Rainbow International

The increase of extreme natural events has increased in Germany in recent years. Even areas away from waters are drawn increasingly from so-called elemental damage suffered. Baby clothes: the source for more info. Currently, there is only a policy that financially compensates the insurance workers in case of damage elemental insurance. Due to the increase in these extreme events, it is increasingly important to protect themselves financially from the consequences. This often also applies if no potential danger threatening at first glance, because: still many homeowners and tenants in Germany made no adequate provision and face the ruin in the event of damage.

The main partner of the insurance industry job boom in the reconstruction sector are the complete remediation companies in case of damage. Therefore it is not surprising also that the order number of the rehabilitation specialist for water and fire damage Rainbow International for the area of weather-related damage is greatly increased. Through a narrow, local networking by a total of 30 plants in Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria and Hesse, the company has become the most important, regional problem-solver for the insurance industry. The total turnover last year amounted to EUR 29 million. The graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung by wetter.net: confirmed this sustained economic future extreme weather events are multiplying worldwide and also Germany is increasingly besieged by violent weather phenomena. Severe weather will occur more frequently by 40% by 2050 than they are today.

A particularly strong increase in extreme weather events is expected from the year 2040. Compared to today, extreme weather will occur more frequently then almost 30 per cent.” The natural hazards be insurance against elemental damage while most of the House – and apartment owners already have taken out insurance against fire damage,”heavily underestimated. This flood, heavy rain and snow pressure danger of especially in Germany again. How is it dangerous to flood? What dimensions can assume in particular floods and flood likely at the latest known since the devastating flooding of the Elbe in 2002.

Insurance Requirements

The Essen fire service EBS informed fire accidents in enterprises often massive damage on plants and valuable stock content. EBS Essen fire service fire protection experts explain the essential for the compensation insurance requirements for fire protection in the company. Fire destroyed every year German assets in the scope of several billion euros. Particularly large losses do fires in companies, because every third company fire goes hand in hand with a damage amounting to over half a million euros. Generally these fire damage compensated financially by insurance, so as well to carry their demands to fire protection in the company as legally prescribed fire protection measures. The entrepreneurial fire protection is influenced so by law as well as by elements of the Treaty. The entrepreneurial fire protection laws define only minimum requirements of the State, a constitutional duty to protect life and limb, and property must meet. In contrast, the carrier of fire insurance are interested to compensate for low damage and optimal economic results.

For this reason, they require mostly according to significantly stricter fire safety standards by the company on a contractual basis. Low rates of fire insurance be used as a reward for particularly effective and extensive efforts. Basis of the premium calculation is an entrepreneurial fire protection concept, which the experts of the damage a spills the risk insurance companies calculate. If it is to complete a fire insurance, the entrepreneur he must first get an informed risk assessment. These, she is deriving useful fire protection measures on structural, technical and organisational level possible.

Fire insurers have the right to the insurance companies, whose fire protection concept is flawed or not submitted, to reject. In any case flow defective aspects in the insurance-calculation of risk and increase the amount of premium to be paid. The creation of an effective approach to the fire protection is therefore in the common interest of the company, however, will require the experience and the knowledge of a proven fire protection experts, which is usually not internally available. Essen fire service EBS is committed in this context for the planning, implementation and monitoring of professional fire protection concepts in the entrepreneurial field for many years. He provides more information about the corporate fire protection at any time.

Living Room

The Ventura Lowboard is the best example of the unique character of solid wood furniture. Wood, as a natural material in its original form, by hand edited and painted, forms the basis of a unique unique for your institution. Combined with stylish modern design is not only a piece of furniture with high quality optics, but also an individual piece of nature to your home. Every Ventura Lowboard is unique! The Ventura Lowboard is made of reddish-brown wood of Acacia. Up to 30-year-old trees give its individual and natural character of the piece of furniture.

Each Lowboard is unique and meets the facility with life. Credit: Larry Ellison-2011. Whether as simple dresser or TV-Bank, the Ventura Lowboard quickly becomes the focal point of the interior design. The vivid grain of the wood, individual knots, and complex editing, make this furniture piece absolutely unique and valuable. Each institution receives an elegant and tasteful appreciation with a solid wood furniture. Additional information is available at Berlin Rosen. Combine the Ventura be suspended.

