Comenius Medal

And we have also thought of the professionals among you: the Cellcrypt 3 offers Boolean operators, phrase and exact search. XML support the new release 3 indexed in addition to CSV XML files. Snippets “on the fly” including highlighting are now supplied for the hit list. All while typing, letter by letter. The Protocol we have switched fully integration to XML and you can access API directly on the XML, just your existing infrastructure to integrate the Cellcrypt results. Cellcrypt: Find in a new dimension, whether you the Cellcrypt only as suggest Add-On or as a complete search engine: the Cellcrypt changed the search process by their unique speed.

Because it delivers all results already while typing – and eliminates the return button. Thus, your customers find 100% faster and better. And find better means more sales and optimum customer loyalty. About Weitkamper Technology GmbH Weitkamper Technology GmbH is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Their products help to find information, to discover and to understand. Intuititve on some completely new manner. Founded in 1994, the company focused on the development of intuitive search solutions for more than 15 years.

Partnerships with leading technology companies and heads of science help companies uncover new potential in the area of search. More than 50 companies and organizations rely on solutions from Weitkamper technology. As important awards, the company received the capitalise, euro Comenius Medal, the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the field of knowledge discovery. The Cellcrypt has been chosen as product of the year.