Where To Begin Creating A Personal Brand

What is a 'personal brand'? Why to create and promote? Why is it all about? Until recently we had no such concept as' personality ', we had the concept of' society ', to promote the principles of equality:' you're such as all ',' you're one of ', respectively, in humans it was not possible to prove himself And just recently emerged concept of 'personality', not 'you're one of ', and' you did not like everything ', people finally have the opportunity to express themselves, express themselves in a broad sense of the word At last, the manifestation of himself as a personality was appreciated by others. So what is a 'Person'? This positioning of the man himself as a unique, unique, different from others, having their own opinion, your own character and self esteem Why is it all about? Creating and 'spinning' Personal Brand 'A man can pursue both personal goals and business or professional. Objectives can be very different, the main one – self-realization, declaring himself as a person, man realizes himself. Personal and professional goals, as outlined below, are part of the principal on its Indeed, goals Personal Goals – is to create a circle of associates, interacting with people close in spirit, in life position, with the same interests, which may be very different: favorite movies, fishing, religion, tourism, automobiles, etc. mutual exchange of experiences with these people. Professional Goals divided into two groups: 1. Professional, as such – Man creates his image of highly qualified specialists in a particular industry, its services becoming more and more popular, his income is increasingly growing. .