National Park

The mountains, lakes and the sanctuary, are the 3 major enclaves of Covadonga and one of the most important symbols of Asturias. To reach there, we can do from the part of Cangas de Onis or from Cabrales. Once we come to Soto de Cangas, we’ll see a detour to Covadonga. The first thing that we encounter is with the sanctuary of Covadonga in the National Park of the Picos de Europa. There is la santina, the Virgin that surrenders the cult.

His temple is located on top of a waterfall in an idyllic spot: La Santa Cueva. Covadonga is a religious complex where we can find several things like the Museum and the Basilica of Santa Maria la Real. Here are the remains of Don Pelayo. The Lakes of Covadonga following the road, about 12 km arrive at the Lakes of Covadonga. They are two mythical Lakes at the top of the mountain, the Enol and la Ercina. Can be accessed with passenger cars almost year-round except during high season in which, a few buses from Cangas de Onis and the traffic shot is prohibited.

To see the Lakes, it is best from the parking lot, climb stairs that leads to the Lago la Ercina. We can then go down to the Enol and enjoy a walk through these glacial lakes, origin of the natural landscape of protege of the Picos de Europa. From the Lakes of Covadonga some small hiking routes can be made to bring you up to 3 of the most important viewpoints of the environment: the viewpoint of the King, the Queen and the Prince. With these small routes, we will have a more complete vision and aside from making a few good photos, we can behold las majadas, and places where the battle of Covadonga was developed.