Executive Text

In this article we will discuss the requirements that must match the text intended for translation into a foreign language. To date, the two most popular services that address the translation – it's translation and interpretation. These requirements apply to both written text and the spoken word. For example, if you prepare a presentation of the company, which will be translated into a foreign language it is recommended not to complicate the text, or vice versa BASED (simplify) it before you book translation (the latter is usually quite difficult to do). The main requirement for the texts – a clear expression of thoughts, lack of overloaded syntax, untranslatable fragments untranslatable play on words. It is advisable to decipher all abbreviations in the text, especially the rare and unusual (for example, used only in this Company and contained only in this document), this will help avoid unnecessary work and inaccuracies in translation.

Some companies perdostavlyayut professionals translation dictionary consisting of key terms document and abbreviations. At the moment this method is not yet a regular practice. Thus, the text for translation should be as clear. With regard to interpretation, the text should Rapporteur be the mean velocity (Rapporteur is not recommended to speak very quickly or slowly the contrary), completed in short sentences. Need for a pause in speech. Additional problems in the translation creates a fuzzy pronunciation of the speaker, fragmentary speech, the nebula in the expression of thoughts. Talking often do not think that the audience for which they translated it will not take a vivid and metaphorical speech the speaker, and only then, that of the speech will translate into enough specialist stringent conditions (timing, external interference, it is difficult transferred nuances). Brian Barish describes an additional similar source. The speaker, who translated, so I must speak only to the interpreter. Only in this case, the translator will be able to convey the idea the speaker as clearly and without distortion. Translation agency "Litter-Dialog" We wish you every success in the selection of the Executive translations!

Learning a Foreign Language

Very often from people who are going to learn a foreign language, you can hear: "I am, please, just conversational." I would like to understand these people. What is the meaning they invest in the word "colloquial." We talk, we all differently. Do a university professor a "spoken language", and a plumber – another. Although, of course, there are exceptions. And a university professor can speak as a plumber, a plumber – as a teacher University. But this is still the exception rather than the rule. In addition, when only interested in "spoken language", referring to the minimum knowledge and possession onym. Well, take a look at what the minimum amount of knowledge and skills needed to be explained in a foreign language.

In my opinion, it depends on the needs and intellectual level of the student. As you know, Ellochka-lyudoedochka crawl if I'm not mistaken, thirty words. But most potential students that amount, I think, are not satisfied. In general, most people do not know what they want specifically. I do not want to condemn people in any way, but in all honesty, I must say that many who wish to learn foreign language, even if they have a higher education, and speak their mother tongue very badly. I mean not only the written language, and even vocabulary. And, by the way, even in their specialty, many have very scanty vocabulary luggage. Hear how and what they are talking in the streets, public places, but what's there, listen to the speakers of the Central Radio and Television, for which the right and the rich, figurative speech is extremely important.

International Association

Every year more and more people learn about the program Au-Pair. Someone saw the transmission on television, someone read a newspaper article, and some friends already went on this program in the U.S., Germany or France, and had to share impressions about what he saw. For anybody not a secret that the Au-Pair – this is a great chance for young people a year to live in European or American family, to improve language skills, travel and even go to university. However, since participants – young people between the ages of the 18 to 25ti years, many of them serious obstacle is a natural fear of the new country, with potential problems. Continue to learn more with: Oracle. That's why we decided to elaborate on the guarantees Security in this program. For a start I would like to mention that the Au-Pair – This is the official international program, which operates around the world since 1969. That's when the French city of Strasbourg was signed international treaty which defined the statute and rules of the program.

Details on the conditions of the program you can read here. Embassies of each country shall issue a special visa program Au-Pair to young people interns on legal grounds. In all countries, program members enjoy all the rights and duties of citizens and are protected by the government. Not even worth talking about that in western Europe social protection is not such an abstraction, as in Ukraine. But that's not all – especially for the program was created by Institute of Agencies Au-Pair.

Each country participating in the program, there is an agency that serves as the guarantor the rights of participants. All agencies are different from each other, but the basic criteria of professionalism remain the same: first – a reasonable price. Since the goal of the program Au-Pair – the study of language and culture, its value should be accessible to all. For example, the cost of the Agency Au-Pair in Germany is only 80 euros in the U.S. – $ 500, of which 200 – refundable deposit. The second item that you want to look for when choosing the agency is careful preparation for future Au-Pair and the host families for long-term cohabitation, explanation of the differences between cultures, warning of possible problems. That is why our agency is fully informed of their clients about all the details of the program. Agency Au-Pair – official representative of the International Association of Agencies Au-Pair IAPA in Ukraine – we will be happy to provide you with professional support.