A constant room temperature of about 20 degrees and a relative humidity 50-60% are ideal for the solid wood. If possible, avoid a location near a heat source, as a heater. The daily cleaning can be done easily with a damp cloth. The furniture series Ventura ensures natural vibrancy in the interior design and can be ordered easily online the Ventura Lowboard. Would you purchase additional pieces of furniture made of Acacia wood for your institution, the furniture series Ventura offers still more valuable unique. Dining table and chairs, Cabinet or wall shelf, high-quality pieces of furniture made of Acacia wood give a vivid and natural look your interior design. Make your home feel with the Ventura series.

It Goes Also Differently – Safe Bio-ethanol Fireplaces For Home

Manufacturers beefire puts the DIN norm 4734 consistently to bio-ethanol fireplaces are enjoying for years of an increasing popularity. More and more people take advantage of this possibility the oven atmosphere in your own walls. A few years ago, there still a manageable group of providers, the range of bio-ethanol products is now very large. But unfortunately security aspects are neglected in the production of these devices frequently in low-cost production under 300.00 -. In the media was warned already often the dangers of bio-ethanol fireplaces.

Manufacturers, which according to the specifications of the new DIN norm 4734 your equipment checked show that bio-ethanol products can be safe. The fundamental key for the user security aspects are defined in this standard. Verizon Communications often says this. These include far-reaching topics such as fuel flow, fire and safety, stability, combustion quality, labelling and packaging in the priority. The active since 2004 manufacturer beefire is a member of the Working Group of the DIN standards Committee for the Drafting and enforcement of this new security policies and implements them consistently in the production of bio-ethanol fireplaces. The reward: as one of the first manufacturers received vonBio-ethanol fireplaces beefire in November 2010 the TuV certification for its products according to DIN 4734 currently includes the product range of the company beefire twelve different models of fireplace.

These variations include all the same, usual reliable fire equipment. The consistent orientation and adjustment of products to the latest safety regulations succeeded beefire, to convince many customers of bio-ethanol fireplaces and inspire. In addition to the high security aspect beefire’s products are characterized by high quality and design features. For the customers, it is essential to obtain information about the safety of bio-ethanol products. That before Lewis criterion should enjoy security. Sure the products to the certification according to DIN 4734 and allow to submit the test report of TuV. Learn more about the topic You will find bio-ethanol and beefire products directly from the manufacturer at.

Possibilities For Balcony Railing

A balcony set optical accents on the facade balcony railing – is it for you to enjoy a means to a special ambiance and experience nature as soon as you step out of the balcony door? This ambiance on nearly every wall of the House can be realised with a subsequent construction of the balcony. And a fitting balcony railing to an elegant balcony of course. Another case: You already have a balcony, which is no longer the latest and little “could be beefed up”. As a completely new balcony is maybe too expensive, a new, individual railing satisfies this same purpose. Because the railing can be much more than just the practical or safety-relevant statements of your balcony. It complements the balcony and the entire facade a meaningful optical accents with careful selection and appropriate design. Thereby, the intended use of the balconies plays an important role. If you are planning the construction of a balcony which complements your living room to a sunny porch and serves as another living room, so numerous designs to choose available in stores: from wood, metal, acrylic, glass in milk or clear glass, or even combinations of several materials.

Colors everything in the Act can also implement what suits your own individual taste and enhances the appearance of your home. The material the style joins in the selection. Like it simple, elegant, rustic or playful, after historical models or timeless? The dealer offers something for every style. The same is true for the outer form. While not small children require a decision according to safety aspects, you can choose also the design in various ways: balcony railing worked as a bars or mesh, more open or closed, as filigree structure or rather in a form providing privacy.

Just when a balcony building in close proximity to other balconies, many people prefer a sight-proof construction. For this purpose can also be used on a balcony railing subsequently install a railing with a lateral screen. A different criterion for the suitable balcony banister is that whether you are a flower lover and would like to install on your balcony flower boxes. In this case the railing and the boxes or their fixing systems co-ordinated be both as regards the fixing and the appearance. Who wants a luxuriant flowers on the balcony, not necessarily required a richly ornamented railings, but rather a neutral look. Professional balcony Bauer, who not only have experience and a comprehensive range, but also individual advice you, take a look at the structure of your home and combine your ideas and the local conditions to your dream balcony are for the construction of the balcony. Then, the first barbecue party can rise. Jochen Ramsenthaler

