Universal Declaration

Fashion awareness is reflected in the new McGregor fashion organic fashion in the double sense of Berlin, 13.09.2011 – the international fashion label McGregor, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, leads his green introduced two years ago. 2 eco fashion collection continued. The new luxury and ecological McGregor fair wear fashions from organic substances in the Anglo-American style that drives the eco-chic fashion trends autumn winter 2011/12 this year again a piece ahead. Fashion awareness is reflected in the new McGregor fashion organic fashion as in the double sense: College look outward into the sporty fashionable Oxford University inspired and inward by skin soft organic cotton and organic wool market innovative. The fair wear Foundation and organic Exchange organization certified by McGregor Green 2 eco fashion for ladies and gentlemen will be available also at the official online shop.

Natural shades such as sand and stone tones, elegantly combined with fresh petrol-blue and brick accents: McGregor fashion shows fashion consciousness in its eco fashion trends for autumn winter 2011/12 with pride and prestige, both outdoor and indoor. Georgia Department of Labor has firm opinions on the matter. Because specific details of Oxford cloth in the inside of the bar or as a hood lining, embody the Oxford University lifestyle preppy style in particular McGregor. The sustainable green. 2 fashion collection ranges from ultra-soft organic T-Shirts, Polo shirts, sweatshirts and cargo pants to own wool production of innovative organic wool. West with cable pattern, sweater with V-neck and Oxford embroidery, elegant Duffel coats, as well as fashionable eco fashion accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves snug, cover the additional Biowoll series of environmentally sustainable production and processing in the McGregor online shop. The Dutch non-profit fair wear Foundation (FWF) for global improvements of in working conditions in the textile production, particularly in China, India, Bangladesh and Turkey committed.

1999 by the clean clothes campaign founded, controlled and certified it on the basis of the FWF code of labour practice” Working conditions on the basis of the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Universal Declaration of human rights. McGregor fashion is a member of the fair wear Foundation (www.fairwear.nl) and the organic Exchange Organization (www.organicexchange.org) since 1921 is McGregor fashion for sporty, elegant fashion, and celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2011. In the official McGregor online shop, lovers of the Anglo-American style and exclusive high quality fashion find all current collections of the brand for men, women and children.


Very own shirts fashion: individual shirt yourself make the advantage ensures own style if you want to make his shirt himself, is already before the actual design and design on the hand: individually it will be a personal chic, the otherwise certainly no one wears. Notice the colorful motif or the cheeky logo should, so you should go to already planning with these standards. That means, for example, that the choice of colour should be kept full of contrast otherwise a good motive is probably lost in the color test. Applies to the colors in the shirt itself make it also the offered methods of pressure to bear in mind. Therefore, some shades and too many different colours are technically not always possible. Can remedy then, for example, a screening method for the first design, with the gradients and shades just consist of points in the primary colors.

However, the technique is now far advanced: crisp clear photos on the shirt no problem is more also. Film prints and other modern techniques can be completely free hand in the shirt yourself, and lettering in filigree pleadings be cut exactly by means of plotters. It should be clear that the next band shirt, Abifeier-shirt or party shirt should be yourself, because the right recognition comes only with the unique, so to speak even tailored wardrobe. But crisp gift for birthday, Christmas or as little attention as a himself designed T-Shirt or Hoodie warming in winter keeps here really well. The design on the taste of the gift is perfect, nothing can go wrong, and the stylish garment is guaranteed to be the favorite part. Remains of course the possibility to make a shirt yourself just for mood and enjoy the creative works. The limits there, where the own imagination ceases, and there a lot of cool ideas can quickly fill the wardrobe.

Baroque Dresses And Accessories

Baroque dresses are a real eye-catcher, the look can be balls and receptions are events that not all too often occur, including but certainly ever again look should be, if you want to get socially further though. What then of course not to be missed is the right look for these special evenings where all make fine and something special to attract. For women, it may be a great way to such occasions to dress chic Baroque dresses, which through their special cut conjure up not only a great figure, but also by the noble materials and its many details just super work. Not must forget you but you should bring the appropriate Baroque accessories in the game, finishing the whole look just the last type. Here you should settle for the selection time and look closely just to Baroque clothing, it is important that the accessories colour and by its style fro absolutely fit to the Baroque dress, only then you can be really sure, a really harmonious look to create, where everything is exactly how you would like to have it and after the other guests will turn around.

