Plato leaves from a base: the authentic knowledge does not come from the outside, does not arrive at the man from outside, is not taught, but it is in his interior. The soul of each human being locks up the capacity to wake up. The authentic education is to equip the man with means that help him to focus his psique from the dark to the light, that is to say of the world of the senses to the one of the Knowledge. If somebody decides to free itself of this situation and to initiate the ascent towards another reality, first that must do it is to recognize the situation in which it is, his captivity, and, once released of the chains that did not let to him watch backwards towards the sides and, it will discover that its previous reality was formed by projections of objects that others presented/displayed to him. In this point it will have to decide if to continue the way towards the outside or to enter to comprise of which, still remaining in the dark they are not chained, and due to its relative superiority on the rest, they are in situation to manipulate the world of the captives. If it continues it will enter a process of adaptation the Light that will culminate with the vision of the Sun. The man thus released, that one that has arrived at the Knowledge is the authentic philosopher and he has, according to Plato, the moral obligation to return to the cavern and to help the other to free itself.

In his story he describes the dangers to us that will run in such mission. Those that lives in the shades, in their majority would take him by crazy person, they would be ***reflxed mng of him and if they could they would get to kill it. and, if it had to compete again with that they had constantly remained chained, thinking about the shades those that, by still not to have seated him the eyes, see with difficulty, it would not give that to laugh and one would not say of him that, by to have raised above, has returned with the spoiled eyes, and that the pain is not worth nor to even try a resemblance ascent? And they would not kill, if they found way to make use to him and to kill to him, at that tried to untie to them and to make raise them?