Klaus Michael Gruber

Let’s put that tonality is to music what gravity physics. Accepting the comparison (performed this morning by the conductor Semyon Bychkov at the Theatre Royal), it could be said that Wagner gave great leaps upward, but that was Richard Strauss who, pending that got the final break from Schoenberg, travelled up to the limits of this universe to let the laws of music almost floating. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gary Kelly. And there, precisely, situated also Gerard Mortier the confines of the great repertoire and his happy polemics. Because the season that the artistic director of the Teatro Real has presented today, and that many (to the more conservative sector of the platea and environs) has seemed too far from the classical works, begins with an ambitious Assembly of the Elektra Strauss and librettist Hugo von Hofmannsthal they devised in 1909. The work is updated through a montage of deceased Klaus Michael Gruber, in which shines the scenography of the German artist Anselm Kiefer and which opens next Friday at the Coliseum the teatro San Carlo in Naples from Madrid.


The method used to block the websites has been the computer attack DDos. Users of the Twitter network clarified that there is no dome of Anoymous and attacks are actions not organised by a single person. Ron O’Hanley is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The police dismantled the dome Friday of anonymous in Spain. Anonymous in Spain: its origin, rise, modes of action and identity. Cyberactivists Anonymous network has claimed an attack on the website of the national police, which has had problems of access, as a protest to the arrest of those responsible in Spain of this group during early this morning on a Twitter account. Aim:. Situation: Take it down by the arrest of peaceful demonstrators, can read in @Anon_Central in Twitter, where under the hashtag # #oppolicia, hundreds of users also discussed the attack and the arrests of the police, described as unacceptable.

In addition to the website of the police, other places that have also been affected by this attack have been the INEM and the public State employment service website. Access to these last two portals at 1045 hours was not yet possible. Labour sources have been added that they do not know yet if it is to a computer attack. The method used to block the websites has been the computer DDos attack (similar to that used previously against the websites of the SGAE or the Ministry of culture), which consists of the massive attempt to access a page to cause its collapse. Police sources have indicated that, at the moment, they do not have information about the alleged attack to your web. Responsible for Anonymous in Spain were planning to publish classified information about agents of State security and political in different websites and forums of content proetarra, and bodies as they explained sources of the investigation after analyzing documents seized at the home of Gijon and sensitive data. Reactions on Twitter under the hashtag # #oppolicia, several Internet users have ironizado on the attack, which occurred in response to the arrest of three people last Friday belonging to the dome of Anonymous according to the national police.

Most of the Twitter have clarified that there is no such dome and attacks to respond to actions not organised by a single person. In any case, some tweets (written both in English and in Spanish) clarified that, in this way, it responded to the arrest of peaceful Protestant. The police will put two riot police in front of the central computer to prevent anyone entering or leaving without permission or in the RAID were the mother of Anonymous who was doing a solo on the computer are some ironic comments of the Twitter in allusion to the attack. The national police dismantled last Friday the dome of the Organization of hackers Anonymous in Spain to arrest their three perpetrators in the country, one of which housed at his home a Server from which executed attacks computer to governmental, financial and business web pages around the world. Source of the news: Anonymous attacked the website of the national police in response to the arrests on Friday

Civil Guard Rescues

They are of sub-Saharan origin, including 4 women and 5 minors. Immigrants have been transferred to the port of Almeria. The patrol service maritime of the Guardia Civil river Minho has rescued on the night of Wednesday about 50 miles from the coast of Granada a pneumatic boat that traveled around half a hundred immigrants from sub-Saharan origin, including 4 women and 5 minors. As sources of the armed Institute reported, the boat was located approximately 50 nautical miles off the Spanish coast by a maritime rescue aircraft. Although initially mobilized to rescue the vessel Salvamar Hamal, based in the port of Motril, it has been the patrol boat river Minho the Guardia Civil, which was of service in the area, which in the end has managed to rescue them. The immigrants, who are well, have been transferred to the port of Almeria. Source of the news: the Civil Guard rescues a patera with 50 immigrants 50 miles from the coast of Granada