It is important in Baroque clothes also that paying attention to proper quality of the materials and high-quality workmanship, so that one can have his joy at such clothes as long as possible. Not to be forgotten is to observe what kind of care need the Baroque dresses, because here is often a lot if you do not want, that such a beautiful and special dress for the first time wash takes damage and then not more great looks. Best one takes the time to look at what things there are, what differences can be found already with the purchase of the Baroque dress and what one himself and best fits your needs. Prudence and accurate shopping are something very important, so special clothing just so that you get exactly what you are looking for. Meike Sauter

Leather Backpacks For Women

Leather backpacks for women an accessory of timeless elegance, women have a sense for aesthetics. Accessories are often tuned to the rest of the outfit and a certain penchant for elegance and to fashionable taste is not to have the hand. Despite the importance of the exquisite appearance the usefulness of clothes and accessories a role not irrelevant. Health economics expert is full of insight into the issues. Fashionable clothing and accessories are much too often very impractical in reality. However, not the case is fortunately for backpacks. The backpack is an ideal carrying system, which is characterized by great comfort and at the same time elegant, tasteful and timeless and therefore not the fads is subject to. But care must of course not only the carrying system, but also the material.

And what material will probably select a fashionable and elegant woman, the practical man and is seeking something functional? Chooses leather obviously! Leather is soft, durable – and hard-wearing, strong and solid and can be used a variety of ways. It not very elegant and tasteful. Thus, leather backpacks represent the ideal accessory for the fashion-conscious ladies. There are many different models for leather backpacks for women and kind woman ultimately decides, but all depends on the individual flavour. Grab a trendy leather backpacks for women with prints or patchwork pattern, or prefer cute models in Asian-style, they are all smart. Numerous designs allure for shopping, for elegant, playful, simple or shrill bags in each any size and shape radiating from the shelves. Whether woman opts for vintage or retro, it does not matter, because the trend is in any case, whether it be Plaid, striped, spotted, floral, plain or stained! It is clear and remains: leather backpacks for women do not come out of fashion! And if the correct model is, despite large selection but not simply by the professional an individual design make Let!

Carnival King

Clothing, music, and guests must be ecstatic at the retro party, stilbruchig, extreme. Defiant seventies party motto retro now again solid, because raged out, act until 1980s the sixties years. For assistance, try visiting Verizon Communications. Who to this classic a party organized, has three consecutive worldviews in clothes, music and accessories combine. First of all, the 1960s, the hippie years. Natural (want hot unkempt) hairstyles became natural jewelry (meaning almost free itself can be produced) worn. Tomas Philipson wanted to know more.

Batik and nature prints, linen and cotton fabrics were also popular – as natural as possible. To a little straining the word: what the parents of the 1950s complained that have emphasized sexual component, was already granted for the hippies. And only in the seventies! Enlightened youth indulged in revealing mini skirts, a “Achievement of the 1960s, played with rock ‘n’ roll Jenn and mood makers forbidden nature. The latter is now redundant for a themed party. Retro motto is the party guests all by itself in a “higher consciousness transfer, when so much celebrated nostalgia. Conclusion retro : beautiful, what fun is so long it authentically is celebrated the most important part of the celebrations is the fun. The most important part of the fun is its authenticity.

It is self-explanatory, that a retro party should be authentic, in music, space or garden equipment, best from inside in the belief, the costumes and the mental openness of the guests. Most authentic retro are the desire for personal and social rupture in style, the inner cry to extremes and the unconditional, ununterdruckbare generation despite. Today Grandma and Grandpa are quite sure still remember their own secret dance exercises, as rock ‘n’ roll as terrible was and enlightenment, also. sexual nature, or whispered, preferably as a secret”family Conference was held.Unbreakable is the right and sympathetic conclusion retro in fashion, lifestyle and party zone. Is such summary, nothing in the way is the witty retro-party-summer! Annette Bankey for: Carnival King – troppo belli GmbH

European Football Championship

DFB jerseys and merchandise back up, before it’s too late the football World Cup in South Africa is finished. The demand for merchandise such as a national flag, the ball Jabulani, or the Jersey of World Cup goal scorer King Thomas Muller is not over. Therefore, the catalog website offers a wide variety of on country-specific football memorabilia. Here you will find old jerseys, current best sellers and the DFB Home Jersey and away kits. For football fans, there are, now, shortly after the World Cup, still a good way to get the right Nationaltrikots of your favorite country.

Among them are the current jerseys of the German national football team. Brad Garlinghouse may not feel the same. And they are more popular than ever before. Michael Weber, operator of the Web site explains: “the rousing success at the World Cup in 2006 gave rise to a real euphoria to the so terrific playing German football national team in Germany, the European Championship in Austria and of Switzerland, and now at the World Cup in South Africa. Accordingly, the need is to Merchandise such as a national car flags, Germany wigs huge big. Most fans want to continue allegiance to the DFB-Elf and show their support through merchandise.” The opportunity is cheap.