New Minor Desk Solid Intero

Minor desk now exhibited at GutesBuyBonn in Rosrath near Cologne the new solid Intero Moll can confidently known as top of the line he are earned in every way top marks. Parents who are looking for a durable, high-quality solid wood table for your child, be found at the new minor Soild Intero. Once again all that distinguishes desks from minor applies for this desk: he is highly functional, offers many expansion options, and is in addition also still ecologically compatible and sustainable produced a solution that is excellently served by the parents as well as children. The at the solid Intero wood used comes exclusively and wholly from local forests. A principle of minor, to ensure that the processed wood is always comes from sustainable forestry. Something very special is this desk finally by the mass production in small quantities.

This means that, as it is very common in nature, not a table looks like the other and it each individual copy can come to individual color notes. The elegant grain of desks is especially nice, because the solid wooden surfaces are treated with a combination of various oils. This particularly natural the tables highlighted in a sanitary and completely environmentally safe manner. Your child will thank you and maybe even whose children, because minor children desks are known for their extreme longevity, which is guaranteed by the high quality of the materials and also the processing. Exactly also the desk can grow as the children, a minor may call Intero their own solid, will grow in the course of time.

Numerous expansion options make sure that there is a never a dull moment with this desk and you can adapt it to the current requirements and conditions. And even if the homework once a small assistance should be necessary: the generous leg room can also Two people at the table take problems. A container or similar space exists for thus also all accessories can be stowed always at hand.

Wall Decals Are The Modern Alternative To Motif Wallpaper

Wall decals are the modern alternative to motif wallpaper. Wallpaper ade! With the modern wall decals you are no longer restricted in your living room design by wallpaper railways, corners. You can include even tables, cabinets, and furniture in the design. Wall decals are made of modern high-performance film professional and are available in an incredible variety of choice of motifs. The designer can be this simple. Convincing is the easy installation, comprise special heavy-duty foil made of PVC or vinyl. You can are attached easily by anyone thanks to its equipment in the back with a special adhesive.

This film is used mostly in trade fair construction of the professionals. Wall decals are available with a variety of motifs. The designers come up with much. Imaginative, unusual and elegantly, almost receives from Baroque, pop, modern, kitsch, all get motifs and completely customize your rooms. The special wall decals is that you also have no wallpaper railways or corners more are bound or restricted. You can stick this sticker just around the corner. Furniture, cabinets, lamps, tables, mirrors, and much more can decorate themselves by placing this sticker and thus you can give an optical unit also a thrown together room.

A tattoo can be removed again without leaving any residue even after years. Just lift with a flat knife a corner and then pull off. Yes, that includes the same system as the stickers, which we know from our childhood days and have bonded like everywhere. Ornament – purple light wall stickers are also mounted in form by Wandsrpuchen the walls. A motto or a motivational slogan on the wall a short time of pause often gives people in the stress of everyday life. Often, so a wall spell brings a smile to the lips. There is wall stickers even customize also the possibility, for the size and color in the own rooms to fit, and if there is the color that you do not want, can be also the tattoo as a wall template to come up. Then you can paint them out with your own colors. These stencil films are also from the professional field and prevent a back running of the color.


A piece of furniture made of solid wood is always a unique and high-quality character. The robust design and the natural grain of the wood make this piece of furniture to extraordinary unique. The GURU is a unique piece of furniture that convinced by high-quality materials and a classy appearance. High-quality Acacia wood meets the highest demands just the pieces of furniture, which must meet the everyday needs of the family, should be made of high-quality and stable materials. The GURU Bank from an amber-coloured Acacia wood combines these requirements with a simple and elegant appearance. The wood for the furniture series GURU comes from India and is cultivated there in the context of sustainable forestry for unique pieces of furniture.

The GURU Bank from Acacia can both serve before a dining table seating or as a storage Bank before bed, the bedroom skillfully revalue. The simple and comparatively simple form of the Bank harmonises perfectly with the unique and natural grain of the wood. Here, each solid wooden bench is unique, that fills the room with its vibrant look of course. A neat piece of furniture history writes the GURU Bank, as part of the extraordinary GURU furniture series, decorates your facility and providing the necessary stability for everyday use. The solid wood is further gaininig character even with the time and so is inevitably a piece of furniture with history that will delight many generations. The Acacia wood GURU Bank is solid and robust, yet solid wooden furniture enjoy from time to time provide adequate care. Therefore suspend the Bank no great fluctuations in temperature and watch for a possible constant humidity. For normal cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe off the base with a damp cloth and, if necessary, some mild soapy water.

