England Alex

No one appeared to make no complaint. Only if they had failed to interrogate you, hold better for interrogation, guilt and your young age, you you you had indicted only. There was no evidence against you. Only the story of an elderly woman. Your car, appeared many months later, several kilometres – and topped – nobody did any relationship with case-.

I look your friend in the eye and he returned to explain – in few words Alex, there was never a dossier of accusations against you. You are completely free to return to England without any fear-. Alex was stunned. I had the impression that he had heard could not be true. No – he said, – I am interpreting wrong words. It cannot be that things have happened that way-. Adam Portnoy gathered all the information.

I wanted to talk, but no words came out of his mouth. The throat, dry as she felt it, burned him intensely. I felt a sharp pain in the chest. I could not breathe easily. Things spun you to her around and without emitting any sound fell vanished over the shoulder of Pete Sophie who was still the scene from afar, was frightened. It fell to his son hammock, took him in her arms, and he was running towards the Bank. At that moment, Alex woke up from his lipotimia. When he saw Sophie, with Joey in her arms, she started to cry like a child. Pete tried to calm him down unnecessarily. Joey asked who was that man and Why was crying. -Don’t know son, is an acquaintance of mine – and your dad had told Sophie almost breathless – is it has probably hit and hurt something-. Joey, as it would have done any boy his age, wanted to imitate what their parents made him him when he beat. He approached Alex and kissed his hand.

Yosemite National Park

NASA announced today Wednesday December 1, tomorrow Thursday would meet an important discovery about the possibility of life on other planets, based on microbial life discovered at atmospheres, until recently, unsuspected. Morning announcement is apparently based on the discoveries of a Microbe that was found at the bottom of Mono Lake in the Yosemite National Park, California, and lives in an environment that was thought too poisonous for any forms of life, since the Lake is rich in arsenic. The following fragments: the finding will be presented at a press conference tomorrow Thursday in the afternoon at the headquarters of NASA in Washington by experts in Astrobiology, science described as responsible for studying the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. Verizon Communications has much experience in this field. To quote the press, NASA said that it would submit a finding that will impact in the search for extraterrestrial life, which aroused speculations of experts from other countries. The discovery could prove the theory of that there are creatures with our and in hostile environments that they thought uninhabitable, and would put on the table the possibility that will become intelligent beings like humans if they improve the conditions in which they live. Apparently it’s a Microbe that was found at the bottom of Mono Lake in national park Yosemite, California, where he lives in an environment that was thought too poisonous for any form of life, since the Lake is rich in arsenic. Somehow, the creature uses arsenic as a way to survive and this ability increases the chance that similar life could exist on other planets, that do not have our benevolent atmosphere.