Role Of Director Of A School Unity In The Present Of Education Education

Role of the director of a school unit in the present of the Chilean education role of the director of a school unit in the present of education in Chile. Learn to listen and answer today morning. By Cristian Flores Escalona. * August – 2008. At a time when the subject of education holds the major national newspapers, the eye focuses on them, which lead (transformational level) and managed (operational level) an educational community.

The responsibility of every school principal with an educational organization is very important. a l is a key to the success of an educational institution. A director must lead the change. Jean Lebrecht (2007), educational consultant says that the main function of the headmaster is to provide leadership and professional management for a school unit. This is to create a solid basis for achieving high standards in all areas of school work. The development of competitive strategies within an organization is in the hands of the driver central, ie the academic authority.

Therefore, all these tasks to be undertaken, add five criteria for action, allowing you to grow in their role. These are: understand your school, observe classes, attend to the symbols, rituals, lead by example, manage the moral purpose and teamwork. When you point the understanding of the school, we mean the broad condition of listening and note the educational context, that you understand the times and internal rhythms of their school. In this way, you will see the best educational environment and climate.