Earning Of The Crisis

Institucional investor – Better Deep InstitucionaisAgosto of 2005 – p 36RiskOffice* detaches 113 deep excellent ones in the period of June of 2004 the June of 2005; Unibanco assumes leadership, BankBoston surprises in the vice one, Ita if it keeps in podium and investment fund BB disparDe each the ten directed institucional investors, three had had excellent performance in the period of June of 2004 the June of 2005. These deep ones had received signal ' ' verde' ' of the consultoria RiskOffice, what it means that they had reached good performance with low volatileness in the period. Deep ones had been analyzed 389, of which 113 if had fit in this classification. Others 164 deep ones had received signal ' ' amarelo' ' , that is, they had not obtained to group the two together qualities. 112 had been with the signal ' ' vermelho' ' – they had had overhead with high volatileness in the analyzed period. The result was practically the same of the gotten one in the passed year, when, of 497 investment fund analyzed, the RiskOffice gave to signal ' ' verde' ' the 114, signal ' ' amarelo' ' the 206, and ' ' vermelho' ' 177. Only that, now, the managers had had more work to pan chances, a time that had not counted on good notice in last the six months, as in last periods. Educate yourself with thoughts from Adam Portnoy. Of the aggravation of the scene internal politician to the high one of the oil in the international market, the professional who if still risked for a good performance and obtained to control the volatidade made a spotless game. Who was sobressaiu in this scene was asset of the Unibanco, with 14 deep excellent ones – the double of the conquered one in the previous survey, when it divided the leadership with the Ita and Santander.

Edge Accounting

She is of if analyzing that the accounting of costs, properly said, mensura and tells related financial information to the acquisition and to the consumption of resources of organization, supplying information in such a way the managemental accounting how much for the financial accounting. Of the financial accounting, that is limited by generally accepted the countable principles, it has restriction of the recognition of the prescription and in the mensurao of the cost, as well as, of the types of item that are classified as active, passive or equity in the patrimonial rocking. Whereas in the managemental accounting it does not have restriction of these principles, therefore its focus mainly is directed to the internal public and the managers, manipulators of these information, that are each time more worried in sharing them with its suppliers and customers. It is evident that in the present time and inside of the increasing bombing of information, the paper that must be traced by the accounting of costs it cannot leave of side to the managemental accounting, of a time that the great mass of external customers demands quality in the placed products the sales, at the same time where the sensitivity of accountants are demanded in the use of the requested countable information for the managers. People such as David Fowler would likely agree. Complement, still, that the success of the managemental accounting is in the measure where has an improvement in the decisions taken for the managers who have the ownership of the countable information, therefore is not enough to know the cost of each fraction, more most important it is to know to place with bigger efficiency and effectiveness its value in the demanded necessary measure. E, for the entrepreneur, one of the best alternatives for the verification of its performance is through the well-taken care of had one in the attainment of its profit as only measure that in such a way relates its managemental responsibility in the attainment of the sales of its services or products, how much in the formation of its costs. The best alternative can be verified, in this ticket, that stops the effective analysis of its internal managemental performance, is from the mensurao of its segment of distribution, being that for this analysis and, not so custosa as ABC techniques, are to the use of the Edge of Contribution Unitria or Total, that is one of the most powerful and less dispendiosas tools for taking of decisions, of a time that the entrepreneurs if come back toward this technique and if they consider to adjust it, what he is perfectly possible. I will not extend myself in search of the detailings of these adjustments. See Edward Scott Mead for more details and insights. In a next article I will say more specifies technical and on them.