Order to maintain the high quality and fine appearance, it is advisable to treat the GURU Bank about twice per year with a colourless product. GURU Ordered furniture online furniture series of the GURU series you can order online. In addition to the high-quality GURU Bank made of Acacia wood, the series offers a matching dining table and a spacious chest of drawers where about can keep dishes and cutlery. The honey color end Acacia wood blends beautifully with wall decoration in warm shades. The GURU would you combine pieces of furniture in a modern Setup, you can also easily on color contrasts in the room sat. Select, for example, the GURU with a matching bench dining table and combine these pieces of furniture with white accessories and stylish sofa. Their establishment will give a natural and bright note, you can also highlight with green plants and fresh flowers.

Astroturf-rental – Perfect For Fairs, Events, Etc.

To rent artificial turf measurement, event, photo shoots, etc. – is an overview of the uses of artificial grass ideal for rent for trade fairs, events or photo shoots is the better alternative – this article shows the advantages of artificial turf for trade fairs, events and photo shoots. In many situations you want to create a natural atmosphere and an appropriate flooring offers the best basis for a perfect arrangement. Whether on trade fair stands, photo shoot or other events – often grass flooring is desired. Learn more at: Verizon. But how do you get beautiful lawn in an exhibition hall or any place for a photo shoot or an event? Ready lawn was formerly a common solution for these requirements has established itself in recent years Astroturf for rent as a perfect alternative and so is rented at fairs and other events of increasingly artificial lawns provide the perfect package.

Artificial grass offers over ready lawn for use at trade shows, photo shoots a number of Advantages that so can not provide ready lawn artificial grass, just the non sand filled artificial turf varieties, can be laid quickly and without much dirt on almost any existing floor. So provides artificial lawn, regardless of the location of the event, the full flexibility, any other soil would also offer and can be almost as easy as a carpet laid. Just as artificial turf can be removed after the event completely without much effort. Just on events such as fairs, special demands are placed on the floor covering, because there, the grass is exposed in a short time of a heavy burden. Turf is very limited load capacity, whereas lawn carpet is much more durable and at the same time very short time for regeneration. Artificial grass offers always picture perfect – photo shoots as well as for events, such as festivals, weddings and other celebrations also over a longer period of time and heavy load essential for measuring. . Bitcoiins opinions are not widely known.

Office Plants Maintain

Plant care time tips of Green Office, the specialist for indoor gardening and hydroponics Neu-Isenburg spring is not only in the garden, but also in the Office. Bill O’Grady has much to offer in this field. Because the positive effects of plants in the workplace get in the long run only the best when the plants are regularly maintained. A pleasant green environment increases productivity in the company, reducing the sick leave and significantly improves the space and working environment. Often companies green their interiors beautifully, but fail to deal adequately with the plants. So that these investments in a pleasant and productive working environment is not lost, it is important regularly to maintain the plants\”, explains Kai-Uwe Funk, Managing Director of Green Office Germany, the partner network for indoor gardening and hydroponics.

Spring is the ideal time of year for this.\” A comprehensive and sustainable care of indoor plants is composed of several Building blocks together: casting and fertilizing, hand care, pest control, pruning and transplanting. Casting and fertilizer by using a water level indicator can largely rule out Giessfehler. If the display on the minimum, three to seven days should be poured to later. In addition, the Office plants on a regular basis need nutrients. The right fertilization always depends on the type of soil.

So, for example, plants in Earth systems initially only in moderation may be fertilized. The same applies to semi-hydro – mineral systems, because the plants in soil substrate are planted, that has a certain nutrient supply. Hydro systems, there are two ways: long-term or fertilizer. Since plant leaves will quickly gather dust indoors, they must be cleaned regularly hand care with a soft, damp cloth. This serves not only the look, but promotes exchange of gas and light absorption of the plants. Blattpflegemittel own only for plants, which have a wax coating on its leaves. A minimum distance of 30 cm is to comply, since it otherwise can cause cold damage by the propellant in spray-on.