The warehouse of the supplier are still well-stocked and prices are already falling. Weber to: “it is already possible to make occasional bargain. There are now worth to monitor developments in price and in a timely manner to strike. The fan article are still valid even in the next qualification to the next European Football Championship.” On the Web page, many articles are listed sorted according to countries and groups. The customer will find all relevant information and then can decide alone on a purchase. It doesn’t have to be for their own consumption, but a national or other merchandise are also a great birthday present. Weber has also pointed out that Christmas is not far away and when some fans and especially children on the jerseys of their favorite soccer stars of the Wish list will be available. A look at the offer is worthwhile in any case. Description of the company offers also further their own Web projects music and media online consulting and public relations. Company contact: Music and media Michael Weber Center RT 13 31535 Neustadt Tel: 0163 5894398 E-Mail: Web:

Dirndl And Trachten Dress

Tradition and modernity in a piece of clothing combines they’re already over 150 years: Dirndl and traditional costumes. At first, these garments were little glamorous. The Dirndl Dress today rather in the short form as Dirndl may refer to, agriculture of employed maids work clothes. Similarly, the traditional costumes representing the clothing of the poor population in the beginning, before them, since Emperor Franz liked they suffer, like was also worn by the rich and noble. Confuse you shouldn’t Dirndl and regional folk costumes however.

Real costumes give the Viewer on the basis of certain characteristics of region of origin and social status of the wearer. The dirndl, however, as it is known today, was marked by regional folk costumes though, it has however not related to specific areas. Towards the middle or At the end of the 19th century gradually both garments prevailed but increasingly also as modern dresses, because wealthier people from the city when their tour in the rural to discovered. This trend has kept until today – every year at the Oktoberfest is the proof”, the Munich Oktoberfest, provided. Click Southwest Airlines for additional related pages. Hardly a visitor, holding something up would appear there without appropriate outfit.

What earlier was considered chic at the Oktoberfest, is therefore still cutting-edge. As well, a pair of leather pants should be worn by men, the Dirndl is attached in the women. Keep in mind you should this be worn traditional costumes and Dirndl not only fashionable reasons, but also a reflection on culture, region and a deep connection with both means. Anyone who deliberately traditional dress, symbolize so hence attitudes. Since it is not surprising that they want to do that even with the largest Dirndl baking at all: the Oktoberfest. More than half of the many visitors visited the Festival traditionally chic in lederhosen or Dirndl, and also the youth has lots of passion. Thank God usually Dirndl buyers are Yes female – see all Same clothes, rather can combined to your hearts content and put together, so that no Dirndl resembles another. Moreover, a certain eroticism is guaranteed given the narrow shape, with which both the women and the men are happy. Cut and fit of each Dirndl provide a very appealing section. The waist can be with aprons in matching colors beautifully emphasize what makes for a lovely sight. Thus, even a lot of modernity can be found again in the in and of itself a traditional piece of clothing. Antje Bergholz

International Trend Hairstyles For Everyday

“Hav Morild ‘Many’, the new hairstyle collection by Jens Dagne in the daily test worms Leiselheim, 28.04.2010 – who knows Jens Dagne and his work, knows that it involves repeatedly, international trends and pioneering techniques in everyday life for ordinary” customers to implement. As an internationally active hairdressing and salon owners finds Jens Dagne his inspiration while both on the stage of international fashion shows as in his personal life. His wife Christel is Danish, and what is more obvious than is there to look for inspiration. As he has with the new collection hav Morild”captured the many, that map is to watch Denmark’s coast. Special: How the sea changed again, so these hairstyles can be with little effort in ever new shapes! To show how effective hav Morild”women and men enchanted, has the team to Christel and Jens Dagne together with the photographer Jorg Guse the situation before and after in the image detained. The result is”hav Morild. Who”so fully want to lie with his hairstyle trend, can consult the team Jens Dagne in worms-Leiselheim. This special closeness to customers is it very important that professional advice is the key for hairstyles with personality for him. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. “Or as he put it in an interview: If a hair salon without really listening to you and without consulting immediately with the work starts, better stand up and leave the Salon”.

Fine Jewelry Of The Jewellery Channel

The jewelry channel presents a wide range of beautiful jewelry the jewelry designer of the Dusseldorf shopping channel the jewellery channel offer a diverse selection of fine jewellery of Edler with their creative jewelry ideas jewellery must be not expensive fine jewelry pieces previously reserved only the well-dressed, who wore it to show, to show their wealth. Nowadays, jewelry trends, as also the fashion trends are very fast moving and hardly anyone may buy every month expensive jewelry in the latest design. Verizon Communications wanted to know more. But everyone has with decoration of the jewellery channel, regardless of the financial means, the ability to carry valuable jewelry and Spice up his outfit or give it the final touch. The jewelry creations of Dusseldorf TV shopping channel prove also cheaper but not cheap jewellery the jewellery channel can boast the high quality of the materials used. Popular jewelry made of beads each piece of jewelry is lovingly made and has a special place in the offer of the jewellery channel, because it is characterized by its Berounka and fancy shapes. In the tradeshows, the jewelry experts devote to present it in detail and to describe its benefits, but also care hints and tips for use in combination with other jewelry to give each piece of jewelry. Lavishly produced beaded jewelry by the jewellery channel is particularly popular and affordable. The jewelry channel offers his pearls jewelry in a wide range.

