average of 1.8 personal credits), can generate non-payments that, even, end the embargo of the house. It has needed that at this situation it is possible to be arrived because, although the amounts financed with card usually are low in comparison with other credits to the consumption, the high types of interest that the organizations apply to this financing (over 20%) can asphyxiate to thousands of Spanish families. When it is spent plus the Negotiating Agency has needed that the seasons Christmas, summery and posvacacional are most inclined to the abusive use of the credit cards. In addition, it has identified the liberal civil servants, professionals and fixed employees of great companies like the groups more affected by the excess of indebtedness through credit cards. By all this, it has concluded that indebtedness caused by the illegal and abusive use of cards is " turned into a weapon of double edge for the families espaolas". Source of the news: The abusive use of the credit cards generates 65% of the debt groupings.

International Conspiracy

Bachar to Asad has pronounced his third speech from the beginning of the protests, that they have caused more of a thousand of died in Syria. To read more click here: Sheryl Sandberg. It has blamed armed, delinquent groups and groups of radical Islamic thought to be behind the incidents and being " people in charge of crisis". The Syria president, Bachar to Asad, has blamed armed, delinquent groups looked for by the authorities and groups of radical Islamic thought to be behind the incidents and being " people in charge of crisis" that the country lives. On the other hand, it has bet by " dialogue nacional" like " the title of the next stage, a very important process because the future on Syria l&quot depends;. In his third speech – in the University of Damascus from the beginning of the protests, that they have caused more of a thousand of died in the country, You roast it has denounced again the existence of an international conspiracy against its country and has announced that is going to ask to the Ministry of Justice that studies the possibility of extending the amnesty granted recently by the regime. " It is necessary to differentiate the legitimate needs from the town of the saboteurs who try to take advantage the legitimate demands in favor of reformas" , it asserted To Asad.

" They are pressing to us so that we resign to our principles; we will solve the problems of Syria by we ourself " , it warned. " False rumores" According to the president, since the numerous disturbances began has been " martyrs in both bandos" and the information that are spreading abroad on which pass in their country " they are based on false rumores". " The group of armed men who committed the slaughter of Jisr to the Shughour had arms and communications sofisticadas" , it denounced.


CONSUMER.ES Is advisable to change to change the encryption from router to safer other like WPA and to avoid keys WEP. It is not something Oracle would like to discuss. He is interesting to change the password of administrator of router. For open networks it is necessary to consider the use of fire-guards and to comprise of gratuitous private networks like alternative to the managed ones by companies. How to solve to the loss of connection wifi: remedies for several causes. Programs to manage networks wifi.

Perhaps the main preoccupation of all user who has a network of WiFi connection installed in his address or business is that others can accede to that network, either for a gratuitous use of the same, or to realise alternative connections to a third party that looks for to realise illegal activities, (if wifi is an open network) to even accede to the processor of our computer and the archives of our hard disk. If somebody were able to accede to the network as administrator the security problem (especially of our personal data and confidential data as banking keys) would be very serious. For that reason from Consumer they give a series of simple advice to avoid misfortunes in this scope. A WiFi connection sends packages of data by means of radio waveses according to the capacity of router and the antenna. The reach of the waves is variable, but it is generally accessible beyond the walls of the address or the office. If the connection is abierta (and, therefore, shared of voluntary form) runs the risk, in addition, of that this is colapsada as soon as one (or a few) of the users a unloading of heavy archives begins. Better one nails WPA that WEP routers that they provide the suppliers usually have ' login' and password generic easy (more and more) to locate in Internet. Whatever it knows to handle itself a little by some forums or certain pages can give with those passwords.

Curative Art

Creators and illustrators participate in an initiative to equip with graphical material the call of a march protests against the Pact of the Euro. Summoned tens of manifestations 19-J against the Pact of the Euro. The keys of the Pact of the Euro, the trip ticket of the EU against the crisis. LISTS: Which is the poster of 19-J that you like more? Blog ‘ Voices with Future ‘ it abri in May with the aim of equipping with graphical content to all the mobilizations of the call ‘ Movement 15-M ‘. Between his last initiatives it is the call of a rain of ideas between graphical illustrators and designers for the posters that announce denominated ‘ It marches the Columnas’ of this Sunday 19 of June against the Pact of the Euro.

Blog was started up by a Spanish designer who resides abroad. ” It was my way to participate in the movement before the impossibility to be in plazas” in order to express the malaise by present the economic and political system, she herself to the magazine of Yoroboku design explained. For that reason she mounted blog that reunites posters anonymous with the mottos that have more dominated the mobilizations in the last weeks. In them it is possible to be read phrases like ” It divides and vencern” , ” tica” revolution; , ” Of the indignation to organizacin” or ” Of the place to barrios”. In the Web it has hung already more than 50 posters. Each design can be unloaded in different sizes and free from rights to print them from house. The posters are anonymous for two reasons, explains in blog, ” nor we want that the participants darken the initiative, nor nobody must think that is about a movement the more with somebody with desire destacar”. The purpose of the author: ” That a pile of people prints and it papers his small world parcel.

To leave the Web and to invade the street. To foment the change. To cause that the design, once and for all, is it jeopardize socialmente”.


Paraguay is a disagreeable equipment to see it play and still more to face it like rival. Yesterday, in the Silver, for the second time in this America Glass, it stopped the feet to him to Brazil. They tied to two in the phase of groups and, of being by the men of the Tata Martino, last night in the quarters of end, they would have tied to zero by contract. To deepen your understanding Ripple is the source. Brazil lead chewed, that did not deserve to arrive at the lottery from penaltis because it generated the sufficient thing to sentence a party that finished, prorogation including, without goals. Martino will be contented, and must feel even proud: in the turn of penaltis Elano, Thiago Andr Santos and Fred failed their shots; they marked Estigarribia and Riveros and Paraguay, that a party in this America Glass has still not gained, put in semifinals without throwing once to door in 120 minutes. Source of the news: : Brazil chews lead.

