There is nothing so sweet as homeland and parents themselves, even though one has the more opulent mansion in strange and distant land. Homero No there is a minor doubt, that in our transit through this dimension, we have experienced what the nostalgia generated, we determined how they stimulate, activate the emotions, feelings, memories, more, when it involves emotions, those that we share with special people for us, as also moments in our lives that have been instrumental in our growth, which have given way to many evocations of joy, as also of sadness. In this regard, Ernesto Sabato noted, that few countries in the world must be the feeling of nostalgia is so repeated: in the first Spaniards because yearned his distant homeland; then in the Indians, because longed their lost freedom and their own sense of existence; later in the displaced by Gringo civilization gauchos, exiled in their own land, wistfully Recalling the golden age Wild independence; the old Patriarchs Creole, because they felt that that beautiful time of generosity and courtesy became materialism and petty territory of the arrivism and the lie. The truth that the nostalgia many times us manifests, more when there are memories that have been very significant in our lives and suddenly emerge, leading us back to glimpse, locate us is time, time that took place, inviting us to reflect, to evaluate the important thing is to enjoy every minute of our lives, be attentive in our actions, in everything what in us where interrelacionamosWe share. Read more here: Cerved. Nostalgia (classical Greek?) return and? pain) describes a longing for the past. On it he gives us Wikipedia, which is commonly referred to not as a disease or a field of study, but as a feeling that any normal person can have. Nostalgia is the suffering of thinking about something that has been taken and now already is has no. . Master Class may find this interesting as well.