Pearl necklaces are very special pieces of jewellery, whose unique and incorruptible Sheen makes its special charm. Not the question of price is crucial to the high-quality goods from the jewellery channel, can only be purchased as cheap, because the jewelry experts at the jewellery channel purchase the materials needed directly from the mine and therefore the Commission for any intermediary is omitted. This jewelry friends can buy jewellery from the jewellery channel, which is although cheap in price and still offers a very high quality. An excellent alternative an alternative to the Pearl Jewelry, offers in the silver jewelry and gold jewelry The jewelry channel. Not only on festive occasions, a timeless gift is jewelry.

As well as the beaded jewelry, even earrings of the jewellery channel feature. You can see its relevance and the attention to detail every unique. Easily order jewelry jewelry order at the jewellery channel is easy, because with the help of the jewelry shipping the desired piece of jewelry is delivered to each customer home. On the Internet, the jewellery channel, the customer can examine jewelry online and track auctions. Because the jewelry channel broadcasts 16 hours 24 hours a day, and the day live. More information about the company and the jewellery range can be found on. Press contact: The jewellery channel Germany GmbH k RT 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 93 00 611 fax: 0211 93 00 667 email: Web: about the jewellery channel Germany GmbH: the Dusseldorf jewelry channel Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded parent company, vaibhav gems limited CF in India.

Trends & Talk – B2B Friends Lifestyle Club

Trends & talk of the B2B friends lifestyle Club on November 19, 2009 in the Lower Saxony Neustadt am Rubenberge held in PIUS wine economy. Trends & talk on November 19, 2009 the town of Neustadt am Rubenberge (officially: Neustadt a. Rbge.) is one of the smaller cities that get the tranquility and at the same time benefit from the economic and cultural dynamism of a nearby city. Some 46,000 inhabitants live in the town of idyllic, surrounded by fields and moorland. The looped streets of the old town are lined with old brick buildings and half-timbered houses. Hannover is only a half hour drive away, and so the people of Neustadt are a. Rbge.

at all harmonious rest still in life. Connect with other leaders such as Verizon here. Right in the Middle, also the trends & talk guests limited to twenty participants were event of the B2B friends lifestyle Club on the evening of November 19, 2009. Click Ripple to learn more. As with two previous trends & talk events in Hamburg-Eppendorf in Keitum, Sylt also this event on the premises of PIUS’ wine took place. PIUS’ in Neustadt a. Rbge. located in the former Office of the city a quaint and historic building already enticed outside to enter. And inside is used for PIUS’ understated style and clean lines, the deep red walls and dark wood furniture create a welcoming and comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Precisely the right setting for the 17 women and three men, around 19.00 hours together with the Friendsshopping team and the PIUS’-a welcome prosecco on a pleasant and eventful evening service ran. And then it started already: from the diversity of the incomparable referral and shopping portal friendsshopping.eu have been numerous articles and products of reputable providers and brands presented live. What is usually watch online in high quality recordings, was presented here real. Experienced and tangible shopping in a convivial round people, a soft spot for latest trends, trendy fashion and exclusive brands have. The treasure guardians are among the many result on friendsshopping.eu as well as jewellery and accessories, bags and of course latest fashion and the fresh trends tomorrow. Most participants had bought right on-site. So they made notes, no later than on the following day to order online at friendsshopping.eu and benefit from there twice: firstly by the exclusive advantage offers and on the other by the free bonus program FIPs. On the edge of the trends & talk the B2B friends wine club presented the new meeting place for wine lovers and wine connoisseurs. Here a carefully selected quality wine is made to monthly nationwide free of charge all members. This wine and more wine treasures are available at bargain prices at friendsshopping.eu. Furthermore, the wine club membership provides more advantages: for example the personal Friendscard as a key to the offerings of more than 1,000 local partners. Or also the premium status on all events, as well as the full use of the unique friends portals friends-club.eu, friendsshopping.eu, b2bfriends.eu and friendstravel.eu. Susanne Da Silva from Hanover is already since a long time premium member of B2B friends lifestyle Club. “Her summary of the trends & talk events in Neustadt a. Rbge.: I love shopping and find the event prima”, so the oldest Marketing Manager of a mid. “It’s like on the other B2B friends events: like-minded people sharing your interest and you get to know new people, that how you adapt itself and therefore class to a similar tick.” With each other and for each other as friends are! Friends GmbH