Development Kit

RFID desktop reader LF & RF from the EVO series for reading and writing 125 kHz transponders, as well as 13.56 MHz version for all ISO14443 & ISO15693 transponder iDTRONIC, one of the leading supplier of RFID hardware presents two new RFID desktop reader LF & RF from the EVO series for reading and writing 125 kHz transponders, as well as 13.56 MHz version for all ISO14443 & ISO15693 transponder. Both models of the new desktop reader/writer combine a unique design with high functionality. The LF version of modern EVO desktop reader / writer supports all 4102, EM 4105, 4550, NXP Hitag 1/2/S FDXB transponder. Please visit Gary Kelly if you seek more information. The RF variants is able to read all ISO15693 & ISO14443 and NXP I-code and tag of the Mifare family and to described. It is the USB 2.0 full speed interface ensure a very fast data transfer with the reader. The EVO desktop reader enables easy integration into the most popular RFID applications.

A multi Colour LED supports the intuitive application of the write / reading device. The supplied software Development Kit (SDK) offers easy-to-use high-level interfaces, Windows DLLs, and a PC/SC driver and thus ensure a fast and reliable integration into third-party systems. The high data rates and ease of use makes the reader / writer next to classic desktop applications such as reading and writing cards and transponders in the Office and at the point of sale for use in the areas of ticketing, billing systems, time registration and access control. For more information about the new RFID desktop readers EVO and other RFID desktop reader you will receive on the Internet. or see.

3D Printing – The Future Of Printing?

The latest development in the field of the printer is the 3D printers. Architects and product designers use it already, soon he could be found in every household. If you have a computer at home, you have probably also a printer to do so even if no 3D printer. Printing in 3D sounds like a future, but it is already possible and will be soon widely available to all appearances. Many companies in the printer industry design just machines that print in 3D is accessible to everyone. Currently they are only used in the relevant companies. For example, an architect who designs a scale model of a house or building, can do this with the new printer technology push of a button.

Another key area in the the printing in 3D comes to the application is the field of product design. The designers create each model that is required on the computer and when they’re satisfied, they can bring the model in 3D to life. The great thing about the 3D printing is that you can see every draft right in front of himself. In the past, you could use the Customize design on-screen and then print it on paper. This gives you but no picture.

Even if you create an image from all perspectives, adding together an overall picture is still difficult. Rather, you should let create an entirely new model, or of someone doing this. It would be more complicated than to push a button and a 3-d model to create the device in any case. Will this printer for each be available? Is everyone can print its own 3D models at home? Until then, there is still a long way off. Only by the above mentioned industries are currently used, provided, the companies can afford the machines. Next you can find application in schools and pervasive they will be even more affordable. Once this level is reached, the 3D printer could keep gradual entry into private use. The dot-matrix printers was replaced by the laser printer and the 3D printers may be next on the list. Can you imagine, just a Model design and then print it in 3-d? This technology offers countless opportunities and to be stretched out, which further application will find them in the next few years.

Device Information Via Scan – Innovation To The SPS/IPC/DRIVES

“” DRAGO Messtechnik developed new service Web portal for faster access to device data maintenance, installation, planning and purchasing DRAGO is a measuring innovation measurement, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality signal converter, on the SPS/IPC/DRIVES from November 24-26, 2009 for the thematic priority on industrial identification “before: the Internet tool Web Info 4 easy” uses proprietary device bar codes to retrieve device information and allows the user quicker and easier data access for maintenance, installation, planning and purchase of signal converters. For users working in construction, development and purchasing the company provides for the first time the Web Portal Web Info 4 easy”before. The trade fair innovation uses the existing equipment barcodes of proprietary transducer and isolating amplifier and enables faster and more economic work on simple scanner fetch the customer. The principle is simple and reliable: all transmitters, as well as the catalog information are marked with a bar code. Can with a simple barcode scanner Designers, developers and buyers call their specific data of the used signal converter via a standard Web browser directly on the screen.

Eliminates labor-intensive leafing through catalogs, tedious search of all relevant device information as well as the acquisition of incorrect or obsolete data; Maintenance and installation work, planning and purchasing operations are accelerated. Contact: DRAGO Messtechnik GmbH Miraustrasse 38 13509 Berlin Markus Kopetzki T: 030 – 40 82-0 F: 030-40 99 99 82-10 E-Mail: about DRAGO Messtechnik DRAGO Messtechnik GmbH is manufacturer and supplier of high-quality signal converter and components for modern automation technology. In Berlin we manufacture since 2002 particularly durable and reliable components of measurement technology. We supply companies of all sectors to make economic systems and operating worldwide with the aim of. We offer optimised measuring technology for the default scope, as well as special solutions for the individual Measurement requirements of our customers.