In A Crisis

As enterprises with an intellectual capital report 2.0 can be strengthened in the future without question there will be companies that previous market value in the crisis on the track remain regardless of their size and their. Ultimately result in such crises, we currently see, always to market adjustments and often new structures. It is also undisputed that many seemingly healthy organizations trouble will have to use the mix of despondency, doubts and uncertainties even productive. Equally clear should be as well, there are possibilities, to emerge stronger from the crisis. In this respect is the recent statement of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Germany going to emerge from the crisis,”not necessarily unreasonable. But has failed so far the policy, to develop clear concepts for such purposes. Learn more at this site: Facebook.

Flash in the Pan like lobbyist stimulus programs are best suited to allow short-term market moves. On the development of the real economy but you change nothing. And so it is not surprising, for example, the VW Group has arranged short-time working again for the first time in 35 years. Despite the cash for clunkers program and so far prevented protectionism. Companies that want to survive the global economic slowdown and with really reinvigorate want to resume drive need more than goodwill statements of policy and more than a long breath. You need especially the security to be able to work with sophisticated new concepts further. One of the ways to emerge from the crisis is mainly intangible assets accounting.

Now, an incredible moral and also financial decay of monetary values established, it’s time to values such as human capital, newly under the microscope take structure and relationship capital. Because here the values with which slumber is now how to work well in the future. The knowledge balance 2.0 offers options for a reliable process-oriented and above all entwickelbare valuation of intangible assets. Clear facts, even in euro leaving cents, to put clearly so not really predictable corporate values. It is also evident, is something worthwhile to take it to the future and what developments now need to be addressed, get safely through the crisis and the time after that. Knowledge balance sheet after its intellectual capital report combines three advantages 2.0: Clarity about the current status of intangible assets secure statements on the valuation of human capital, structural capital and relationship capital were concrete process-oriented recommendations for knowledge management and future developments in addition to purely financial considerations with a knowledge balance 2.0 and the implementation of the results in everyday business an efficient economic success can be achieved even after the crisis provided survival!