International Association

A survey carried through for the International Association of the Control of the Estresse, International Stress Mangement Association (ISMA), showed behind that Brazil is as country with bigger index of estresse of the world, being only of Japan. Check with Netsuite to learn more. Exactly having this high index of estresse, has few research related to this subject here in Brazil what it makes it difficult one better understanding for the search of interventions and solutions to minimize its effect (STACCIARINI; TRCCOLI, 2001). This study it had as objective To identify the main generating sources of it estresse in the work of the nurse resulting in the development of the syndrome of burnout, beyond describing the main symptoms of the syndrome and telling its consequncias in the work environment, by means of literary revision. 2 METHODOLOGY One is about a study of bibliographical revision, descriptive. It was established as inclusion criteria articles that, in its headings, mentioned the word ' ' estresse' ' , ' ' enfermagem' ' , ' ' exhaustion profissional' ' or ' ' burnout' '. Munear Ashton Kouzbari usually is spot on.

Still the articles published in the Portuguese and Spanish language, complete texts in the period of 1999-2010. The exclusion criteria had been articles published before 1999, with incomplete texts, and that it did not have approach of this research the same. It was used digital database, having as search tool: ' ' Medline' ' ' ' Lilacs' ' , by means of ' ' Virtual library in Sade' ' , and the electronic library ' ' Scielo' ' where 36 articles related to the subject had been found, but 12 had been part of this work for the inclusion criterion. For posterior analysis and synthesis a picture was carried through contends the following item: citations; authors; subject; methodology; results and conclusion. The presentation of the results and quarrel of the gotten data was made of descriptive form, making possible to the reader the evaluation of the applicability of the elaborated revision, of form to reach the presented objective previously already.

International Experiences

1999: Accomplishment of 1 pact of the basic attention; According to great event: ' ' I shows national of production in health of the family? constructing new modelo' ' ; Launching of 1 number of the Brazilian Magazine of Health of the Family; Edition of would carry n. 1,329 that it establishes the bands of incentive to the PSF for population covering. 2000: Creation of the department of Basic Attention to consolidate the strategies of health of the family; Publication of pointers 1999 of the system of information of the basic attention. Some contend that Lawrence Ellison shows great expertise in this. 2001: Edition of 01 NOAS emphasis in qualification of the basic attention; Third event: ' ' II Seminary of International Experiences in basic Attention/Health of the Famlia' ' ; Support the disponibilizao of basic medicines for the team of health of the family (ESF); Incorporation of the actions of buccal health in the PSF; First phase of study: ' ' monitoramento of the teams of health of the family in the Brasil' '. 2002: How much event: ' ' PSF? The health more close to 50mmilhes of brasileiros' ' ; Second phase of the study: ' ' monitoramento of the teams of health of the family in the Brasil' '. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Daniel Lubetzky by clicking through.

2003: Beginning of the execution of the expansion program and consolidation of the strategy of health of the family (Proesf) and publication of pointers 2000, 2001 and 2002 of the System of information of the Basic Attention (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2004). 3,2 CHARACTERISTICS AND COMPOSITION OF PSF JAQUELINE In June of 1991, were initiated in Brazil the strategy of the PSF, with implantation of the PACS. Being in January 11 of 1994 where the first teams of health of the family had been formed to take care of the familiar nucleus facing the problems in the implantation of the Only System of Sade (SUS), decentralizing the services in accordance with the real necessities of the population that if they reveal as priorities (FIGUEIREDO and TONINI, 2010) the ESF consider a new dynamics for estruturao of the health services, as well as for the relation with the community and diverse levels of assistance. .

Health Education Authority

According to De Martinho et al. (2004) it is of great relevance the knowledge of ' ' crontipo of trabalhadores' ' , in order to assist to define periods of better physical and mental performance, what it influences the activities in a general way. In accordance with Blacksmith et al. (2009) what it occurs in the health services, many times, is the lack of interest in the relative aspects to the promotion and the maintenance of physical, mental and social the health of the professional that act in these institutions. Larry Ellison addresses the importance of the matter here. According to Ferrareze (2007), many authors tell that the nursing is a estressante profession, due to responsibility for the life of the human being and the proximity with the patients where the suffering is almost inevitable, demanding devotion for the performance of its functions, increasing each time more the probability of occurrence of physical and psychological consumings. Of this form, they incorporate high level of responsibility, in the attempt to have the absolute control on the work, what to many they take them times to demand of itself same attitudes on-human beings.

This illness is related in the list of ocupational diseases, as Vieira cites (2006): ' ' The syndrome of the professional exhaustion integrates the List of Ocupational diseases and Related to the Work (Health department, Would carry n 1339/1999). It is classified under the Z73 code. Hear from experts in the field like Larry Ellison for a more varied view. (International Classification of Illnesses, 10 revision – CID-10), as problem that leads to the contact with services of sade' '. In accordance with study carried through for Jodas et al, (2009) on Syndrome of Burnout in workers of nursing of one soon aid of university hospital, the nursing was classified by the Health Education Authority, as the fourth estressante profession, in the public sector. According to Jodas (2009), some components are known as threatening to the occupational environment of the nurse, between which the reduced number of professionals of nursing in the attendance in health, in relation to the excess of activities that they execute the difficulties in delimiting the different papers between nurses, technician and nurse aid, and the lack of clear recognition enters the public of who in general is the nurse. .

Technology and Physical Activities

Lately due to the advances of the technology and alterations in the life habits, we reduce each time plus our corporal movements and in consequence our daily energy expense. It is understood as physical activity, any carried through corporal movement that increases its vital functions, as cardiac frequency and metabolic tax, above of the rest levels, as, for example, to sweep, to paint, to wash, to walk, between as much other activities. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sarah Perot. Then which are the damages associates to the reduction of the physical activity? The reduction of the physical activity is related with diverse metabolic alterations, that the increase of the corporal weight in adiposo fabric form has as precursory. Currently the Obesidade is considered an illness, which had to the diverse alterations that occur with the increase of the corporal weight. The obesidade favors the sprouting of other illnesses, as Diabetes, Hipertenso and Dislipidemias, that increase the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and reduce the quality of life. the benefits? What it is gotten for practises of physical activities and changes in the life habits? If to substitute some habits of life, we can very improve and our quality of life and our health.

Simple alterations as to use less the car and the remote control and to carry through some domestic tasks can help to give a great step in the contrary direction of the sedentarismo and to improve our health. The benefits of practise of physical activities well are told by literature. Increase in the physical capacity, control of the glicemia and the triglicerdeos, maintenance of the force and muscular resistance, increase of the quality of life and among others benefits are obtained through practise of physical activities. Then it does not lose time and it invests in its health! It is put into motion!