Exclusive format comprising poster sessions, Best Practices tracks, tracks of Strategy, during which the latest innovative and most efficient strategies about SAM and SLM will be presented. 5 leading business partners like Flexera Software GmbH, ASPERA GmbH, Dell Corporation Limited, iQuate and Brainware, enabling you to make excellent contacts with decision makers to expand your network and generate leads from the best contacts in the business. Larry Ellison contributes greatly to this topic. Follow this link to download the complete agenda for the SAMS Europe 2013: sams-europe2013.we-conect.com/en/preview/agenda/ we are waiting over 100 participants from more than 50 companies who want to get the chance to exchange ideas on current issues of software asset management strategies. Register now to participate to this great and unique networking event. “A very well organized event which gave me very new insights and what a great experience for me.” Florian Sokoll, IT purchase SLM, UniCredit group apply now for SAMS Europe AWARD the 2013! For the 2nd time, the prestigious SAMS Europe Award will be given to outstanding SAM and SLM projects and innovations from companies from around the world. The projects that need to be submitted until 23th August 2013, will be evaluated, nominated and selected by a jury of independent. Apply now by filling out the questionnaire at the following link: Sams-europe2013.we-conect.com/en/preview/home/award the winning categories will be: 1 integrated strategies / overall project 2 new tool / software / program 3 strategic or process-related innovation of the independent jury will be assembled by Gr.CONECT and consist of SAM and SLM wants experts from the field. The price will be winning in a ceremony at the first evening of the software asset management strategies Europe 2013 conference.

We.CONECT donates the price money of 2000 that will be given to a charity project in the name of the winners. We are looking forward to receiving your project applications soon. Apply now fill out and send back the application form attached until Friday, 23rd August of 2013 for more detailed information about the application, terms and conditions, please visit our homepage: software asset management strategies Europe 2013 team registration discount – bring the team: gain a much richer experience of the event! Teams that attend a we.CONECT event together can not only access all sessions to maximize their learning, but so have the benefit of a team meeting with a speaker, business partner or other teams, who can facilitate a discussion or advise them on strategic initiatives and key projects. For these reasons, organizations often hold off site team meetings at we.We CONECT events, and mate.CONECT events as part of their training programs. Register as part of a team of 2 or more and save for each additional participant up to 50%. That’s a possible savings of 1.249,50 euros on the current pricing for a conference pass. Please follow this link for further information on team discounts: intra-net2013.we-conect.com/en/preview/register/ attend the 2nd software asset management strategies in Berlin / Germany and discover more than 25 cutting edge sessions the latest solutions for your industry! We look forward to welcoming you at the SAMS Europe from 26th to 27th September 2013 in Berlin! Contact: Alexander Sladczyk Sales Director we.