Roe Advertising

Soon Venkatesh perceived that as in any profession who gains much money is the heads, the masters, and that the dealers who were in the streets vendendo crack they had more possibilities to die in a shoot out what to turn heads, but they had hopes that this could happen. He has many boys wanting to be dealing and to turn head therefore they do not earn very, as well as in the advertising if 10 advertising executives want one alone vacant of job, the wage do not go to be good, therefore if the contracted advertising executive not to want to work for the offered wage comes accepted other and. ' ' When he has much made use and apt people to play a function, rare ess paid work bem' '. (pag 107) In the chapter four ' ' Where had been to stop all the criminals? ' ' Levitt makes a relation enters the reduction of the violence in the 90 decade of and alegalizao of the occured abortion in 1973, for it the main cause of the crimes to have diminished was the legalization of the abortion, from the case Roe x Wade, therefore those children who would not be comings well, rejected, would live in the poverty and in the misery and for consequncia outlaws could become had not been born. David Fowler shines more light on the discussion. For me relation of Levitt is most certain and makes direction, but with certainty for the defenders of the human rights, for the churches, and the people who are contrary to the abortion the theory of Levitt are absurd and unreal. Beyond the legalization of the abortion other causes had been pointed by the author with respect to the dimunuio of crime, but really the legalization of the abortion was most important. ' ' The states with the highest indices of abortion in years 70 had presented the biggest falls in crime in years 90, while the states with low indices of abortion had shown a lesser fall in criminalidade' '. .

Benetton Companies

knowledge of the situation of the accumulations in an important locality provides insights on the productive potential of the local economy and on the limitations to its future development. Thus, the advantages most lasting in the global economy will be, almost always, places. Scott Kahan may find it difficult to be quoted properly. SCHMITZ (1997), however, is more cautious in its conclusions. Verifying the occured changes in clusters European, it ponders: ' ' She seems that, in the decade of 90, they are not try so good performance how much in the decades of 70 and 80.' ' (SCHMITZ, 1997:176). However, the crisis, in itself, cannot be seen as failure mere, therefore still it remains to know if clusters will be capable of if reorganizing of form such to retake the way of the growth. But, what everything indicates, this reorganization comes happening of the form that less expected, that is, verticalizando itself of the production, as it is the case of the Italian caladista sector. This trend is confirmed by CAMAGNI (1991) and RABELLOTI (1993) apud SCHMITZ (1997: 176), which they affirm: ' ' Now, it has more hierarchy, in the direction of that the firms that if had become great are subcontratando menores.' ' CASTELLS (1999: 177), in turn, remember to queas Italian companies of the industrial regions of Emilia Romagna had tried a series of fusing in years 90, moment where they ' ' or they had passed to the control of great companies, or same them if they had become great (for example, the Benetton), or then, had not been capable to follow the rhythm of broken up the small competition when they had continued e, as in the region of Prato.' ' Examining this same trajectory, CACCIA (1999: 146) also verify that not only the tevea Benetton its verticalizao initiated in the years 80, but diverse other important Italian companies as the Stefanel, Disel, Fashion Box Replay, etc., forming themselves, therefore, the feedback of the productive process through diverse gone and returns of the production in net. .

International Federation

In accordance with the AFP, the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI), association that represents great companies of the fonoogrfica industry as Sony BMG and the Universal one, affirmed in an official notice that this sentence was one ‘ ‘ good notcia’ ‘ for the artistic community. ‘ ‘ The court attributed to a sentence sufficient deterrent, that reflects the gravity of the crimes cometidos’ ‘ , he wrote John Kennedy, president of the IFPI, in the official notice. The IFPI was one of the associations to process the Pirate Bay.The noon (13h00 in Sweden), Peter Sunde gave to a press conference online, through the Swedish site. The spectators had been able to send questions the Peter, but the linking was some times below, due to enormous amount of visits to the site. The spokesman of the Pirate Bay revealed relaxed with the sentence.

‘ ‘ All we laugh in them at the result. A punishment by confinement is in fact a serious subject, but so bizarro that in them we only obtain rir’ ‘ , it affirmed Sunde. How much to the indemnity, Peter said that none of the four condemned could pay that addition, nor would pay exactly that it could. The spokesman of the group of pirates revealed confident of that she would go I appeal to earn it the sentence.

