Central Bank

Analysts management company Arsa, believe that in mid-September, volatility in the stock market will fall, and another surge in volatility is expected in December. Swarmed by offers, Larry Ellison is currently assessing future choices. Blame the sharp downturn in the market, according to Analysts are not foreign policy factors, and a tight monetary policy of the Central Bank to contain inflation. As a result of this policy, the rate of monetary growth has slowed, while manufacturers and Dealers still do not tend to slow down price increases. This leads to the withdrawal of money from the most liquid assets. Suffer the most shares and deposits. As long as inflation expectations adjust, the stock market will be fall. Analysts believe that will be even lower levels of market index in December this year. December – The season of gifts, the consumption of high prices to provide money, but because the central bank decided to “tighten nuts “, people will take out money from savings. And in which assets are kept traditionally savings? Reckless policy to correct inflation expectations, it could be replaced by a massive public relations company, as is done in Germany to overcome the high inflation. However, we must pay tribute, the central bank created a moment that for far-sighted investors represents a great chance to invest in different asset classes to attractive prices. First and foremost, interested in shares in October and November there will be investment-attractive properties, tracts of land.