Removals in these crises? Thank you sr President of Spain, thank you for his disastrous policy, I have or rather had a moving company with all family workers with more than 35 years of experience. I say was because I am just my son and I, and why I return to give thanks that in 35 years of hard work I had never seen the country so well of evil clear. They don’t want to see but this is the worst stage of Spain, there is no work, houses are not sold there are no taxis so not is where we will end. And above the matches or rather partisan who are in those who must defend the worker are mum, because there is not a general strike? This is unbelievable, they have armed other strikes for less and now that families are wrong not say anything. Please visit Larry Ellison if you seek more information. Gentlemen who are there, do something, but do something because because Spain this being fatal to Europe and the world, nobody’s going to endorse or nobody will financially support since all have come out of the crisis less us.

More bad politicians have and nothing happens. If in one company to commit such errors you throw and these Lords or with water boiling. Spanish shame, this is shame..

International Organization

The latest ISO Survey published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), for the year 2008, throws a few data that we consider very indicative that our country has decided to abandon previous habits of pure beings from other countries from Audea information security and has decided to placed at the head in the field of information security. Otherwise in the light of improving the position of Spain in the top could not deducted ten countries with largest number of ISO 27001 certifications around the world. Thus, if in the ISO Survey of 2007 we were the ninth position with 93 certificates, in the 2008 Edition we situate us already in eighth position with a total of 203 certifications in the reference for the implementation of an ISMS standard. This breakthrough in a post, which might seem little, is truly significant, because aside from assume an increase of more than 100 certificates in a year, it makes that Spain has already passed to United States in certified SGSIs. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle. Since some time ago, our country is betting very seriously on the privacy and security of information, and data discussed today do not only confirm that this commitment is not a question of fashion but a real awareness that treatment of information, either corporate or personal, customer must have proper mechanisms that ensure its integrityavailability and confidentiality.We must continue in this line that undoubtedly us placed at the forefront in protecting the information around the world.