Where the current reality of Inhassoro is placed in terms of its geographical location, the conformation of the administrative political structure, the typical language of the community, the meaning of the family unit, different religious practices and the value of the land as a source of tradition and culture, to recognize their own relations and inequalities in control and the use of resources, and who according to its position have the power legitimacy on these. The second part represents the governmental system, through how can meet the needs of the population in different areas: economic activity; the conditions of life; education and health, and; the judicial system, order and public safety. In the sense of achieving the main objectives for the overcoming of poverty and taking into account a gender perspective. Learn more about this with Scott Kahan. Finally, the main conclusions will be established for the research, although probably for tomorrow because they will be obsolete, because what is valid today responds to a space and given context, but helps us build and form our own future, for this reason there are to work in this present an opportunity to insert the conciencializacion recognize the gender perspective in all areas and sofight for a more just and equitable society. Complete research: 1 I mean racism by having a white skin color, being that my place of origin is Chile. And yet, it is very little transition time for the existence of a true reconciliation and overcoming of resentment to the former colony and the rest of barbarities that were made in this continent, in addition to the usufruct of their resources..

Albert Einstein

There are some questions to be answered, especially by professionals of the administration, with which we are committed to their training, such as: How do you find order in a chaotic universe? Why an order is not synonymous with control? How can we create organizations more open, participatory, and better able to adapt? How is possible to reconcile individual autonomy and organizational control? What makes an organization to renew and grow instead of decline and die? Can be added other such:: How adequately address the turmoil? How to cope with the impact of the surrounding variables? How adequately trained human element to an order requiring increasingly competitive, productive and requires a new leadership?

Among others. He says Wheatley, who believes that the process of discovery and invention of new organizational forms that inhabit the century just begun. To be responsible for inventors and discoverers, however, it takes courage to let go of the old world, to reject almost everything that we have blessed, to abandon our interpretations about what works or not. Remember what the great physicist Albert Einstein said: No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. We must learn how to discover the world anew. Wheatley indicates not forget that each of us lives and works in organizations designed according to the Newtonian picture of the universe, ie, we handle splitting the things into parts, and we believe that influence occurs as a direct result of the force exerted by one person over another, we engage in complex planning for a world that we hope will be predictable, and seek better ways to perceive objectively. a This is a reality that can not be ignored, we need to Newtonian mechanics with which we design and conduct our organizations, and are also investigated in the social sciences. ..

Programmer Information

During the crisis, many leaders strive to reduce costs of the enterprise. One of the fundamental measures is to reduce staff. But as you know, not all categories of staff can be attributed to the so-called 'office plankton '. For example, a very important role in the management of electronic documents is a staff programmer or the appropriate IT department. Not for whom, it is no secret that the contents of the staff of specialists in the field 1C programming is very expensive. Given the fact that the account in your organization have long been shipped, we can safely say that the loading of these professionals have not been such as to the period when there was introduction of a software product of 1C. Filed under: Larry Ellison.

From this it follows that to maintain in working order of your information system will be enough to cause third-party experts in the field setting 1C (programmers), for current challenges. And depending on the complexity of the problem will be sent to specialist qualifications. To date, there are many companies offering a wide range of services in maintenance of your information system. Options for cooperation can be negotiated and approved by the relevant treaty. For example, we can conclude the subscriber agreement, which you will register the number of hours per month should give you an expert to solve the problem with the configuration of 1C. Or you can call a specialist in on-demand 1C. For more interoperability company you trust services, may configure remote access to your information system.

Any of these options will be cheaper than a programmer on staff. Another advantage of this variant of interaction is that you do not have use the services of one company. You can spread the execution of various tasks among different companies. For example, networks, office equipment and system software deals with one company and accompaniment, updates, and advice on another program, 1C, or just an outside freelance programmer.

Economic Development

Since mainly focus on the consequences, it turns out of assessment methodologies that do not depend on. In our opinion, the normal “result” in the form of consequences, the responsibility of the appraiser, depends on both the process performance evaluation services to the requirements of technique. If normal method (valid), then the report will be normal (positive verification). Further responsibility for the actions the customer must be very customer service evaluation. In our opinion, the responsibility NSOD as Professional organizations should include certification procedures and sampling SROO compliance with reviewing the evaluation reports. Moreover, these techniques must be executed SROO as standards organizations, and NSOD must create a system of standardization in the field of valuation services and a national technical committee on standardization in the field of valuation. As part of this committee must approve the national standards for appraisal services.

Among these standards should be a national standard “method of reviewing evaluation reports.” Interest in the examination report on the evaluation occurs in the supervisory authority, the agency that manages state property, and other persons. In this body of executive power not forbidden to organize under the law of the professional inspection report on the assessment by national standards. Therefore, there is no need to create a “legal centaur” in the form of federal standards for evaluation. Tomorrow regional or municipal authorities will also want to have their “regional or local standards for evaluation.” In our opinion, supervisory officials or agencies do not possess the professional competence (knowledge, skills and professional techniques) to review evaluation reports and in their official regulations should not be are such functions. In their administrative competence should include only inspection of administrative (legal) property valuation report. References 1. Methodical recommendations on examination of reports on evaluation / / 2.

Regulations on the procedure of the examination report on the evaluation of securities, the requirements and procedure for selecting self-regulatory organization of appraisers performing the examination / / Order of the Economic Development of Russia, 29 September 2006 N 303. – Consultant Plus. 3. The order of examination of evaluation reports / / Order of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management from 09.10.20