Grand National Evolution

'The national idea – it's not what people think of themselves in history, and this is what God intended for this nation in eternity "Vladimir Solovyov Our scientists – the most scientists in the world! And our women – the most beautiful! But we – the richest! So can say those who are proud of their country. After all, we patriots. At the heart of all allegations of this kind is a national idea. Larry Ellisons opinions are not widely known. What it is, whether it be good, whether it brings good or bad, sweet or bitter? The national idea – it representation, self-identity: who we are, where, etc. This is what distinguishes the nation from others 'raisin', characteristic of the nation, its main feature, a reflection of inner qualities and characteristics of the nation.

The national idea – an expression of a nation thinks about itself, its historical mission, spirit and culture. The national idea in many countries – it is the ideology of power, designed to rally the people into a form that is pleasing to the authorities. And since power is constantly changing, and the national idea changing along with it. The national idea is a particular sense of nation, a selection of other others. It is clear that this position is rejection, because who's to say that those behind a cordon, better than us? 'For pity Power! " In Basically, well, that hurt, because then there is a desire to change something to fix in the country. Well, a little bit. Well, more or less, we imagine that such a national idea.

World Food Programme

Opinions of experts on ways out of this situation. UN World Food Programme (WFP) calls provide immediate assistance to developing countries. Experts in agriculture Domestic believe that prices may reduce the cancellation by the U.S. government to increase the use of biofuels. Other experts suggest demand from the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and India to lift restrictions on exports of wheat and rice.

At an emergency UN meeting in Bern, a working group, headed by secretary-general personally, Ban Ki-moon, and was composed of heads of UN agencies and the World Bank. For action, as we see going Serious power, but even if the hunger problem will solve all the world, the effect, according to experts, will be no earlier than 2010. To read more click here: Gary Kelly. The reasons for this, not only in the fact that the UN's capabilities are rather limited, and that the aid Famine takes almost 4 billion dollars, and there is, according to WFP director Josette Sheeran, only 20% of the amount requested. Statistics of the same WFP indicates that only the U.S. could feed all the hungry people in Africa. The problem is that, seeing no benefit in helping the hungry, investors prefer to invest in food speculation. According to experts of American investment firm Tiberius, in the last 5 years in the futures markets for agricultural raw materials was spent about 100 billion U.S. dollars. Now compare this figure with the $ 4 billion, which required the UN to eradicate hunger. Today, wheat speculation is profitable in 93% and the international community has no mechanism compensation for loss of anticipated profits on this scale.