Internet Question

This is a very popular question is akin to 'So whether need medication? " often ask themselves and their colleagues doubters businessmen, before using the services of WEB-WEB-masters and designers. And actually they are right but The fact is that the question asked incorrectly. It should be formulated differently: Is the business need those services, facilities and services that provide Internet websites of various organizations, companies and their customers? The answer is obvious – Although any business! If a site for a particular company is not a luxury, not a fashion but a necessity or a new competitive advantage, then we can talk about its usefulness. More often given by other improper question: Can a site earn? Of course not! Must earn the business, using his or renting someone else's site. And do not always make money! Most-earned image, reputation, relationships with new partners and suppliers, new market segment for its products and services that earned the attention and trust of customers. And all this does not always lead to quick returns, as a long-term business strategy. Think of site as part of their business, rather than as an independent source of revenue. However, there are areas of business (more economic activity) when the use of sites do not get absolutely no benefit either the company or its clients. That site is becoming a source of cost, hassle, worry and inconvenience. The site is a source of constant conflicts with clients who for some reason do not have guessed that on the site posted 'no quite right 'state of the warehouse, "not quite fresh' prices, and lightly (!) and even in non-working to finalize a reservation and pay