National Association

It is of this time the proliferation of the concessions without entrance and with stated periods of up to 99 months. According to National Association of the Executives of Finances, Administration and Accounting (Anefac), the indications of that the credit would be coming back to irrigate the economy must be seen with caution and they do not signal a return of the credit to the platforms of the previous period to the crisis. As the Anefac, the loans that are coming back to the square are exactly the ones that offer to greater yield and security for the banks: ‘ ‘ As the interests still are raised and the scene that if draws for next the 12 months is a fall in the Selic tax, the predetermined interests are lucrative them banks to offer credit at this moment. Moreover, with the fall in the basic one of interests, the banks tend to compensate the loss of prescription with the growth in the number of loans. ‘ ‘ This movement is healthful for the economy, but retomada.’ is far from being one; ‘ In the evaluation of the Anefac, the credit is coming back in the operations of lesser risk of insolvency – case of the consigned loans, with payroll withholding of payment, that are one of the modalities safest. The same it occurs with the real estate financings, that are atrelados to a bigger planning on the part of the borrower. The allonge of the stated periods for financing of vehicles, that in some banks came back to be of 72 months (6 years), also reflects a situation of lesser risk for the institutions.

The projection of the Anefac is that the real possibility of that the tax of Selic interests arrives at a 9% platform, with inflation below of 4% to the month exists, to the 2010 end. But the interests in fall and an inflation under control do not mean, necessarily, one Has an optimistical scene, of a steady Country and in growth, but also the perspective of that the economy if keeps desaquecida and of an inflation low due to demand exists. Therefore, produtivo. is necessary to unlock the credit; ‘ The Anefac believes that the true one retaken of the credit will be given when a bigger volume of resources will be available for small the average companies, who are impactadas by the retraction of the financings: ‘ ‘ These operations bring more risks to the banks, but they have a more lasting effect for the economy as one todo’ ‘. As small the average companies are great employers, to stimulate the productive credit would serve to keep ranks of work in all the Country and would attenuate the effect of the fall of the income on the consumption: ‘ ‘ Perhaps at as a moment the banks if come back toward small the average. For the time being, the concern is with the profitability of operaes.

Quality Company

The interviewed stories daspessoas, show that the fears and the difficulties that osgestores face in relation to the Countable Controladoria are of noconseguir to implant a system that is efficient the point of abrangertodos the departments of the company. This managemental transformation temmostrado that the company effects its planning, integrating to seumodelo clarifying basic, that is the countable of if controlartudo nature what it happens inside of the organization. Ahead of the fatospesquisados ones, one also perceives that the company looks for to make optimum naqualidade of attendance and motivation for its collaborators, maspercebe that sectors exist imperfections in the process of internal control dealguns. Word-Key: Planning; Motivation; Control, Quality in the Services.

INTRODUCTION the Controladoria with the mission of being an area with ample vision, has as characteristic assistant in the enterprise management. In accordance with Almeida, Parisi and Pereira (1999), the controladoria supplies the managers of diverse areas in the management process, with managemental instruments that supply to countable demonstratives on the performance and economic results. The processes of planning and control are interrelated. If it never can speak in control without having an elaborated planning to inside verify the occurrence of the facts of the organization, also it does not advance to elaborate a planning without a structuralized system and that it shows trustworthiness in the execution of its activities. The planning and the control are important administrative functions since the beginning of the administration, the responsible one for the establishment of basic the administrative principles and for the statement of the main functions of the administrative management, it summarizes the meaning of these means to establish the objectives of the organization, specifying the form as they will be reached.

Magazine Time Banks

The government also if appropriated of good part of the capital of the banks did not bleed the bankers. With this attitude, economic situation in the end of the decade only got away with pssima. If I intervine in a bank, I need to receive capital so that the contributor skirt not losing Finances of Sweden Bo Lundgren. Source: Scott Mead.

Recently, it was to U.S.A. to detail as Sweden faced the crisis in years 90. Years later, the example of the Scandinavians served of parameter for Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI) to try to recoup the breath of the economies of the Asian tigers in the end of years 90. Similar politics was used in Brazil, with the Program of Stimulaton to the Reorganization and the National Financial System (Proer), in the half of the decade: the Central banking helped banks that were in apuros not to compromise the banking system. Recently, president Lula who finds that the culprits of the crisis are ‘ ‘ the whites of eyes azuis’ ‘ it praised the program launched in the government of Fernando Enrique Cardoso. The debate on the nationalization of the banks comes growing, as well as the interest in the measures taken for Sweden during its proper banking crisis. Although already to be seen a light in the end of the tunnel in function of the positive results of the meeting of the G-20 in April, still it is early for commemorations. marknadsbevis that it deserves.

