WKS Crusher

For current crushing equipments, the short head cone crusher, medium-sized cone crusher, Impact crusher, Hammer crusher, roller crusher, fine type Jaw crusher, etc, can be used for fine crushing. Emerged in recent years, the ultra fine crusher can produce much finer coexistence products. According to the different needs of customers, in the crushing area, the requirement for fine crushing becomes an increasingly common phenomenon.The cone crusher (The improved models of spring cone crusher) produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can crush many kinds of ores and rocks with medium and medium hard scale above. And now this equipment has been successfully used for the crushing of glass quartzite, metallurgical quartzite, calcium carbide, talc, limestone, cement clinker and so on.The main ore of the glass quartzite is the quartzite, tambien incluye mica kind of ore and hematite, goethite and so on. The quartzite is a kind of metamorphic rock (the content of quartzite is more than 85%) which is mainly composed of the quartz. It is formed through the mafic of quartz sandstone and the siliceous rock.

This kind of stone is high in hardness, low in water absorbing capacity, fine in stone particle, compact in structure, but its texture is brittle, bending strength is not good, which makes it easy to be broken. In addition, for parts varieties of this stone, it has a high radiation level. So it is difficult for the ordinary crushing equipment to crush this stone, and achieve the desired results. However, for the WKS series cone crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., this machine adopts the lubrication grease seal system and avoids the defects of water supplying and discharging block as well as the easily mix of water and oil. The spring insurance system is overload protection device, which can make the foreign matter and iron ore go through the crushing chamber without damaging it. So this machine has to more reliable work.The processed quartzite have broader applications. It can be used as the important raw materials for glass making, ceramics, metallurgy, chemical, machinery, electronics, rubber, plastics, paint and other industries. In addition, the quartzite has an excellent temperature resistance. Through the physical processing, it can be used as the refractory material for the steel making. Flotation cell: crusher: