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Environmentalists note that in experiments on the effect of radiation on monkeys are applied fairly brutal procedure. Researchers at nasa use for their experiments to study the magnetic field and radiation monkeys. Without hesitation Cyrus findshadow explained all about the problem. Thus, For example, at the National Laboratory use 20 South American monkeys Sajmir. Animal-welfare advocates say that today there is no need to use in their research and experiments, monkeys, so as there is a rather large number of various other methods for determining the effects of radiation, which can eliminate the inhumane experiments on animals. Rain water is safe for health Australian researchers conducted the study, which found that rainwater is safe for human health.

Scientists chose 300 volunteers from among the residents of Adelaide and the Australian provided them with filters for rainwater. However, only half of the filter was present. During the year, doctors monitored human well-being and later found that the rate of gastroenteritis in both groups – drank filtered and unfiltered water were very similar. In this case, people who drink untreated rainwater, there were no development of any disease. Thus, the scientists found a low risk of diseases through consumption of rainwater. Doctors contend that large cities use rain water for a shower, where you can accidentally swallow small amounts, it is safe for the body. But such use of rainwater water can have a positive impact on the ecology of our planet, particularly in arid regions of her. Photofact week: An unusual friendship in the world of animals last week we tried to refute the well-known assertion that 'goose pig is not a friend' After all, as life shows, sometimes in the animal friendship is born between the very different and opposite kinds Many animals do not care who your friends are, what he color and what breed. In photofact this week we introduced you to an amazing collection of photos about the unusual friendship between a variety of animals.


The daughter of a man asked the priest to come to his house to say a prayer for his father who was very sick. When the priest came to the sick room, he found this man in his bed with his head raised by a couple of pillows. There was a chair next to his bed, so the priest assumed that the man knew that he would come to see him. -I guess that he was waiting for me, he said. -No, who are you?, the man said. -I am the priest that his daughter called so you pray with you, when I saw the empty chair beside his bed I figured you knew that I was coming to see him. -oh yes, Chair, said the sick man. You may wish to learn more. If so, health economics expert is the place to go. Do you mind closing the door?, the surprised priest was closed.

Never said this to anyone, but I have spent my whole life without knowing how to pray. When I’ve been in the Church have always listened to the subject of prayer, that you should pray and the benefits that brings, etc., but always this sentences me entered by one ear and came out on the other, because I don’t have idea of how to do it, then long ago abandoned altogether prayer. -This has been the case in me until about four years ago, when talking with my best friend told me: Jose. This prayer is simply having a conversation with God. This is how I suggest you do it: you sit in a Chair and place another empty chair opposite yours, then with faith you look God sitting in front of you. It is not something crazy do it because told us: – I will be always with you. Therefore, you talk and listen, in the same way how you’re doing it with me right now. It is so I did it some and I liked it so much that I’ve continued doing about two hours a day since then. For more clarity and thought, follow up with E Scott Mead and gain more knowledge..

I am always very careful that I will not see my daughter because I immediately internaria in the House of fools. The priest felt a great emotion to hear this and told Joseph that they had been doing was very good and that do not cease to do so; then made a prayer with him, spread you a blessing, the holy oils and went to his parish. Two days later, the daughter of Jose call the priest to tell him that his father had died. -Does the died in peace? -Yes, when I left the House to that of the two afternoon he called me and I went to see him to his bed, told me all that I wanted and gave me a kiss. When I returned to shop an hour later as I found it dead. But there is something strange in this regard of his death, because apparently just before his death approached the Chair that was next to her bed and laid his head on it, because I found it so. -What you believe that this can mean?