Mowing Tips

It should Eliminates the ingress and the grass beneath the coil winding. In this case, your trimmer will last a long time, and without the power loss can even mow the grass is very high, such as nettles, sorrel horse, thistle, burdock. Otherwise the grass can (And will be sure!) Fall into the gap between the rotating and non-rotating part. This herb is the rotation stopper heads and provoke its periodic 'otletanie'. On the professional trimmer spool and line instead of You can put a metal knife (three or chetyrehzuby). In this configuration your unit is easy to mow down even the young shoots irgi and plums. If you must handle the entire territory of 6-20 acres, then, naturally, is better to buy lawnmower. Lawnmower on wheels – easy handling and maneuvering units.

When you work a lawn mower you expend less physical strength than when using the trimmer. Lawnmower quieter than Trimmers (in them using electric or four-stroke engine). Lawn mowers are also divided into professional and amateur. If the amateur lawn mowers you can perform functions, professional equipment able to solve much larger range of tasks. For example, a lawnmower with the function of suction, and if a part of many trees, and mowing grass will be absorbed and fallen leaves. In lawnmowers is a function of adjusting the height of cut grass – you can vary the height of the mowing, and be sure that yours is smooth and beautiful lawn. Mown grass falls into the grass bag, which from time to time need to be emptied. However, remember that lawn mowers prednazanacheny for smooth surfaces.

Before operation, check the area for the presence of stones, wire and other obstacles. If, however, when mowing obstacle falls under rotary knife, the repair will fly you to a pretty penny. Particular attention in the operation of lawn mowers and benzokos should be given to security. To this end, provides for various types of protection. Firstly, an additional button blocking. In order to include a garden machine, you must first click the lock button, and then to the 'start'. If you accidentally click on 'Start' work protection. This additional button prevents unintentional power tool. It is available on all electric and petrol units. Secondly, on brushcutters provides protective cover over the working body. Casing covers the blade and prevents contact with the operator small stones, twigs, etc. In addition to any instruction on the use of trim you will find mention of the fact that the work should be in special protective glasses.