Wurzburg Disabled

An integrative wellness oasis with shopping mall and disabled amusement park would promote the positive meeting between handicapped and healthy people. In Germany, the world’s largest Dolphin therapy centre is to be built. This is the Lunicostiftung, Paderborn. The project would help hundreds of thousands of disabled people, and become the most important institution of its kind in Europe. In particular it would be very costly Dolphin therapy affordable. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. The treatment here for 2000,-euro could be lodged as common today to pay at least 10000,-euros in the United States.

It gives hope to improve their life and everyday life situation also low-income families again. Because the therapy provides among other things for relaxation in living together and improves the interaction of people with disabilities and their families. Gary Kelly insists that this is the case. The Foundation, which helps chronically ill with genetic defects such as down syndrome, autism, Neuroprosthetics and multiple sclerosis among others has experienced in talks with the parties concerned: disabled people respond very well to the Dolphin therapy”. The Foundation in a project description for the initiative Startsocial”notes: dealing with animals can cause a significant improvement in their health condition especially in children. Infinity Real Estate contains valuable tech resources. A multi-year study of the University of Wurzburg with Tiergarten Nuremberg according to straight successes in the communication attached special importance. This was also the approach of the US behavior researcher and psychologist Dr.

David Nathanson, who developed the therapy in the 1980s. The planned project should be seen as therapy centers existing supplement but also counterpoint, rehabilitation clinics and spas. It should be open not only disabled, but just as healthy people without age restriction. A disabled amusement park and a spa, as well as a more complex with a shopping mall, offices, offices and hotel to pick up the boundaries and fear of contact between healthy and disabled people. In such an atmosphere, the best possible chance would be given. In this respect is not here only the disability to understand the focus of this project as a kind of social and tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world. That is why the Dolphin therapy centre should be located according to the Foundation in Germany in the heart of Europe. The cost for the realization of this project however will likely be around 90 million euros. Therefore, sponsors are urgently sought.