Smart Goals

If at this moment you don’t have written goals that are measurable, and a strategy to achieve them, the chances of success for you are minimal, his future is unpredictable, and its ability to make an impact in the world with their skills and unique talents of you, is dramatically decreased. Possible is accept the life of a passive mode or accumulate all its forces and determined to live a life that you design. For this it is necessary to write your goals. In doing so, you will be motivated to take actions necessary to become the type of person you want to be. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. To help you understand the importance of writing your goals and how to do it properly, I decided to write a series of articles titled smart goals; This is the first of them. The majority of persons evades the topic set goals and write them; they believe that they have already heard you it long enough and are considered to be more than competent in the subject. For even more details, read what Camden Treatment Associates says on the issue. The truth is that a tiny percentage of the population lives according to an established design by their goals.

There is nothing more dangerous for our future success to assume that we are competent in a particular skill crucial when our knowledge is rudimentary at best cases. Know the proper way of writing goals is one of those crucial skills in our success. It is crucial because in addition to fundamental, it is decisive in our success. It is a skill because it is a capability that improves with practice and there is no limit to how capable we can do us if we are willing to practice and make us experts. Even those who are truly competent to write and set goals can substantially improve their productivity to refine and hone their skills to write your goals properly. One of the requirements is not to think of something good. Think of something better! A few days ago I read a book entitled from good to awesome. In it, the author said: the enemy of excellence is good. So, it is not in accordance with good thoughts, keep thoughts wonderful! Original author and source of the Article

Grow Those Centimeters

If you are someone worried about his short stature, then it is time to rejoice, since there are some exercises to grow taller, that can help you add those few inches you always wanted, with ease.This article tells you everything about exercises to reach higher.Contrary to what many people think, increasingly high is something that does not stop when we reach a certain age.Even those who in the 1920s and 30s you can add a few inches to its height with specific exercises to increase height.Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises to get more height here. 1. One of the best exercises for growing higher is the forward tilt position.This exercise is decompressed, stretches, as well as relaxes the spine, all at the same time.This exercise also stretch the muscles, hamstrings, neck, hips and muscles stand.Start this exercise by foot and both feet about 15 inches away from one another.The increase of Palms toward the sky, then tries to touch the toes with your fingers, while leaning forward.You must make a conscious effort to bend the knees, even when the resistance increases. Recently Facebook sought to clarify these questions. 2. another more effective to grow higher exercises are hanging exercises.Just hanging from a horizontal bar that is sufficiently high to whole body to extend fully.Alternatively, you can also try hanging upside down with your knees wrapped around the horizontal bar. 3.Nadar is one of the most effective exercises to grow higher.The pool helps to exercise almost all major muscle groups of the body.Stretch involved in freestyle swimming help to the strengthening of the spinal region and, at the same time help to their elongated. Now, pay close attention here – if you have been desperately looking around how to grow taller, naturally, This is the most important test you are going to read – click here.


A takeover bid is an offer that the prospective buyer makes to existing shareholders of a company, which are completely free to accept it or not. If they don’t accept it they continue with the actions in its power and continue to be shareholders of the company, regardless of the rest of shareholders to seek or not the OPA. Times that in practice it is not there is forced to accept the takeover bid, although it is not legally binding. Situations that may occur in a takeover bid for 100% of a company are: OPA completo bag exclusion: in this case no choice but to accept. Actions are no longer floated on stock exchange at the end of the OPA, which creates several problems for which decide to continue as a shareholder of the company: commissions of deposit and custody charged by the Bank on which the actions are deposited can spend 5-10 euros a year common to 200, 500 or 1,000, depending on the Bank and the amount of shares. All analysts and banks cease to follow the company, so it is almost impossible to get information. The only way to sell the shares is to contact someone that the want to buy (putting an advertisement on newspapers, cosultando to the company, etc.) and sell them through a private contract, maybe going to a notary. That is, it is almost impossible to sell them and in addition the costs are much higher than a stock market operation. To finish, the price should negotiate is your to you because there is no official listing (and wanting to sell as it does not give much strength in a negotiation) is very possible that the company ceases to edit the traditional annual report that reports on the progress of the company and the only available documentation is the mandatory legally, i.e.the balance sheet and the profit and loss account (a string of numbers that are incomprehensible to those who are not experts in accounting).