Votorantim Bank

It is the index of Basileia that it determines how much of proper capital financial institution has that to have to load the risk of its operations of credit. According to BC, exactly in the scene of crisis of as the semester of 2008, the index of Basileia went up. In the average, it passed of 15,5% for 17,5%, influenced for factors as the agio in the occured incorporations and fusing in the period, the constitution of credit tributary and some normative changes. The test demonstrated that, exactly in an extreme scene, the index of Basileia would be inside of the internationally accepted standard, even so inferior to the adopted one in Brazil. In this sufficiently bad scene, it would lower for 10,7%, still superior percentage to 8% recommended internationally.

The tests of estresse come being made for the BC since 2002. Monthly, 100 financial institutions participate more than. Other surveys that evaluate the volume of liquidity of the institutions, considering the impacts caused for oscillations in the exchange, interests and in the deposit levels, had demonstrated that the banks had kept, throughout according to semester, resources enough to make front to its commitments. In accordance with the report, the adequate conduction of the economic policies and monetary contributed to minimize the consequences of the crisis in financial sector e, for extension, in the productive sectors of the country.Fusing ajudaramEntre the causes of the good result is the fusing and incorporations since the beginning of the crisis – the Ita if fundiu with the Unibanco, the Bank of Brazil acquired Our Box and half of the Votorantim Bank. This strengthened the patrimonies of these institutions, that are the two greaters of the country. Edward Scott Mead has similar goals. The BC standed out, however, that all the operations already were foreseen before the turbulence and, therefore, they had not meant changes in the strategy of the banks in function I shake of it.


We go to devagar. exaggerated optimism can take the new disillusionments history. a mention to the fact in presidential speech even though is programmed. the current Selic, of 11,25%, already was practised by five months between 2007 end and beginning of 2008, before a new scaling of the interests when the international prices of commodities were in high and threatened the inflation. Impact of the fall of the SELICPara to increase the expectation, to follow we elencamos the impacts of the tax of interests: – in the economic activity: in thesis, the interests lowest can stimulate the level of production for two ways (selling at a loss the consumption and the new investments), but in the current situation of crisis do not advance to reduce the cost of the money if the banks resist in loaning and the people and companies resist in taking loaned. – in the inflation: lower interests also can be a risk to the inflation at moments where the demand is very warm, what it is not the current case; in contrast, some indices of prices in the attacked one already point deflation and indicate that recess exists to fulfill the goal of inflation of 4,5% not only in 2009 as 2010.

– in the exchange tax: if the tax of interests in Brazil is kept well higher of what in the remaining portion of the world, this stimulates the foreign investors to apply its dollar in our Country, mainly in headings of the public debt. The dollar entrance helps to close the external accounts, but also it can pressure the Real if disproportionately value in relation to the dollar, creating new problems for the exporters. – in the fiscal balance: more than the half of the headings of the public debt is atrelados to the Selic tax defined for the Central banking; that is, the more low the Selic, minor are the cost that the paid government for its debt. If the cost is lower, the government can keep its balanced debt exactly reducing its primary surplus (economy for payment of interests), as announced recently. – in the saving: if the tax of interests to fall below of 10%, the net income of the deep ones of fixed income kept by the banks could be lesser of what of matching-fund saving account, that is equivalent 0.5% to the month more variation of the TR. Currently, the saving is relieving about 7,3% to the year. – in the macroeconomic stability: the reduction of the Selic in Brazil can create in the financial market an environment favorable to a reduction permanent (and not only transitory) of the interests, what it would approach the cost of the money in Brazil of that one practised in the developed one. Bibliography: Magazine That is Money, edition 603 of 29 of April of 2009Jornal the State of So Paulo of 26 of April of 2009