Sierra De Mijas

Topographically, saw appears as an individualized element, since from the quota of 400 meters rises on the lands that surround it. In it two lines of crests can be distinguished: one that runs through the higher elevations such as the peak of Mijas (1150 m), peak Mendoza (1103 m), Pico Castillejo (955 m) and Cerro del Moro (973 m) with guidance, e-w, and another that goes from peak Calamorro (772 m) to the peak Abalcuza (606 m), NE-SW direction. In addition there are other secondary lines that contribute to complicate the relief. The earrings are usually pronounced, in many cases exceed 100%, up to reach the verticality in some areas, such as the Tagus from the oven, the Tagus the horse, etc. The streams that descend on the slopes pour their waters directly to sea or the river beds of the River Guadalhorce and Alaminos.

Despite having a temporal flow, due to low rainfall, strong runoff and hydrogeological characteristics of the sierra have led excavation of deep ravines that give the relief a choppy and abrupt appearance. Geologically it lies in the internal area of the Cordillera Betica. Most of this increase is formed by the complex alpujarride and to a lesser extent the complex malaguide, both complexes are two sets of materials that form the internal zone. The Sierra de Mijas is a massif of marbles, located to the West of Malaga, in the mountain chain of the Costa del Sol. It’s a sheer relief, separated from Sierra Blanca, with which it forms the same geologic unit by the port of fishermen, in which reach dimensions exceeding 1,000 m, at barely 5-10 km from the sea. Abound limestones extracted in several quarries, located in Alhaurin de la Torre and Benalmadena. They are detected two easily recognizable types of marble: white dolomitic marbles: presents a coarse grit size and often show Sandy appearance.

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