LoanCheck SA Luxembourg

The ThomasLloyd Group PLC (ThomasLloyd) has announced that it has agreed to acquire warrants to 20 per cent of the share capital of LoanCheck SA Luxembourg (LoanCheck). Loan check is the leading supplier of judicial analysis reports and auditing services to borrowers in England. By LoanCheck Foundation limited”, the society operates the platform. No cost of entry, the site allows to verify that the calculated fees and interest rates are correct them for a mortgage or consumer loan borrowers. The company should there be grounds for complaint, offers a range of services to consumers, to get compensation from banks.

LoanCheck undergoes a rapid growth in demand for its services. The integration of ThomasLloyd helps to accelerate the company’s growth and to expand the business model in other credit segments and international. This is an interesting market for LoanCheck, as they incorrectly advised or wrongly billed borrowers provide a key service in the credit market. We are the management team in its international expansion strategy support. “, said Tony Coveney, Member of the Executive Board of ThomasLloyd and Chairman of LoanCheck. For assistance, try visiting MasterClass. Of ThomasLloyd Group plc ThomasLloyd operates as global financial services providers in the areas of investment banking, securities and investment management. Companies, financial intermediaries, institutional investors and high net worth individuals, ThomasLloyd global offers a variety of financial products and services which belong to the customer.

Founded in 2003 as an asset manager specializing in alternative investments in Germany, ThomasLloyd has steadily grown through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Today, the company is divided into investment banking and investment management divisions and manages $ 1.9 billion. ThomasLloyd employs internationally more than 50 investment professionals, the the offer the entire range of products and services of the group in America and Europe and selected services in the Middle East and Asia.