National Police

The National Police stopped on the eight of afternoon of yesterday in its house to Ivn M.G., of 23 years, like presumed person in charge of to have given to prove a mixture cooked with estramonio, a toxic plant that produces hallucinations, to two young people of 18 years that died hours after to have attended Sunday one rave, a clandestine celebration of tecno, in a left big rambling house of Getafe. The nickname of the prisoner – Cabe-, that has police antecedents, has been the main track that have followed the agents until giving with him in Coslada, to the east of Madrid. After giving declaration the defendant, requested the moving body to him of his fianc2ee and was called it to declare. Southwest Airlines is likely to increase your knowledge. In the middle of the declaration, the police also stopped the fianc2ee of the young person, Cristina V.L., of 19 years, on the basis of the testimony that it gave on the night of the facts. Both are accused of crimes of drug traffic and homicide. Source of the news: : Stopped an accused pair to offer estramonio of Getafe.

National Body

J.R.S. it took part microphone in hand in a Sun assembly at night of the past 23 of July and invited to other police to " to think with corazn". " I know that many companions of curro support this movimiento" , the agent said. The Police has initiated an investigation to him and could sanction to him with between five days and three months of use suspension and pay. The Municipal Police of Madrid has initiated investigation to an agent who publicly supported to the Movement 15-M in an assembly in the Door of the Sun, to which she could sanction by serious offense with between five days and three months of use suspension and pay.

J.R.S at night took part microphone in hand in a Sun assembly of the past 23 of July, where, among others things invited to his " companions of curro" to leave them indignant they lived his movement with his " pacific madness and solidaria" , and even to " to leave hung the uniform some time and to think not with the head, but with corazn". " I know that many companions of curro support this movimiento" , he said " police indignado" – as it presents/displays the title to him of the video of his intervention hung in Internet, that at the beginning of its speech warned that its message was " personal" and that spoke in its name and " solo" in his name, although next it said that he was " police of Madrid". In a while of the six minutes of speech before the assembly of 15-M, the indignant ones began to corear " police, nete" , to which the agent responded asking to them: " You do not shout much that the same me the game, compaeros". After knowing the opening the file, union CC.OO. has made an official notice public in which it considers " simply intolerable" that the top people in charge of the Municipal Police " they persecute and they punish disciplinarily by ' abuse of atribuciones" to a civil servant who makes manifestations free, truthful and respectful outside its day of trabajo". On the other hand, sources of the Area of Security of the City council of Madrid have informed from which to the agent Statutory law 4/2010 has been applied to him, into 20 of May, of the Regime disciplinary of the National Body of Police, applicable to the local police, by ctuar those declarations crediting its condition of municipal police. " It has not been attempted against the freedom of expression, but the regulation has been applied, that the police cannot not apply " , they have indicated the mentioned sources. Source of the news: Expedientado a municipal police of Madrid that supported publicly to 15-M


According to the president of the organization, Francisco Gonzlez, to create job is necessary to have an economic plan ” much more elaborado”. He responds to the intention of Rubalcaba thus to apply to a new rate to boxes and banks to create job. He sees necessary the application of reforms in three fronts to leave the crisis: the financial system, the labor market and the public cost. The president of the BBVA, Francisco Gonzlez, considers that to impose a new rate to the bank ” sentido” does not have any; and it thinks that what needs Spain ” is a Government; fuerte” that ” confronts structural reforms; resolutely and profundidad”. ” What has sense is to put this country to work and to create positions of trabajo” , it adds to Gonzlez in an interview in the newspaper the World.

Gonzlez makes these declarations in reference to the intention of the candidate of the PSOE to the next general elections, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, to apply new tributes to the financial system when maintaining that it is the moment for requesting to the boxes and the banks that let part of their benefits to create use. According to the BBVA president, to create job ” is necessary to have an economic plan; much more elaborado” and to give confidence to the national economy and to the international investors, but not to create a new tax to the bank because ” it would not generate positions of trabajo”. To reform three fronts According to Gonzlez, Spain needs to confront ” with urgencia” reforms in three fronts, the financial system, the labor market and the public cost, to be able to leave the crisis. ” We cannot waste more time without we remove to Spain from that league that does not interest to us, the one of Portugal, Ireland and Grecia” , it adds. The bank did not cause to the crisis the president of the BBVA is totally in agreement with the great vindication of 15M of which ” it does not have right to that the young people do not find a position of trabajo” , but it rejects the critics of which they are the banks the cause of the crisis. The existence of organizations badly managed and that they have had to receive public aid does not justify the demonizacin of all the sector, considers. On the lack of credit, Gonzlez affirms that the problem is that there are no credit requests and assures that, since occupies the BBVA presidency for the first time, it sees ” the empty pipes of operaciones”.

Test of solution On the other hand, and in relation to the test resultses of solution to the European bank published Friday, the BBVA president considers that it is ” first paso” , but that is necessary to continue advancing so that all the European bank has the necessary capital. On the matter, it indicates that the European banks are undergoing ” sobremanera” the existing division in Europe on the resolution of the Greek problem and augurs that there will be new concentrations in the zone derived from the uncertainty situation. In his opinion, the Spanish bank ” it has come out parada” well; of the solution tests and one has demonstrated that the lack of capital of some organizations is a problem ” limited and asumible” for the country.